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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Talented Artist - Alicia Rogerson from Alicia Rogerson Art - Interview & Giveaway

Alicia Rogerson Art

About Alicia Rogerson

Alicia Rogerson is a Western Australian artist-illustrator inspired by dreams, fantasy, childhood and her imagination. She resides in Bridgetown on a hill beside a forest surrounded by birds, kangaroos and butterflies.

Primarily a figurative artist, Alicia tends to focus on solitary feminine figures with bold eyes, elaborate hair and the relationships they have to the world. Her paintings involved hidden symbols, meanings and references. She often incorporates text and is very fond of vintage book pages in her exploration of communication.

Her first step towards selling her art was through Etsy in 2007 as one of the first Australian artists on the site. Her shop sold out within days and she has embraced every chance since then to paint.

From 2007-2016 she painted under the psuedonym "Ali J". Now as her work evolves and grows she has chosen to paint under her real name.

Through her career, opportunities have been generous and Ali has worked on private, commercial and community projects. Her client list is extensive including SONY/BMG, Penguin Randomhouse and The Australian Women’s Weekly. She has worked on a variety of projects including painting a fibreglass kangaroo, creating window installations, exhibiting in group and solo shows, illustrating CD’s, clothing, magazines and has her illustrations in a cookbook.

Her hope is that her art can make a connection to others and inspire them in some way. Her creative goals are to have a residency overseas, illustrate a children's book and lastly...... enter the Archibald Prize (one day).


Website // Etsy // Facebook // Instagram


1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m a mother to three residing in the rural countryside on a hill next to a forest in Bridgetown, Western Australia. I spend my days painting in drawing in my studio.

2) What’s the inspiration behind your work?

I have an overactive imagination and since childhood I am constantly dreaming and thinking, I tell my daughters that I am ‘awake dreaming'. I like to paint figures and objects that come to my mind, adding in dreamy elements or secrets to extend their stories.

3) Where did you learn how to paint?

I’m primarily self taught but I studied contemporary art at college.

4) What does your work place look like?

It is very full! I like to put all of my art materials out on show so they are easy to access, but I also have lots of books, knick knacks such as shells, driftwood, skulls, taxidermy butterflies and beautiful wooden objects. I have a giant desk for my computer/drawing and another vintage fold out desk, but I think I need another table as both surfaces are covered with projects. On my walls I hang my paints on a pegboard as well as putting up some of my originals or artworks of people that inspire me.

5) You often use vintage book pages for your paintings. How do you select the pages you use and where do you find these books?

Secondhand shops are the best place to find vintage books hidden in the corner covered in dust. I pick books according to the smell of the page as I find the older and mustier they are, the more paint they can absorb and they have a lovely texture. I’m very lucky that a number of friends know me so well they have started gifting me books they’ve found on their adventures. When I pick the pages I try to exclude certain words (i.e. violence, swearing) but I also look for a certain shape to the formatting of the text. For some projects I’ve used book subjects related to the final work (i.e, one of my teacup paintings used a cookbook).

6) Where does your love for books come from?

As a young child my mother nurtured my obsession with books and taught me to read at an early age. By the time I started primary school I was reading novels, and then in high school I had to travel a fair distance to school so I would read all the time. It feels like a natural progression to transform some of these books into a new medium. Books are my friends.

7) Your paintings contain hidden symbols, meanings and references. How did you come up with this idea?

A word can be very powerful and a sentence can change or reinforce someone’s mindset. So when I use text I’m very particular about the words, and sometimes I will paint over old paintings to give them a new spirit. I’m not sure how I started it but I’ve always had this element to my work. Secret words, old artworks hidden underneath, secret sentences, motifs or elements from favourite movies/books or childhood references. They all add emotion to my work which is important to my creative process. To have people connect to the images I’m creating which in turn helps me connect with them.

8) Can you tell a bit more about how you started your store?

In 2007 I tried to join the police force but couldn’t pass the psych test. I had quit my full-time job and felt lost. I started painting after a break of many years and decided to put a couple of things on a site called Etsy as a way of connecting to other people. My shop sold out within days and I’ve just continued my journey from there embracing the opportunities as they present themselves.

9) What do you like the most about having your own shop?

I like that having my own shop enables me to connect my art to the everyday person and I get to interact with them. It allows me to build relationships with people who support and help me sustain my art practice.

10) What are your plans for the future?

I’m working on strengthening my portfolio to establish more client work, extending the product lines I offer featuring my art, I’d love to illustrate a children’s book and I’ve got a solo exhibition in November. I’d also love to do more market stalls and fly interstate to the other side of Australia to attend some of the big ones. Teaching myself digital painting is also on the agenda.


Print art

One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a print of choice (format 12x16) from Alicia Rogerson.

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