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Saturday, July 21, 2018

Book Review - A Wedding at The Cosy Cottage Café by Rachel Griffiths

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Review by Suze

Allie, Dawn, Camilla and Honey are best friends and they regularly meet at Allie's Cosy Cottage Café to catch up. They're all madly in love. Change is coming though, will they each be able to hang on to their good fortune and crazy happiness?

When Allie's daughter Mandy returns with a broken heart Allie is worried about her, what has happened and can Allie comfort Mandy, so she'll be ready to face the world again? Dawn's three children are keeping her busy, her husband is at home more and they've finally found a rhythm that works, will they be able to keep it up? For Camilla feeling safe is important, she's never seen herself as the maternal type, but looking after her little niece makes her feel something she's never felt before, does she dare to allow those emotions? Honey has finally found the man of her dreams, but she has quite a household, will he be able to fit in? Love is in the air for each of them, but who will receive a proposal?

A Wedding at the Cosy Cottage Café is a wonderful story filled with friendship, family and unconditional love. I love the Cosy Cottage Café, it's such a delightful setting and the atmosphere is exactly right. It was fun to read about Allie, Dawn, Camilla and Honey again and I enjoyed finding out what happened after declaring their love for the men of their dreams. There's always something going on in their lives and I loved each new twist and turn. Rachel Griffiths has written another amazing book and I'm glad I had the chance again to read about these four fabulous friends.

Someone's getting married and I was incredibly curious to find out who it would be. Rachel Griffiths has a heartwarming writing style that's laced with humor, which suits her story incredibly well. She writes about relationships with wisdom and lightheartedness, which is a great combination. Her detailed descriptions of her setting, her main characters and every (small) adventure in their lives are always incredibly entertaining. I really loved A Wedding at the Cosy Cottage Café, it's a fantastic feelgood read.


If you love heartwarming stories about friendship, family and true love The Cosy Cottage Café series would be an excellent choice. I'd advise you to read the other four stories before starting A Wedding at the Cosy Cottage Café.


  1. This sounds charming, perfect for summer!


  2. Family dynamics fascinate me. Reading how they all cope always makes me think of my own family. This sounds like a great read for my summer list. Thanks for sharing your review:)

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  8. This would make the perfect Summer read!

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    Thank you for the great review Suze :)

  10. This is such a lovely cover. Great review too!

  11. Full of feel-goods and perfect for whiling away a sunny afternoon - thanks Suze!