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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

What Makes My Heart Beat Faster by Eve Devon - Guest Post & Giveaway

About Eve Devon

I write sexy heroes, sassy heroines & happy ever afters...Growing up in locations like Botswana and Venezuela gave me quite the taste for adventure and my love for romances began when my mother shoved one into my hands in a desperate attempt to keep me quiet during TV coverage of the Wimbledon tennis finals!

When I wasn't consuming books by the bucketload, I could be found pretending to be a damsel in distress or running around solving mysteries and writing down my adventures. As a teenager, I wrote countless episodes of TV detective dramas so the hero and heroine would end up together every week. As an adult, I worked in a library to conveniently continue consuming books by the bucket load, until realising I was destined to write contemporary romance and romantic suspense myself. 

I live in leafy Surrey in the UK, a book-devouring, slightly melodramatic, romance-writing sassy heroine with my very own sexy hero husband!


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What makes my heart beat faster
Guest post by Eve Devon

Okay, so there are two things guaranteed to make my heart beat faster at this time of year … Christmas and Books!

Thinking about it, they may actually be one thing because they go together so perfectly. I truly believe that there’s a perfect book out there for everyone. You just have to know where to find it. Luckily you can start with those fab book lists and charts that all the newspapers and magazines put together about two months before the Big Day. You know the ones I mean? They’re titled things like:

Books that Make the Perfect Christmas Present 

The Top Ten Books for the Jumper-Wearing Log-Felling Ballerina in Your Life

100 Famous People Recommend Books for Brunch

I devour these lists and before I know it my heart is beating faster because suddenly I want … need … crave every single book on the list. I want all my Christmas presents to be books and then I want a month off to sit surrounded by them, reading them, while snuggled in a cosy armchair by a real fire with an endless supply of hot chocolate.

Confession: I’m super-nosy. Opening a book and peeking inside feeds this affliction like nothing else. If you put a book in front of me and asked me not to look at it, I (literally!) wouldn’t be able to stop myself. The subject could be paint-drying and I’d get one look at the cover, feel the book-jacket in my hands and before I knew it I’d be opening it up, wanting to know more. I’m the person that asks to borrow the perfectly placed coffee-table book in your lounge because I started reading it while you put the kettle on.

Then there’s the six degrees of separation issue on the ‘Famous People Read’ lists. Harry and Meghan stay up reading J R Hartley’s ‘Fly Fishing’ every year at Christmas? I do that too! We could start a club! I’ll make Christmas biscuits. Because let’s face it, the only thing better than getting a book as a Christmas present is being in a room with others who love reading too.

All of which brings me to my penultimate heart-beating-faster Christmas Books love: Jolabokaflod. This loosely translates as Iceland’s ‘Christmas Book Flood’ and it’s where its publishing industry releases all their new titles in the months before Christmas. The most fabulous tradition born from it sees family exchanging book gifts on Christmas Eve and then staying up all night to read them. The partaking of hot chocolate is heavily encouraged! How could this not be heart-beating-faster Christmas perfection? Especially if the book you received happened to be one of those gorgeous, scene-setting, get-you-excited-for-the-big-day Christmas romances?

For me there’s only been one thing better … and that was getting to write my very own rom-com Christmas romance!

If you love laugh-out-loud romantic comedy set at Christmas then ‘Christmas at the Little Clock House on the Green’ is guaranteed to make your heart beat faster. Meet Jane-Austen-loving match-making mixologist Emma Danes and Whispers Wood’s very own Mr. Knightley as the countdown to the grand opening of Cocktails&Chai @ the Clock House begins …

To set the Christmassy mood, I’ve got one signed paperback to giveaway …


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a signed paperback of Christmas at the Little Clock House on the Green by Eve Devon.

The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


  1. Great guest post. I love Christmas and books too.

  2. It sounds like a wonderful holiday read. Christmas books make me feel great in the holidays.

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    sherry @ fundinmental

  9. I do like the sound of your books "I write sexy heroes, sassy heroines & happy ever afters"

  10. What a wonderful Christmas read this promises to be.

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  15. What a lovely guest post, I too am an avid reader and would just love to read while snuggled in a cosy armchair by a real fire with an endless supply of hot chocolate. Unfortunately I don't have a fire place and I'd rather have coffee than hot chocolate. Still I get your point and sympathise. There's nothing better than having a good laugh whilst reading a good book, it's healthy too right?

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  21. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  22. The "not looking at a book" is definitely me. I can't resist looking at people's bookcases when I go round to their houses, I mean the ones in the living room. I'm yet to enter a bedroom to have a look. Have been known to ask complete strangers on trains what they are reading and what they think of it. Luckily no-one has told me to "stop disturbing" them yet.

  23. Oh sure did get me in that Christmassy mood! I have to say I love the Christmas romances....I even read them all year!