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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Talented Artist - Diana from Arthemis Fae Art - Interview & Giveaway

Arthemis Fae Art
About Diana

Hi, my dear fantasy lovelies, Welcome to the little chamber of Arthemis' Art! 

Here is where live the elves, and also goblins, dwarves, trolls, pixies, fairies, and other fantasy creatures and creatures from long forgotten times and places.

All you see here is inspired by fantastic worlds, realms and lands, fairy meadows, forests and whole the splendid nature and it's mystical and magical aestheticsThis is my world touched by fairytales, mythological and medieval ages and other inspiring historical times, and a bit of dust of wonders!

Welcome, it's story time!

I always leaned towards art and crafting. Since I was a child, you could often find me drawing or painting something, or creating all kinds of things. Through the earlier and later years of school I visited many art and craft classes. Even during classes at school, I always tried to find something creative in all of them, even if it was just doodling in the exercise book =D

After high school, I happened to realise, art is what I want to study. First I thought it would be photography, but it stayed just a side hobby and I ended up studying history and art (in it's theoretical and historical side and the practical as well). Although I'm practically a “teacher” of art and history now, I still feel more attracted to the creative and artistic side of art, rather than that I'd be teaching about it.

So, here I am. My biggest “achievement” would be, when I create something, that makes my heart jump and makes me smile and when people tell me, it makes them feel that way as well. Really, that is when I'm feeling absolutely wonderfully blessed and thankful. However, other things, which could be considered as “real achievements” in it's meaning, could for example be, quite a few special orders and painting (usually commissioned- such as family heraldry on canvas, or Lotr painting and others), my illustrations in children's magazine (in about 5 numbers of it), then, it would be fully illustrated children's book, which we are about to release in year 2018.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Of course! So, my name is Diana and I live in a beautiful country – Slovakia. I am artist by my heart and have been since I was a kid. I finished my studies in Education of arts and history at the university and am currently working as an illustrator, painter, facepainter and all of that artistic kind of work!

2) What’s the inspiration behind your work?

First of all, I've come to understand, that my inspiration comes, leaves and changes with seasons of the year, mainly. In that sense, it's usually the nature that gets me inspired. Nature in all her shapes and forms, from forests, through mists, to drops of morning dew on leaves. It's an unbelievable source of inspiration when it comes to motives, little elements, colors or just mood and atmosphere. Also, what brings me ton of inspiration, are fairytales, mythology, sometimes concrete historical eras, folklore, all the creatures and worlds of fantasy and fae, things magical, mystical, witchy, elven and old ways – like.

3) Where did you learn how to make art?

Not sure if it's one concrete place or a person behind it, I think it is all those years of work. Constant drawing or painting, learning and trying out new techniques, all that leads to finding the right paths in art. I did attend art classes and have studdied it pretty much, so a lot comes from that, but I have always had this drive to make art, so I didn't stop, even in my times of failing. Some people call it talent, but I think it's about how you handle this “drive to create”. 

None of what is called a talent, comes to someone and just makes him create masterpieces itself alone =D It's some hard work, and we as artists should be proud of it, myself included =D Other than that, you know how some people say that critics makes one try harder and better, for me it's compliments XD So when you tell me all the sweet things about my art, it makes me want to learn more, become a better artist and to move further with every new piece of mine! At least more, than when I get critics, hehe.

4) What does your work place look like?

It's nothing special really and yet, there are some items worth mentioning! First of all, I like to keep my work place and my things and tools organised and clean, yet deep and personal to me and also artistic. So I have all my crystals in a wooden stand, always at least one beautifully scented candle, cones, flowers and ivy leaves around me, as well as fairy lights and most of all, all my brushes, pencils, watercolors, papers and canvas close to reach by a hand! 

I like my working place to be cozy, magical and inspiring. And what adds to the creative atmosphere, is often a wonderful magical music or movies, as an inspiring background.

5) You make bookish items, where does your love for books come from?

Well. I LOVE books and I always did! I love fantasy, mystical and magical stories, fairytales, mythology, folklore and even a bit of romance, and all that I could always find in books. Besides this, I adore illustrations, and few of my most favourite artists ever are book illustrators, which, holding a book illustrated by someone like Brian Froud, Arthur Rackham or John Bauer in my own hands, is truly a pure magic.

6) Can you tell a bit more about how you started your store?

Now this is kind of funny! I actually started my etsy store to sell my elven polymer clay jewelry and
later, handpainted polymer clay cameos. It took me a few years to find and build up the confidence to actually start selling prints of my drawings and paintings. And as I felt and also knew, that there are many lovely creatures who do like my art and would purchase a piece from me, I decided it was just the right time to begin. I listed my first ever prints in my etsy store at the end of January 2018 =D 

7) Where does your love for fantasy come from?

First idea, that comes to my mind is, Mr. J. R. R. Tolkien. But surely, it's even more than that. It comes from my love for fairytales, magic, nature and even spirituality. I believe fantasy is all around us and so even on my walks in nature I see and hear Tolkien's Ents, keep on searching for the fairies', elves' and goblins' houses or old trees that look like dragons, I love the atmosphere that is associated with fantasy, I love the music that I hear when I think of fantasy and I myself love to dress, paint on myself and to make myself feel like a fantasy creature! =D 

There is just something so deep and special, that happens in my mind and heart when I step into fantasy. It's like coming home. It's my own Middle-earth! =D

8) You’ve studied both the creative and historical site of art, what’s the most fascinating about learning both theory and practice of your passion?

I did. Well, knowing history of art is a beautiful thing. Understanding how eras changed and how artists were thinking, how they worked, how they viewed colors, how they used them,... It's really fascinating as well as having all that history before our eyes now, being able to get inspired by various elements and pieces of history. 

Other than that, I have also studied history in general, as a combination with art and art history, so these subjects together have been helping myself to understand each other better and to realize how changing world and society, did change how art was made and viewed. 

On the practical site, having someone else to help you, to see your art through different eyes, and gently show you other ways you can move forward and do better, is a great way of learning. And I experienced it many times, which I was an still am very thankful for.

9) Feelings are important to you when it comes to your work, how do you translate them into designs?

Hehehe, actually, I need to keep a notebook for ideas, sometimes long, sometimes short and just a concrete word like “ivy leaves”. When there comes this wave of feelings, ideas and inspiration, I try to write it down as detailed as possible, to make sure I don't forget any of the things I felt when having the idea of art piece in my mind. Many times a concrete painting appears in my mind and I already know how I want it to look AND feel like, sometimes I never really know and create as I go along!

10) What are your plans for the future?

My plans are simple. To keep loving and creating art, to keep on finding inspiration and feeling it deeply, to keep on visiting nature and places and letting them inspire me as well, as the little fairy and fantasy creatures that are by my side. A little further than that, I have this huge dream and wish, to one day live in a wooden cabin, with a fireplace inside, patio and garden outside, standing by the forest and meadows, to walk in the woods everyday and see them through the window, to live in this calm, peaceful, beautiful place, being a happy and thankful artist, watching and feeling the beauty around me with tea and brushes in my hands! =D


Watercolor drawing

Three very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive an art print of a watercolor drawing from Diana (winner's choice).

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