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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Reckless in Texas by Kari Lynn Dell - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Violet is a young mother with a terrible track record when it comes to relationships. She might not have a perfect personal life, but she's great at her job, she loves working as a pickup man at rodeos. She enjoys sharing responsibilities with her family, but Jacobs Livestock can use some extra funds. Violet is trying to come up with an idea that will make the business a success again. When she needs a bullfighter for a short period of time, Joe Cassidy shows up. Joe isn't the person she intended to hire, but he's good, so she decides to let him stay. Joe is in Texas to get a break from a crazy situation. Will working with Violet and her family be good for him?

Joe doesn't want to stay in Texas, but being alone and independent quickly loses its appeal when he spends time with Violet. Joe finds himself in a difficult position and having some distance will hopefully help him to put things into perspective. He's a great bullfighter, but the rest of his life is a mess. It's time to make plans for the future, but where will Joe go after the rodeos with Violet and her family, will there be a place for him again with the man he used to work for or will his heart push him in a different direction?

Reckless in Texas is a fantastic romantic story. I loved reading about the rodeos, the work that's being done to make them happen and the, thrills, risks and dangers of the profession. Violet is a tough woman with a fiery personality. She hides her vulnerability behind a fierce attitude and I admired her spirit. I loved how she earns respect everywhere she goes. Her love life is complex and so far she hasn't been lucky when it comes to relationships, but she does have a wonderful son. She's a package deal and Joe is a loner. I was curious to see how that would work out and couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to follow the development of their bond. Joe has a kind heart, he's a strong, handsome and sometimes reckless man and he doesn't know much about relationships. I found it incredibly courageous that he's trying something new and makes people love him straight away. There's plenty of chemistry between Joe and Violet, but their circumstances are far from ideal, which turns their love story into a fascinating journey.

Kari Lynn Dell has a fabulous descriptive writing style and it's clear she knows what she's writing about. I could easily picture the rodeos, the business side of Jacobs Livestock and the sacrifices that need to be made to be successful. Kari Lynn Dell combines this with a rural setting in Texas that is absolutely amazing. I was mesmerized by the thrilling aspects of being part of a rodeo. I liked the no nonsense main characters a lot as well, they certainly suit the theme. Reckless in Texas is entertaining and dynamic. It's a terrific story about true love, second chances in life and heartwarming friendship. I highly recommend this gorgeous book.


If you love rodeo romance you don't want to miss Reckless in Texas.

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Reckless in Texas is free on Amazon until July 16th.

About Kari Lynn Dell

Kari Lynn Dell is a native of north central Montana, a third generation ranch-raised cowgirl, horse trainer and rodeo competitor, most recently the 2017 Canadian Senior Pro Rodeo Breakaway Roping season champion. She attended her first rodeo at two weeks old and has existed in a state of horse-induced poverty ever since.

She currently resides on the family ranch on the Blackfeet Reservation, loitering in her parents’ bunkhouse along with her husband, son and Max and Spike the Cowdogs, with a tipi on the front step, a view of Glacier National Park from her writing desk and Canada within spitting distance.

The third book of her Texas Rodeo series, Tougher in Texas, is a 2018 finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s RITA® awards.


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Hay Hauler’s Shape-Up
Guest post by Kari Lynn Dell

With the cattle market looking little shaky (as usual), we’ve decided it’s time to look for additional sources of income here on the ranch. After scrolling through ninety-five infomercial channels in search of one TV show my husband and I could agree on, I have hit on the perfect solution: a week long fat-blaster workout called the Hay Hauler’s Shape-Up.

The secret to our program is our exercise equipment. Nothing can match our device for overall strengthening and rapid weight loss. Ladies and gentlemen…the 1963 International medium duty truck.

To maximize Ol’ Yeller’s calorie-burning potential, we first beat the suspension to death. The resulting lack of shock absorption allows the bang and slam of hitting badger holes and boulders to blast those fat cells right off your thighs. (Note to clients: the more well-endowed ladies will want to bring extra super support garments.) And of course, the powering steering had to go, the better to pump up those biceps. The clutch and brake are stiff from age (sort of like the owners) which makes them the rival of any leg press machine in those fancy gyms.

We’ll begin each session at the hay yard, applying the exact combination of ether, jumper cables and prayer needed to get ol’ Yeller running. Then we’ll stick you behind the wheel and point you in the right direction. Don’t worry, you’ll have plenty of time to master the controls as you rattle across half a mile of alfalfa field at approximately five miles an hour to where the tractor will be waiting to load eight one ton round hay bales. Then you’ll crank ol’ Yeller around and rattle back again.

Then comes the best part—unloading.

Round bales, being round, have a tendency to roll, so each load must be butted up squarely against the last load, or bales go bounding off to flatten fences and mash in the side of the pickup we shouldn’t have parked in that spot. To add an extra level of difficulty, we’ve designed the hay rack so the line of sight through the rearview mirrors is blocked by the bales, which results in all kinds of extra calf toning as you jump in and out of the truck several times to check your position.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Now you have to dump the bales. To raise the hoist, push in the clutch with your left foot, shift the truck into neutral and pull out and hold the PTO knob while simultaneously pulling out and holding the hoist knob, the rev the truck with your right foot as you ease the clutch out. At the exact instant gravity overcomes friction and the bales begin to slide, jam the clutch to the floor.

Eight tons of sliding bales will launch the truck forward. Don’t worry, you will get used to that ‘shot out of a cannon’ sensation after fifteen or twenty loads (complimentary cervical collars and ibuprofen are available from the concierge), and the big ker-bang when the bale rack jumps and slams as the last bales drop. Until then, the burst of adrenaline will give your metabolism a nice boost. And feel free to pump the brakes. It’s excellent for quadriceps development, even if it does nothing to slow the truck.

As an added bonus, after the first load or two the floorboards will get hot, emitting a unique blend of ancient baked grease and essence de toasted mouse turd guaranteed to squelch those pesky snack cravings. And since the heater knob has been stuck in the ‘On’ position for approximately twenty years, the cab will become your own private sauna. Don’t be surprised to find you’ve melted off a pound or two in just the first afternoon, maybe even twice that much if it’s a bright sunny day.

The more I think about it, the more convinced I am that this plan can’t miss. Demand will be high, though, so sign up now. We’ve only got 247 more loads to haul.


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Five very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive a digital copy of The Long Ride Home by Kari Lynn Dell.

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  6. Hey all. Sorry I'm late checking in, I've actually been gone to a few rodeos across the border in southern Alberta where data costs me about $200 a MB (Nope, not kidding) so I'm unwired unless I go loiter at a Tim Horton's. Thanks for stopping by, and congrats in advance to the winners!

  7. That was hilarious and will definetly do the trick of getting into shape. Are you sure you haven’t been to Lucasville? I know my dad has several of these types of muscle toning equipment around.

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    You write really funny and informative posts.

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