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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What Makes My Heart Beat Faster by Juliana Stevens - Guest Post & Giveaway

About Juliana Stevens

Juliana Stevens is close with her family and grew up in a small town outside Austin. Her favorite pastime is going to the beach and spent many summers in Rockport and Port Aransas, Texas growing up.

She used to write short stories for her friends in middle school and has been an avid reader since elementary.

She lives in Texas with her husband, three kids, and three dogs.

Her goal is to write likable heroines, sexy yet nice heroes, and realistic love stories (Even in those fantasy realms!)


Books by Juliana Stevens

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What makes my heart beat faster 
Guest post by Juliana Stevens

Thank you Anniek and Suze for letting me be a part of your amazing blog!

There are many things that make my heart beat faster, good and bad. The scary thought of getting stuck on an elevator or getting lost at sea. (I will be going on my first cruise soon)

As a mom, my kids make my heart beat faster for a lot of reasons and not just because they mean the world to me. My oldest son is very dramatic. He’s good about calling even when he’s out with his friends, but every time he manages to scare me. He’ll say, “Mom!” and have this great dramatic pause where my heart jumps out of my chest because I’m picturing the worst even though I know he’s theatrical. He’s said things like “I just got this crazy phone call and the IRS is looking for me,” or “Mom!” (dramatic pause) “I just saw Drew Barrymore’s front door for sale at a thrift store!” And, in the dramatic pauses, my paranoid mom brain is picturing him on the side of the road with his friends, car broke down or worse.

As a wife, my heart beats faster most days and not just because my husband is wonderful, which he is. It’s because he’s a daredevil of a man who cuts down trees for a living. Every day, he shows me videos or pictures of him atop 80-foot pine trees and looking as natural as can be up there. He feels at home in a shaking, dead tree, and sometimes that makes my heart beat a little faster when I think too much about it.

As a writer, I get excited when a story takes off on the page, when the plot is forming faster than I can type it up. I love when a new character springs to mind or an idea for a book turns into a novel. I hope people enjoy reading my stories, I know everyone doesn’t like when fantasy is thrown into the mix with romance. Personally, that’s the only way I know how to write.

For me, every day is full of heart beating faster moments. From spills to phone calls or a sweet, unexpected smile from someone you love. I hope everyone has moments like these, and I hope they treasure them as much as I do. But, I’m cheesy like that!


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive digital copies of Her Secret Friend and When Two Worlds Collide by Juliana Stevens.

The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


  1. Great guest post. I would hate getting stuck on an elevator too.

  2. Great post. I love the gorgeous covers!

    1. Thank you! The cruise was not as scary as I thought it would be, so that fear is at least gone!

  3. Thanks for the wonderful guest post, love these posts, they give an insight into the author xx

  4. Nice guest post! I am also afraid of elevators. Thanks for sharing!

  5. A very nice guest post, thanks for sharing with us. Getting stuck in an elevator, yikes what a nightmare indeed. Fortunately, none of the ferries that I used to use, quite often, ever got lost at sea and since I don't really fancy a cruise I might be safe there too.

  6. Thanks for the nice comments, everyone! Sorry, I may have replied to the wrong person on one of those! My computer messed up on me :)

  7. Superb cover.Really good post.Thank you.x

  8. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  9. Has to be the stairs everytime for me 🙈

  10. Had to laugh, sorry, at the "stuck in an elevator". I managed to get stuck in two within 3 months of each other. One when we went to a friends' flat and of course it was summer, so not only was it warm inside there was five of us and we aren't "small" so it was pretty crowded. The other time was at a hotel, luckily we got out quickly with that one or we would have had to sort transport home from London. Whatever the films show of hunky firemen can't have seen the ones that rescued us. They were firemen but definitely not hunky lol.

    1. Oh no, I can't believe that happened to you twice in 3 months! And I'm sorry you didn't at least have some hunky fireman help you and your friends :)