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Friday, June 22, 2018

Third Son’s a Charm & No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

Reviews by Suze

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Ewan is a survivor. He's strong, broad shouldered and his presence intimidates people. He's the third son of an Earl, a father who's never appreciated him enough because he doesn't believe in Ewan's intelligence. Ewan's lifelong struggles with his mean cousin Francis are still going on and Francis keeps winning. When Ewan can avoid his cousin's destruction of the life of his next intended victim by accepting a job as a protector, preventing Francis from marrying Lady Lorraine, he takes it. Ewan is supposed to keep an eye on Lorraine. She's already tried to elope with Francis and desperately wants to marry him. Ewan thinks marrying his cousin would be a huge mistake and his task is to stop meetings between Lorraine and Francis from happening. Will he be able to protect Lorraine from the man who probably has an ulterior motive for wanting to marry her?

Lorraine tries to escape the confinements of her home. She wants freedom and she's determined to follow her heart. As soon as Ewan appears on the scene, it becomes incredibly difficult to sneak out. He might be a man of few words, but Lorraine seems to perfectly understand him. When he saves her from danger several times her opinion of him slowly changes. Will it change enough to listen to his advice or is Lorraine still trying to do something stupid in the name of love? Is Francis really her one true love or is there a chance she could love another man more?

Third Son's a Charm is a fantastic romantic story. Ewan is an adorable man. I immediately loved his chivalrous personality. He's kind, caring and protective. He's also tough, brave and robust. He's the ideal man to protect Lady Lorraine. She has a fierce personality, she's headstrong, smart and inventive and keeps attracting trouble. They're constantly challenging each other, which was a true delight to see. I absolutely loved the chemistry between them. It's impossible not to admire Ewan, he's such a sweet person and while he can easily defend himself, he also has an endearing vulnerability. I really enjoyed watching Lady Lorraine peel off his multiple fascinating layers one by one. They are a fabulous pair and I loved every single page of their story.

Shana Galen has a terrific descriptive writing style. She makes the beginning of the nineteenth century come to life in an incredible way. I was intrigued by the balls, the beautiful gowns, the rules of society, the schemes and the plotting and the many interesting family relationships. I love it when a story puts a big smile on my face and Third Son's a Charm definitely falls into the category of books that made me happy. It's entertaining, filled with surprising twists and turns and beautiful romance, suspenseful and wonderfully charming. I highly recommend this brilliant book.

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Lady Juliana is running the Sunnybrooke Home for Boys practically on her own. Most of her staff has run away. The dilapidated building is in a bad neighborhood that isn't suitable for a woman of her standing, but Juliana cares enough about her twelve boys to face all the danger that comes her way. That means she keeps having to deal with the leader of the slums, who wants her body and her money. Juliana doesn't have any money, everything she has goes to the orphans, and she isn't willing to let an evil slumlord come anywhere near her. She needs protection, so when Neil arrives she's relieved for a short period of time. Neil is an army Major, a survivor who's now doing odd jobs for his father. He's the bastard son of a Marquess, never a true member of the ton, but well educated and connected. It's exactly what Julianna needs, until she finds out Neil is working for her father.

Neil's assignment is to bring Lady Juliana home. He has to take her away from the orphanage, so she can be under her father's roof again. However, the twelve orphans she's looking after would be on their own if she'd leave. Neil is a great leader and he immediately takes charge. The boys listen to him and he makes plenty of necessary progress in just a short period of time. Neil isn't there to stay, the last thing he wants is being around children all day. Is it really so bad to spend time at the orphanage though? He admires Juliana in many ways and their attraction proves to be a problem. Neil isn't a member of the ton and Juliana is a lady who vowed never to get married, are they heading for trouble and can Neil finish his assignment?

No Earls Allowed is a wonderful romantic story. Neil is a brave, but traumatized man. He's still having nightmares after everything he's witnessed during the war. He's a great leader and instinctively knows how to handle people. I loved how he manages to get the orphanage organized in only a short matter of time. The children are mostly adorable, but there are some older ones who need firm guidance to keep them out of trouble. Juliana has found the perfect man to help her with her mission, but being around Neil is quite a challenge. There are plenty of sparks and they know they shouldn't allow themselves to act on them, but that's incredibly difficult. I loved watching their attraction grow and couldn't wait to find out if these two lovely people would have a chance at happiness together.

Shana Galen skillfully combines romance with suspense. I love how every chapter of her story offers a new unexpected twist. Her vibrant and thorough descriptions of her main characters, their surroundings and their emotions are making each story she writes a joy to read. No Earls Allowed is charming, captivating and enchanting. Shana Galen is a skilled story teller, everything she writes about effortlessly comes to life. She balances friendship, finding true love and attraction with crazy criminals, gripping events and many challenges, which works very well. No Earls Allowed is an amazing compelling story laced with humor and heartwarming charm.


If you love great heartwarming and gripping historical romance you don't want to miss The Survivors series. The books can be read as standalones.

About Shana Galen

Shana Galen is the bestselling author of fast-paced adventurous Regency historicals, including the RT Reviewers' Choice The Making of a Gentleman. Booklist says, "Galen expertly entwines espionage-flavored intrigue with sizzling passion," and RT Bookreviews calls her "a grand mistress of the action/adventure subgenre." She taught English at the middle and high school level off and on for eleven years. Most of those years were spent working in Houston's inner city. Now she writes full time.

She's happily married and has a daughter who is most definitely a romance heroine in the making.


Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I write Regency-set historicals, and I've published over 30 books. I live in Houston, Texas and keep super busy writing, working at a dog shelter, and taking car of my super active second-grader.

2) How did you get the idea for The Survivors series?

The idea actually came from Sophie Jordan, another historical romance author. I'd proposed an idea for a series, and my publisher didn't love it, so Sophie and I were brainstorming new ideas. She asked if I'd seen the movie The Dirty Dozen and that gave me the idea for a dozen former soldiers with special talents.

3) You write about strong, protective and honorable men and smart, capable and headstrong women, what do you like most about your main characters?

I have to say I like that they say and do things I wouldn't. It's so much fun when they get into trouble. I like writing heroes and heroines who have to use their minds, wit, and bravery to escape danger (whether real or of their own making).

4) Where does your passion for regency romance come from?

I'd have to credit Jane Austen and Julie Garwood. I read all of Austen's works in high school and college and fell in love with the Regency period. I ran out of Austen books and started reading Garwood and her books inspired me to start writing.

5) If you could travel back in time for a day where would you go, what would you do and what would you wear?

I'd go back to just before the French Revolution. I'd like to have seen Versailles and Paris before everything changed. I'd wear a robe a la francaise, of course with a Bergere hat.

6) You love writing about relationships between people, what’s the most interesting about exploring the connection between two people?

I think the most interesting thing is that every couple I write about is different and their connection is different. After so many books and so many couples, I've never written the same characters. Each relationship is different and challenging to write about.

7) What does true love mean to you?

True love means putting the other person's needs before your own, thinking of him or her first.

8) You have a lot of information for writers on your website, how did you start helping them out and what’s something you’d wish you’d known when you first started writing?

I was a teacher before I was a writer, so I've always liked helping others. I wish I'd known what a roller coaster the publishing industry can be.

9) How do you combine a busy social and family life with your writing?

I've learned to prioritize my writing. When you have family to take care of it's easy to put yourself last, but I make sure to write everyday and take time for my work. It's much easier now that my daughter is in school because I have a block of uninterrupted time.

10) What are your plans for the future?

I have more books coming out! I'm continuing my French Revolution series (The Scarlet Chronicles) and my Survivors series with books 3-4.


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One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive paperback OR digital copies of Third Son’s a Charm and No Earls Allowed by Shana Galen (winner’s choice).

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