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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Interview - Get To Know Anniek and Suze & Giveaway

It's time to answer some interview questions again. This way you have a chance to get to know us a little better. These questions have all been asked by readers of With Love for Books, which is something we really enjoy. Thank you all for taking the time to come up with those lovely questions.

1) Do either of you have a nickname and what is it?

Anniek: My family and close friends usually call me Niekie. It started with my nephew, when he was little he couldn't pronounce my full name, so he changed it to Niekie and it stuck.

Suze: My full name is Suzanne (pronounced as Suzanna with an e instead of an a), so Suze is the for short version. Some people call me Su or Sue. A not so nice nickname is Wednesday, because I have dark hair and fair skin and look a little like a member of the Adams Family according to some people.

2) If you could hang out with the characters and in the land/time of a certain book which would it be?

Anniek: This might sound a bit crazy, but I would love to hang out with the survivors of the Dangerous Days series by Baileigh Higgins. They survived a zombie apocalypse and are trying to rebuild any kind of life that's worth living. I would love to be a part of that.

Suze: I would love to go to a regency ball. Of course meeting any Jane Austen character would be wonderful too. As long as I get to go home afterwards though. I definitely wouldn't want to live in that time, but am curious enough to take a peek.

3) What would be your one superpower?

Anniek: If I had to choose one it would probably be the ability to heal people.

Suze: I would love to have the ability to cast spells.

4) How do you organize your books? How do you store them?

Anniek: We used to have a whole bedroom for all of my books and my husband's comics. Since the kids arrived, we had to rearrange the rooms and the books and moved the books to our attic. I miss not seeing them every day, because I used to spend a lot of time standing in front of my books, looking at my precious gems.

Suze: I never have enough shelf space. Any room of my house has books in it. My husband is a reader too, so there are books everywhere. I grew up in a house filled with books and my own home is exactly the same. I keep them piled up and take good care of them.

5) If you could only read in the evening or the morning, which would you choose?

Anniek: Oh that's a very difficult question, I have two young children and I also work part-time, so I read any chance I get. This could be when the kids are asleep, during my lunch break at work and while I wait for my son when school is out. I read everywhere and anywhere, so wouldn't want to have my options limited.

Suze: If I really had to choose I would choose the evening. I'm not a morning person, so I usually spend most of my time reading at night, but would definitely miss reading time during the afternoon.

6) How many bookmarks do you own and what does your favorite one look like?

Anniek: I own a lot of bookmarks because I absolutely love them. I have them in all shapes and forms. I recently started to make bookmarks myself and love how I can give a personal touch to something that will keep my pages in perfect condition.

Suze: Too many to count. I don't have a favorite, any signed, gifted or handmade bookmark is precious.

7) What is your favourite dish and drink?

Anniek: That would be sushi. I love sushi and I eat it every chance I get. I don't like sushi from the supermarket, but I can clean out the kitchen of a good sushi restaurant. For drinks I'll choose tea. I'm a coffee addict, but only drinking coffee will have me bouncing off the walls in no time and since I have a lot of different tea flavors I'll easily get through the week.

Suze: I love a good Thai curry with shrimp and lots of vegetables. My drink of choice would be a mocktail, preferably a virgin mojito.

8) What would be your next vacation if you had 24 hours to decide?

Anniek: There are a lot of locations on my wish list, but if I had to decide right now, I would like to take a road trip through America, renting a luxurious camper and do the whole route 66. This would also give me the chance to visit some amazing authors, who have become dear friends.

Suze: I would travel to Australia. There are so many places I'd like to visit and there are plenty of people I'd love to meet as well.

9) Do you have any pets and are you a cat person or a dog person?

Anniek: We have a 6 year old blonde Labrador dog named Lizzy. She's the sweetest dog ever. The kids adore her and she loves them as well. When the kids were younger Lizzy brought her chewing bones to them when they cried. This is how sweet she is. When I was a child we had both cats and dogs, but I'm definitely more of a dog person.

Suze: Unfortunately my husband and I are both allergic, so no pets for us. I love animals, so I'm glad I can read stories about them instead. I like both cats and dogs, but cats are my favorite of the two. I can't resist a cute cat picture and find videos of kittens absolutely adorable.

10) How do you choose your next read?

Anniek: My to read list is probably as high as the Kilimanjaro. I read books one at a time and if a release date is coming up I'll read that book first. My choice also depends on the kind of mood I'm in. On some days I just crave a good zombie story and on other days a sweet love story is the perfect choice for me.

Suze: We keep a list of all the books that we have to read and the only way to read such a large amount of stories is to make sure it's fun, so I choose the book that I fancy the most at a given time. I read more than ten books at once and like to switch. I read at least ten books per week, sometimes even as many as fifteen, so I usually start more than one new read each day. I like to mix my genres, so reading will stay interesting. I usually end the day with historical romance, because that relaxes me the most.


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  1. Do you ever choose a book based on the cover?

  2. I am so bad with questions..ok think think

    What kind of movies do you like to watch?

  3. If you were to write your own book which genre would you write?

  4. Which book that you have read would like to see made into a movie?

  5. Do you prefer physical books or ebooks? Me personally, I still love the feel of a real book with that new book smell - but ebooks are so convenient for travelling and when storage space is tight. Rafflecopter entries are in my real name NIKKI HAYES, thanks to you both for all your lovely giveaways - I think I'm entering more than a dozen of your current giveaways, and have won twice with you this year so far :o)

  6. How would you describe yourself in five words?

  7. where is your favorite place to read?

  8. Have you ever read the Bronze Horseman series by Paullina Simons? They are so amazing!

  9. If you could play a guest character on any show, what show would it be.

  10. Are there Dutch authors that people in English-speaking countries should know about, but don't, because the authors generally haven't been translated?

  11. What inspired you to write the story

  12. What was your favorite place you ever visited/ travelled to?

  13. Would you like to write a fantasy trilogy, simply for fun, even if it didn't get published? Have you any ideas on setting and characters - it tells a lot about a person's imagination when they tell you about what they come up with!

  14. If you could live in any other country in the world except the one you are in now, which would you choose?

  15. What is your favorite dessert?

  16. What book really ignited your passion for reading?

  17. Do you read books in more than one language?

  18. Who is your favorite dad in a book?

  19. Do you like to listen to a certain kind of music while you are blogging? Or do you get distracted with background noise as do?

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  23. If you could go back in time, what era or moment in history would you visit?

  24. what is your fave book accessory?

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    Which genre don't you like to read?

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