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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Just Tell Me I'm Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life by Heather LeRoss - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Heather lives in a household filled with men. Having a son with ADHD is challenging and she tries to protect her other son against their daily chaos. She found love again after her divorce and luckily her boys and her stepson are getting along very well. Being a mom means thinking quickly and preventing disasters on a daily basis. Being surrounded by boys isn't always easy when you sometimes would just like to put on your tiara and have a tea party. How does Heather cope with her struggles?

Heather tells about her everyday life with a lot of humor and honesty. Being a mom myself there were so many things I recognized about her life and I laughed out loud so many times. I understand the need to want to be a perfect mom, but in the end we're all just humans. I wish I had a closet big enough to hide in sometimes. Some time ago I found out that the bathroom was a perfect place for an escape as well until my youngest recently found me within minutes. Heather tells her whole story including the bad times, the messy times, the good times and the great times and I loved to read about her daily life.

Just Tell Me I'm Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life is a real-life story about coping with everyday life's challenges you are going through being a mom. While I was reading the book I felt like Heather LeRoss was sitting next to me drinking a cup of tea and telling me about her life. Her stories are great material for a stand-up comedian. I'd love to go to a show where Heather LeRoss is on stage telling the audience about her life. I had tears in my eyes when I read the letter she wrote to her son Gavin.  After reading Just Tell Me I'm Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life I realize that some of my own messy days are not that uncommon.


If you love to read the hilarious ramblings of a mom who's not afraid to tell the truth, Just Tell Me I'm Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life would be a perfect choice. 

About Heather LeRoss

Heather's an imperfect human trying to raise perfect humans. She's mom to 2 boys of her own and a step-son. She lives in the gross world of boys who argue about using soap in the shower and ensure the dog always has fun stuff to lick in the bathroom.

Heather writes to connect women who feel alone, who are missing a village of support. She writes for the mother of a special needs child who's not sure how she is going to manage one more melt-down, one more parent-teacher conference, or one more day. She writes for the women who pee their pants when they sneeze, cry during commercials for diapers, and who still want to sometimes hear, "You're pretty."



1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m just an imperfect human trying to raise perfect humans and living an incredibly messy life. I struggle like we all do with trying to do it all, failing, working each day to find the joy, wondering where the heck my little boys went and trying to get to know the young men who have taken their place. I jiggle more now when I walk, I forget things like words, and where my glasses are. I’m watching my parents age and wishing I could do anything to slow time down, just a little.

2) Just Tell Me I'm Pretty reads like a diary. Why have you chosen this form for your story?

I wanted people to feel like they were getting a real-life glimpse into my world. I wanted them to feel connected, like we were sharing something together. My book is all about my reality, and I’m pretty open in what I talk about. I needed it to feel like a comfortable, safe place for ME as I was writing it and I always feel safe within the pages of my journals.

3) You have your own blog, Tipsy Tiaras, can you tell a bit more about it and what do you like the most about blogging?

I started my blog when I wanted to write more about my experiences parenting my son with ADHD. I wanted a place to pour out my feelings and hopefully reach other parents who could read something I wrote and think, “YES! She understands!” I wanted them to feel a little bit better after visiting my blog, knowing they were not alone, that someone out there gets it, and that I would tell their story for them if they couldn’t. I soon turned it into more than just ADHD writing and started just writing about my life, my past, and I also have a section “A Woman’s Story” where I interview women about their own stories and write it for them. I’ve gotten stories about domestic violence, abuse, mixed-race parenting, and one woman who grew up Mormon and after marriage and four kids came out as a lesbian. I like being able to get stories out into the world. If we’re alive, we have a story. And you never know when telling yours might help someone else.

4) What does a typical day look like for you?

Right now, it’s summer so it’s awesome because I don’t have the usual chaos of getting my boys out the door for school. I’m grateful I can wake up, feed my dog, make my coffee, and start right in on answering email and working on my second book. I’m also a Writing Coach for others, so my days are sprinkled with calls with my clients. I don’t have a “typical” day, even when school is in, but I usually find time to walk my dog, do some yoga, fight against the chocolate in the cupboard, chat with a friend, write, and wonder what I’m going to eat next. I love food, like love, love so I’d say I probably spend most of my day thinking about food.

5) Do you have a favorite quote and why is this one your favorite?

Yes! I have a lot but there is one that has always held a special place in my heart. And you know what? I can’t flipping remember it all! I have spent the past hour searching online because I know I found it online a year or so ago and I can’t find it. I know it’s by Jamaica Kincaid and I believe it is from one of her books. It starts something like, “I am not nature. I do not find the world put together…” and then it ends with “and the idea of…” and OH MY GOSH I’M FRUSTRATED. If any of your readers know the quote, I’d be forever grateful if they’d email it to me. This is so typical of me and my life.

6) You started your blog in the hope of bringing women together so we could talk about all the crazyness in our lives. Can you give an example by telling about something crazy that happened to you?

How do I pick which one to tell??!! I talk about a lot of these moments in my book and the one that seems to make people giggle the most is the time I met about six of my new neighbors while walking my dog. We’d just moved to the neighborhood and I came in all excited and told my husband I’d just met a bunch of new neighbors.

He looked at me and asked, “Just now you met them?”


” Like you just walked in the door from walking the dog?”

I wasn’t sure why this was so hard for him to understand, “Yes, I just walked Jax and met a bunch of new neighbors.” He then asked me if I knew I was wearing my rhinestone tiara. D’oh! My son had bought me a tiara for Christmas one year and had said he noticed I never wore it. I’d found it while I was unpacking that day and put it on thinking it would make him feel good. TOTALLY forgot I had it on an walked the dog. No one said a word.

I’m now THAT woman who walks her dog wearing a tiara.

7) Your mother is very enthusiastic about your book. Does she have funny anecdotes to share about you as well?

Again, how could she possibly choose WHICH one to tell! She likes to tell about the time she and I were playing hide-and-seek and she found an awesome place to hide – in her laundry basket. I looked and looked and couldn’t find her and started crying. I went to my dad and said I couldn’t find her, I was crying, and said I knew she was going to jump out and scare me and could he help me find her.

I was 16.

8) What's your favorite daydream?

I built a “happy house” in my head years ago. I actually spent time each night before falling asleep designing the house, figuring out the layout, furnishings etc. It’s by the beach…and a meadow. I don’t know how that happens but it’s my happy place, so I go with it. I’ll envision being there, getting up and walking on the beach, writing in my office, I’ll plan parties or have a nice evening in. It’s a total escape when life gets too crazy and it always, ALWAYS makes me happy.

9) How did your writing journey start?

I lived in Europe from ages 8-11 and we didn’t live near any of my friends. I started to escape into books. I’d read anything. The idea that I could possibly create characters and worlds that would affect someone else the way I was affected when reading was magical to me. I wanted to do that. I started writing a story about a girl and her horse at age eight. It took me a few years to finish it and it was golden. I ended up losing it in one of our moves but I’m sure it would have been published and been a smash success. I kept writing; poems, short stories and when I got to college and realized they would give me college credit for reading books, writing, and loving every minute, I decided on a degree in English Literature. I got sucked into corporate America upon graduating but kept writing. Then about 3 years ago, my husband said I should stop the soul sucking writing for tech companies and pursue my passion. I did and my blog and now my book were born.

10) What are your plans for the future?

I want to keep writing and my biggest goal is to write a work of fiction that takes the world by storm. I have at least 8 books on my computer in various stages of “complete”, but none have reached the actual complete stage. I have at least eleventy billion other ideas in my head. I’m almost done with my second book that chronicles more of my life, parenting, aging etc. but again, it’s real-life happenings. I also hope to raise good men who spread kindness into the world and someday give me grandchildren. A little girl would be awesome. I also want to help others who have a word-baby inside them get their dream into print and continue to fill the world with beautiful stories.


Two very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive signed paperback copies of Just Tell Me I'm Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life by Heather LeRoss.

The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


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