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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dreaming of St-Tropez by T.A. Williams - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Jess loses her job after a terrible meeting with a rude client. The billionaire isn't only interested in Jess's skills as an architect and what he asks her to do makes her gag. She sets him straight and seals her fate. Being unemployed doesn't look as daunting as Jess initially thought though. A former client has a proposition for her. She offers Jess a stay at the family home in St. Tropez if Jess will watch her overweight labrador Brutus. It's an offer she can't refuse. Will St. Tropez be as wonderful as she thought it would be?

Jess isn't only in St. Tropez to watch her elderly friend's dog. She's also being asked to keep an eye on her friend's son and grandson who have recently suffered a great loss. After her experiences in London Jess isn't very fond of rich people, but David, the grandson, has a certain appeal. However, he's wounded, withdrawn and rude. Will she be able to get him out of his shell and what is his story? Can Jess make a difference in the lives of the people she's staying with and is there a chance her own heart will heal in the process as well?

Dreaming of St-Tropez is a wonderful romantic story. Jess is a levelheaded woman. She can stand up for herself and knows what she wants and likes. She has a lovely caring personality and doesn't give up if she wants to achieve something. St. Tropez is a dream destination and Jess feels at home straight away, I loved how well she fits in. The sunshine, the meals and the people are lifting her spirits, which is exactly what she needs. I couldn't wait to find out if she'd be able to accomplish her mission. David is an intriguing character. He's clearly troubled and needs to find a new direction in life. I was curious to learn David's secrets and couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out more about his enigmatic personality.

T.A. Williams has a great descriptive writing style. I loved the way he makes St. Tropez come to life. He perfectly captures the atmosphere, the taste of the food and the beauty of the surroundings. I like that he combines a gorgeous setting with sunshine, making progress and romance. It's a fabulous mix that works really well. I love it when a story has such a delightful feelgood factor and T.A. Williams makes this feeling complete by adding the most adorable dog. I'm a big fan of books with amazing animals and Brutus is quite a character. He kept putting a big smile on my face, which is exactly what a sunny summer story should do. Dreaming of St-Tropez is a heartwarming book with plenty of charm, true love, drama and entertainment.


If you love sunny, entertaining and heartwarming romantic stories you don't want to miss Dreaming of St-Tropez.

About T.A. Williams

I live in Devon with my Italian wife. I was born in England of a Scottish mother and Welsh father. After a degree in modern languages at Nottingham University, I lived and worked in Switzerland, France and Italy, before returning to run one of the best-known language schools in the UK. I have taught Arab princes, Brazilian beauty queens and Italian billionaires. I speak a number of languages and have travelled extensively. I have eaten snake, still-alive fish, and alligator. A Spanish dog, a Russian bug and a Korean parasite have done their best to eat me in return. My hobby is long-distance cycling, but my passion is writing.


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Dreaming of St-Tropez
Guest post by T.A. (Trevor) Williams

So, why set a book in a millionaires’ paradise in the south of France? What’s wrong with a book about somewhere closer to home? Dreaming of Birmingham, for example?The answer is quite simply: escapism.

What I’m trying to do with my books is to give the reader the chance to get away from it all. Particularly the way things are in the world at the moment, I think we all need a bit of a break from reality from time to time. That’s why I’ve chosen St Tropez, Florence and Venice for my last three books in the Dreaming of… series.

And that’s why I’m currently writing this post sitting on a sunny terrace in Tuscany, looking out over rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards. Yes you’ve guessed it, next year will see the publication of Dreaming of Tuscany.

There is another reason, which is far more selfish. I make it a rule never to write about places I don’t know. This means visiting these lovely places myself before I put (digital) pen to paper. Yes, I know, it’s a dirty job, but research is research, after all, as I tell the Inland Revenue.

Seriously though, you can’t beat visiting a place. Google Earth is wonderful but it can’t give you the feel of a place, the atmosphere, sounds and smells. For that, you really have to be on the spot.

So what made me choose St Tropez? I wanted somewhere that sounded fascinating and enticing. I had never been here before and when I came on my research trip last year, I can honestly say I didn’t know what to expect. Part of me was fully prepared to find it a grotesque, ostentatious home of the filthy rich. The reality was very different.

Yes, there were lots of ridiculously expensive yachts, shops selling clothes for Silly prices and the ever – present background howl of Ferrari engines. But there were also lots of ordinary French people living and working in the area and a cosmopolitan atmosphere that was remarkably refreshing.

I could’ve checked the scenery on the Internet, but I could never have discovered arguably the best ice cream shop in France, Never could have written on the ferry across the bay from Saint Maxime, nor could I have tasted the food at the famous La Ponche restaurant.

I hope those of you who read my books get a kick out of visiting these wonderful places and, maybe, come away at the end of the book with a longing to visit the places I describe which, sooner or later, is transformed into reality.

I would like to thank everybody who buys and reads my books. As a result, I promise I will keep on visiting lovely places and writing about them for you.


Three very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive a digital copy of Dreaming of
St-Tropez by T.A. Williams.

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  1. Dreaming of St-Tropez sounds like an enthralling, laugh-out-loud romance set in a gorgeous location with plenty of drama and a dash of mystery.

  2. Ohh this sounds good. I'd love to have a way to live in St. Tropez, and know some people go to islands to care for owners' yachts. Nice twists in the plot make it sound very interesting!

  3. Love stories like this, can't wait to give it a read!!

  4. St Tropez sounds like bliss. I would love to read this book.

  5. Love the cover and it looks a lovely place to visit, even if it's just through the pages of a book. I had to laugh at the Good Reads comment about men and football as I'm a female but a huge footie fan who loved the World Cup.

  6. The very fact that this book involves a dog makes me want to read this book!!

  7. A lovely guest post, what an interesting life you have lived and an international family too. It was interesting to read what you've eaten (rather you than me!) and what had tried to eat you too. :-)

  8. I thought my Dad was outrageous having admitted to eating horse, wild boar, camel and dog (during his army years) but a live fish - ew! I can't stop laughing but, I mean, ew!