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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Stray Magic by Kelly Meding - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Shiloh is a Federal Marshal at the Paranormal Investigators Unit. She’s also half human and half djinn. Shiloh and her crew are being called when paranormals are involved in a crime. She’s looking forward to a few days off when she gets notified that a group of vampires have taken over a whole trailer park, keeping the residents hostage. Shiloh's boss is missing and she is the second in command. She needs to make difficult choices to stop the situation from getting out of hand and quickly has to find a way to end it before any humans are being hurt. Djinns and vampires repulse each other by nature, which is not very helpful since Shiloh needs to deal with the vampire master, Tennyson. Will Shiloh be able to solve this case without the guidance and crucial advice of her boss?

Tennyson has been a vampire for centuries and has created a lot of other vampires that he considers his children. Twelve of his children are missing and in other vampire clans vampires have disappeared as well. To stop more of his children from being abducted he's taken desperate measures. With a whole trailer park hostage the place is crawling with police officers, which gives them a feeling of being relatively safe. Tennyson needs Shiloh’s help to find out who’s behind the abductions. He can’t sense his children anymore and he has no idea if they are still alive. Can they put their instinctive feelings aside to work as a team?

Shiloh is the daughter of the most powerful earth djinn there is. She has no filter and will ask difficult questions when she needs to. Shiloh is a caring and kind person, but she can also switch to battle mode in a second. She knows that the vampire abduction will probably be the biggest case in her career and she hopes that she’s making the right decisions. In a world where the truth is hidden underneath the rules of the paranormal, it’s hard to put any puzzle pieces together, but if anyone can do it it's Shiloh. I always love to read stories with a strong heroine and Shiloh is an amazing leader. She’s tough, smart and intuitive. I loved that she's a quick thinker who slowly unravels the mystery. I was very eager to find out more about the awful crimes and the mastermind behind them.

Stray Magic is a fast-paced scary story about the darkest side of the paranormal world. I'm a big fan of stories about vampires, djinns, demons and other paranormal beings and Stray Magic has them all. Even though their species normally don’t mix, I loved the connection between Shiloh and Tennyson. They help and protect each other and they make a great team. Kelly Meding a skillful world builder and I liked reading her great original story wherein paranormals and humans are living side by side. It feels completely normal to have vampires and other beings existing among us. I really enjoyed this gripping first Stray Moon book and can't wait to read more.


If you like to read fast-paced and dark stories with unexpected twists Stray Magic is a story you shouldn’t miss.

About Kelly Meding / Meade

Born and raised in Southern Delaware, Kelly Meding survived five years in the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia, only to retreat back to the peace and sanity of the Eastern Shore. An avid reader and film buff, she discovered Freddy Krueger at a very young age, and has since had a lifelong obsession with horror, science fiction, and fantasy, on which she blames her interest in vampires, psychic powers, superheroes, and all things paranormal. She is also a mama to two amazing fur-babies named Jinx and Puck.

Three Days to Dead, the first book in her Dreg City urban fantasy series, follows Evangeline Stone, a paranormal hunter who is resurrected into the body of a stranger and has only three days to solve her own murder and stop a war between the city's goblins and vampires. Additional books in the series, As Lie the Dead, Another Kind of Dead, and Wrong Side of Dead, are available in both digital format and mass market paperback from Bantam. Books five and six, Requiem for the Dead and The Night Before Dead, are published in digital and paperback by Smedge Press.

Beginning with Trance, Kelly's MetaWars series tells the story of the grown-up children of the world's slaughtered superheroes who receive their superpowers back after a mysterious fifteen-year absence, and who now face not only a fearful public, but also a vengeful villain who wants all of them dead. Trance and Changeling are available now in both digital format and mass market paperback from Pocket Books. Tempest and Chimera are available in digital format only via Pocket Star. All four books can also be purchased as a digital bundle.

Writing as Kelly Meade, her paranormal romance trilogy with Berkley Intermix features three shifter brothers and the women they come to love, starting with Black Rook, and continuing with Gray Bishop and White Knight.


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