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Friday, October 26, 2018

Possessed & Exposed by Ben DeValve - Book Reviews, Guest Post & Giveaway

Reviews by Anniek

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Natalie was just a baby when her father put demons inside her body. She has tattoos all over her body which keep the demons locked up inside. Her father summons these demons regularly, keeping Natalie from having control over her body and mind. These demons did horrible things and Natalie has a hard time dealing with those memories. Is Natalie able to keep the demons from taking over control?

Natalie lives in foster care after her father was arrested by the police. She wants to be normal and tries to stay out of trouble. Whenever she gets angry or emotional the demons try take over control. Natalie is so much stronger then she thinks and my heart ached after reading what her father did to her. A child should feel save and loved and it broke my heart to read that she lacked this while growing up. I  was wishing for her to find her safe haven.

Possessed is a dark and gripping story. I'm a big fan of scary stories, movies and television series. I read and watch a lot of them in the dark and by myself. There's not much that scares me more than stories about demons. Ben DeValve added an extra dimension to terrifying stories when he wrote Possessed. This story grabbed me from the very beginning and I read it in one sitting.

Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads
Natalie stood up to her father and battled her fears. She's trying to get back on her feet and at the same time helps her friend Clara to deal with all the things Natalie's father did to her. It turns out that her father isn't the only one who knows how to summon the demons who still live inside her and Natalie is very afraid to lose control again. Who can Natalie turn to when she needs help fighting this new enemy?

Natalie is cursed for the rest of her life. The demons inside her body are trapped there and are searching for a way to get out. To help her in the battle against her father Natalie made a deal with Dantalion, a demon who is now allowed to take over her body on agreed times. Natalie is so brave and loyal. Her world falls apart when she finds out she has to fight again, but she doesn't run away from her problems. Natalie is special and unique and I felt a bond with her straight away.

Exposed is the thrilling second book in the Natalie Mirka Chronicles. When I finished the first book, Possessed, I couldn't wait to read more about Natalie's journey. Ben DeValve is a very skilled writer and this unique second story gave me goose bumps to the bone. I love reading about strong characters and Natalie truly is one tough young lady. The Natalie Mirka Chronicles are Ben DeValve's debut and I can't wait for the next books of Ben to be published.


If you like to read dark and terrifying stories, then definitely consider Possessed and Exposed. They will make you hold your breath.

About Ben DeValve

Ben DeValve lives in New Jersey on a horse farm.

His writing has previously won a VSA Arts Excellence Award, and a New Jersey Governor’s Award.

He is a Writer ~ Reader ~ Farmer ~ Lumberjack ~ Wizard ~ Not necessarily in that order.


Who is Natalie Mirka?
Guest post by Ben DeValve

The first book I wrote was a behemoth of a tome called ‘Nephilim’. Unfortunately, it was awful. Oh, the story itself was pretty good, and there were a lot of fun moments within it, but the writing was poor at best. So I shelved it until my writing had ‘leveled up’ to where it needed to be in order to do the story justice.

Hidden away in ‘Nephilim’ was a character named Natalie. She wasn’t the main character, and she possibly wasn’t even a ‘good guy’, but it was universally decided by every one of my beta readers that she kicked ass. When you met her in ‘Nephilim’ Natalie Mirka was a young woman, somewhere between her late teens and early twenties. She wields machine guns, possessed spears, and supernatural forces of destruction, all with equal ease and skill. She also has a bit of an attitude.

When I was looking for my next project, Natalie felt like the obvious choice. Who was this woman who was sometimes possessed and sometimes not? Where did she come from? What did she really want? And what was with those crazy tattoos? I decided to jump back in time to Natalie’s early teenage years and start the tale there.

In ‘Possessed’ you first meet Natalie as she arrives at her new foster home. She is forced to deal with all the normal problems of being a teenager, including bullies, school, and the general suckiness that comes with puberty. In addition to all of that Natalie has to contend with a daily struggle with the forces of darkness. When she was an infant her father branded her with a series of demonic sigils, binding the essence of an army of evil spirits into Natalie’s flesh.

As she grew up her evil father used the demons to further his own dark agenda. The leader of a nefarious cult, he used his supernatural enforces to compel obedience and silence dissent, as well as to perform the occasional miracle. To keep Natalie in line, he kept her locked in a crate in the basement of the church. When the feds busted the cult for various crimes Natalie’s father went to prison, and she went into the foster system.

Starting with ‘Possessed’ the ‘Natalie Mirka Chronicles’ explore the formative years of Natalie, and how she arrives as the machine gun toting badass in the later story ‘Nephilim’. She will face terrible danger, and a wide array of sinister characters. She will know triumph and heart break and gut wrenching despair. At the end of it all, perhaps she will be a better person. But perhaps not. We will just have to wait and see!


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