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Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Girl He Wants by Kristi Rose - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Jayne has a clear plan for the future, she wants to be a successful business owner. She has her own shop and personal shopping service and is looking for a location to open a second shop, so she can expand and attract more customers. Jayne is determined to make it on her own, love might hurt her deeply and that's exactly what she tries to avoid. When she meets Stacy, her new neighbor, Jayne vows not to fall in love with him, but maybe they can have some fun?

Stacy is good with numbers. He's a single dad and needs the flexible hours of being his own boss, so he can be there for his daughter. They were ready for a fresh start and Stacy and his daughter perfectly fit in and feel at home in their new neighborhood. Falling in love wasn't part of Stacy's plan, especially not after his recently broken engagement, but Jayne is difficult to resist and after spending a fantastic night together he wants more, but her walls are hard to break down. Will Stacy be able to convince Jayne that love can be wonderful and that she should give it a chance?

The Girl He Wants is a fabulous love story with amazing main characters. Jayne is smart, independent and talented. She loves with all her heart and this makes her friends, family and customers feel great, but it's easy for her to get hurt too. She does everything for the people she holds dear. She doesn't think she's the nurturing type, but she's actually really sweet and generous. That's why she and Stacy are such a good match, they both have beautiful souls and never mind helping others. I loved their chemistry, their easy friendship and the natural way they are always there for one another. Their story captivated me from the start en enchanted me until the very end.

Kristi Rose has a lovely fast-paced writing style. I like how original her main characters are. They have strong personalities with clear wants and needs and she makes them truly special. She creates an atmosphere that's heartwarming through the friendships she writes about, which gives her books a solid foundation. I love a good story about true love and The Girl He Wants definitely falls into that category. It's a delightful story filled with charm, warmth and love. I highly recommend this terrific romantic book.


If you love stories about true love, friendship and family you don't want to miss The Girl He Wants. It's the third book in the No Strings Attached series, but can easily be read as a standalone.

About Kristi Rose

Kristi Rose was raised in central Florida on boiled peanuts and iced tea. She’s been lucky enough to travel the world, has lived by an active volcano, almost fallen off a German Alp, and eloped in Arkansas. Today, as a wife and mother she's resigned to traveling to the grocery store.

No matter where she is, she enjoys watching people and wonders about their story. That’s what Kristi writes about: everyday people, the love that brings them together, and their journey. Kristi is a member of RWA. The Girl He Knows is her debut novel.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? 

Hi (waves like a maniac and NOT like the queen at all). I feel like I'm fairly boring so I'll try and find something that sounds interesting. I used to live by an active volcano. Now I live by several dormant ones. I drive a lot for work (my other job) and listen to tons of podcast. I like the true crime ones.

My husband says that worries him. I've worked in special education for 18 years and I can make all kinds of animals out of playdoh as a result :-)

2) Can you describe the main characters of The Girl He Wants in seven words each? 

Jayne: Doesn't believe love will happen to her

Stacy: Has a girl's name so gotta be funny

or Jayne: Loyal, smart, introvert, scared, foodie, lonely, wonderful

Stacy: dad, math-nerd, swimmer, funny, patient, easygoing, adventurous

3) What’s the most fascinating about writing about nerdy men? 

That underneath their math or science graphic t-shirt are superman capes, good senses of humor, and men who's knuckles drag a little less than some others.

4) Jayne runs her own business and wants to help her parents, what’s the inspiration behind her wonderful kind heart?

I was raised by a single mom who worked 2 jobs years round and 3 during holidays. As a child, I used to dream about making life easier for her. Jayne was abandoned by her father, but cherished by her hard working mother. She had a strong, but small, extended family around her for support and that made a lasting impression on her. Jayne knows life could be a whole lot worse so she gives back what she gets.

5) You love writing romantic stories, what does true romance mean to you? 

Romance, to me, is found in the day to day. Like when your day sucks monkey poo and the person you come home to knows how to make it better- or at least tries. By better I mean, draws you a bath, makes you a tea, let's you hold the remote- those sorts of things. Romance is when life goes sideways unexpectedly the person you love says, "I'll help you make it better" and takes your hand.

6) You’ve traveled a lot, how does what you’ve learned from seeing more of the world inspire your stories? 

Love is found everywhere. Love doesn't know color or race or gender or nationality. Love just grabs ahold and tried to make people feel good (at least a healthy love does). I've been very blessed in my travels. I've met amazing strangers who share wonderful words of wisdom that influence their lives and impacted mine.

 I've talked to moms who barely speak English and I barely spoke their language and discovered we both have the same worries and fears about our children and who we are as women. I've sat at the base of an active volcano and watched it erupt and rain ash down on us and learned that every moment was a gift, nature was beautiful but scary, and we're just wanting to make the most of the day.

7) How did your writing journey start? 

I started reading category romance at 13. We lived in a small town and the library ran out of age appropriate books so I moved up to category romances. I had always loved to write and when I read a handful of those romances I decided I was going to write one myself. So, I did. By hand. For Christmas that year my mom bought me a typewriter (yes, I'm that old).

8) Which key elements do you think a good happy ending should have? 

Key elements? Hmm, I'm old fashion enough that I think a happy ending should come with a promise of forever, you can decide what that looks like. I don't think life needs to be perfect for the couple but that they show the stamina to face those obstacles we all know are coming (fussy babies that won't sleep, men with excessive gas, washing machines that break down when you've just splurged on something you've wanted forever- these are the easy ones).

9) You’ve given the subject love a lot of thought, how do you use the many amazing forms love can take for your stories? 

I like to show love in its various forms. Love of family, love of a child, love of a pet...etc. And I like to show how a woman can fall in love with a man and his motherless child even though the woman herself isn't sure she's meant to be a mother. I like to show how love can be giving a wayward stray cat a safe place, or a divorced woman who feels like a failure a second chance.

10) What are your plans for the future? 

I really enjoy reading and writing characters that are fun and I hope mine come off as funny. Laughter means a lot to me. So, my plan is to move into doing more books that make readers laugh (I may have swayed slightly to the more serious but I'm swaying back now). Plus, I'm feeling like a good mystery so I'd like to try my hand at a love story with a good mystery. Fingers crossed it works out.

My other plans for the future are to drink more water and eat fewer cookies. My son wants to know if my mini van can actually get up to 160 mph. I might consider adding that experiment to my future plans too.

Thanks so much for having me. I can't wait to get to know you all better. Drop me a comment and tell me something about yourself. I love bucket list ideas.


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Two very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive digital copies of the complete No Strings Attached series, consisting of The Girl He Knows, The Girl He Needs and The Girl He Wants by Kristi Rose.

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