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Monday, September 24, 2018

Talented Artists - Keila Scott and Katia Kiss Miller from Enjoy the Traffic - Interview & Giveaway

Enjoy the Traffic
About Keila Scott and Katia Kiss Miller

Hello, we are Keila Scott and Katia Kiss Miller, we are both architects, Keila is based in Brasil and Katia in the USA and we would like to introduce ourselves. We are a small design company based in Brazil and in the USA to offer our clients a better service since most of our sales are concentrated in the USA. Our products are created and produced in Brazil and follow all international laws of fair labor.

Our products are not the cheapest in the market, but we make sure that all the processes involved are under law and fairly remunerated. We only use the best materials and supplies making sure that the quality of our products are way above average. Our main goal is to Enjoy the process of bringing to life products that will captivate and evolve people.

When you choose one of our products be sure that you are enabling a group of individuals whose main goal is to lead a sustainable, non aggressive and cooperative way of life.

We hope you enjoy the pieces as much we enjoyed developing them and we tell you this, no matter how difficult the path seems to be follow your heart!

Hope to be hearing from you soon!


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Keila Scott, I am a Graphic Designer with a passion for textile printing.
I have a BA in Architecture, but since college I knew I would like to work with graphic design. Since I graduated from college I worked with motion graphics, scenography, and corporative visual communication until I finally got involved with textile printing.

2) What’s the inspiration behind your work?

My inspiration comes from a variety of places and references, it can be a movie, a song, nature, or even human relationships. I always look for the poetry behind reality and its relations with our inner selves.

3) Where did you learn how to design?

When I graduated from college I had a lot of passion for graphic design, but no professional experience. Then I had the opportunity to work in a major advertising agency in São Paulo, there I had the chance to develop my graphic designer skills, and learn the principles of art direction and all the technical processes of turning an idea into reality.

4) What does your work place look like?

I live in a farm in the countryside of the state of São Paulo. My studio is in my living room with a window to the trees and nature, I work cradled by the sound of birds and the company of my family members and pets.

5) Can you tell a bit more about the fabrics and other materials you use?

Our products are made using dye sublimation* process, where the images are transferred to the fabric by a high temperature exposition. This process only works with synthetic fabrics and we make sure all materials we use are high quality and ecofriendly.

6) You make beautiful bookish items, where does your love for books come from?

I am a very romantic person and love to daydream, so books are like a gateway to different dimensions.

7) You use a lot of quotes, how does a quote end up on your products, do you select them while reading or do you read a story first and look for quotes later?

I usually select the most famous quotes from the book and work the graphic idea from there. But the process can also be the other way around, I have a graphic idea for the book and I choose the quote that suits better my idea.

8) Can you tell a bit more about how you started your store?

I started my shop 5 years ago to showcase my illustrations, the book themed products came a little while later with the Alice in Wonderland and Pride and Prejudice scarves.

9) What do you like the most about having your own shop?

The freedom to create and a flexible work day.

10) What are your plans for the future?

We plan to keep expanding our line and start a project with children´s books and products.

*Dye sublimation is a process of printing to fabric (and other substances) that provides the best quality, most durable printing option. In sublimation, the inks are fused into the fabric as opposed to sitting on top of the fabric such as in inkjet or screen printing.


Book scarves
Three very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive one of these stunning book scarves. You can choose between the Alice in Wonderland Book Scarf, Pride and Prejudice Book Scarf OR the Shakespeare Book Scarf from Enjoy the Traffic.

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The winner will be notified by email and has 3 days to respond. All of our giveaways are international.


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