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Monday, August 20, 2018

What Makes My Heart Beat Faster by Kelly Moore - Guest Post & Giveaway

About Kelly Moore

Hi my name is Kelly Moore and I am Southern girl raised in Florida. I am a registered nurse actually an ICU traveling nurse, wife, mother of two children and I have three grandchildren. I have always been an avid reader and kept journals. Until Broken Pieces, I never had the courage to attempt an erotic romance book and submit it for publishing. I tend to embrace the brokenness in all of us. It makes us who we are. I love to see people come out strong and win against past pains.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing the story.


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What makes my heart beat faster
Guest post by Kelly Moore

I was asked to write a post on, What Makes My Heart Beat Faster?

My first thought was, that hill that I walk up everyday to check my mailbox! The older I get, the harder it races. LOL - but not really funny.

Seriously - there is a long list of things that make my heart race. The top of my list is seeing the faces of my grandchildren. I live cross country from them but they face time me, and to see their sweet faces, makes my heart jump. Especially when one of them calls me and my daughter has no idea they even have the phone. I love when they call on their own.

My husband after almost 33 years of marriage, still makes my heart race. We have a very different life than most people. Right now, we don’t even live in the same town. Our work has taken us to different places at the moment, and we don’t see each other very often. He’s my best friend and makes me laugh daily. When we first met and in the early years together, he made my heart races in a different way than he does now. Yes, it still races with…well you know. But, over the years love changes and in our case, becomes bigger and stronger with each year we are together. It’s not the love of a young girl smitten, it’s a love for a man that I will grow old with everyday and love him deeper and deeper.

Other things that make my heart race:

When I release a new book.

When I’m writing a scene that is intense or emotional.

A new adventure - I’m all about adventure.

Not roller coasters - because I don’t ride them.

A good movie.

Seeing an old couple walking hand in hand will do it every time.

A good belly laugh.

There are so many things and I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. Thanks for letting me be part of With Love For Books.

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  1. I loved this guest post! Thank you for sharing it :)

  2. Great post! Love to discover new authors and rediscover those I haven't read in a while! xx

  3. Great guest post. It sounds like you have a great marriage.

  4. You have very smart grandchildren!

  5. Sound like a fun author, will definitely be keeping an eye out for your books. Love the postman comment above. I'm the same, love it when we have post, unfortunately most of the time it's bills, but you live in hope that you might get something nice today (sometimes do as well).

    1. Sorry I posted the same link in two boxes. My link for the tweet (without the photo) is below.