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Thursday, July 12, 2018

A Piece of my Heart by Wendy Lou Jones - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Hannah loves cake, but when her boyfriend cheats on her and she finds out in a terrible way she decides it's time to make some changes and lose weight. Exercise is her first step, but apparently her body doesn't agree. Hannah ends up in an ambulance and a lengthy hospital stay is the result. Her best friend Tabatha shows up as often as she can to support her and she makes sure Hannah has small adventures each time she's there. Going to the hospital café suddenly becomes the highlight of Hannah's day. Fortunately their cakes and brownies are delicious, so there's at least some comfort to be found inside the depressing building.

When Hannah meets Matt she's intrigued. He seems lost and she instantly knows she's supposed to be the one to cheer him up. Matt is visiting his son and spending time with Hannah makes him forget his sorrows for a while. However, Hannah doesn't let him know the real reason she's a regular visitor of the hospital café. What will Matt do when he finds out, will it ruin the still fragile bond they're carefully building or do their feelings already run deep enough to forgive and forget?

A Piece of my Heart is a beautiful heartbreaking story. Hannah's life changes drastically after her first attempt to get fit. She hardly has the energy to move and going to the hospital café already takes a lot of effort, but spending time with Matt is worth it. It's her little ray of sunshine in the bleak and endless days that are inevitable while staying in a hospital. Matt's son is fighting for his life and Matt has a lot of personal issues to get through while supporting the boy he loves so much. Hannah is there for him when he needs her the most, but who's there for her? She's an incredibly strong and brave woman. She never complains and faces her fears. I admired her spirit and her amazing courageous attitude. She manages to find something positive in a terrible situation, which makes her personality shine. Wendy Lou Jones has written a story about two regular people and she makes them really special in a natural way through paying attention to the little things that matter the most.

Wendy Lou Jones writes about the difficult moments in life in an open and honest way. She perfectly describes what hospitals are like, both from the point of view of someone who has to stay in one and someone who's worried about a loved one. She never spares her main characters. There's suffering, loss, grief and plenty of tears and heartache, but there's also the miracle of true love, fabulous friendship and hope. I love that combination. A Piece of my Heart is an impressive story filled with surprising twists and turns. It's an amazing thought-provoking book that definitely packs a punch.


If you love emotional love stories with plenty of depth you should definitely read A Piece of my Heart.

About Wendy Lou Jones

I spent a happy childhood in West Sussex, where I studied hard at school and in my spare time, danced (ballet and jazz) and fell in love with guinea pigs.

I took Medicine at university and qualified as a doctor in 1994, working in various fields until I dropped out to have kids, several years later. How on Earth did I end up here, you ask? I do, frequently. Well, one night, in my late 30s, I had a dream. As simple as that. A dream that inspired me. And I’ve been reading and writing ever since.


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Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

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  1. A Piece of My Heart sounds like a beautifully written, poignant and emotionally powerful story.

  2. Another beautiful book. Thank you Wendy!

  3. She's done it again! A fantastic book i didnt want to put down. A beautiful story of finding love with its twists and turns due to some of the most horrendous situations that life can throw at them.
    Well done Wendy xx

  4. This looks right up my alley and a great book to escape into!

  5. The cover of your book looks wonderful !

  6. Thank you for introducing me to this book, it sounds like something I'd really enjoy reading!

  7. Wendy always the most beautifully romantic cover art.