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Saturday, May 12, 2018

With Love in Sight by Christina Britton - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Imogen is the ugly duckling of her family. Her mother's constant unkind remarks have destroyed Imogen's confidence and she hasn't been able to find a husband, because she's too shy to put herself out there. She's now twenty-six years old and has accepted she'll never marry and will be the daughter who's destined to take care of her parents when they age. Imogen's only reason to attend balls is to support her beautiful sister, who has her first Season and hopes to find a good husband. Imogen longs to have an adventure, but doesn't think she'd ever manage to escape her dull existence, until she meets Caleb.

Caleb is a rakish marquess with a broken heart. He doesn't want to get married and doesn't think he'll ever love anyone. When he accidentally kisses Imogen he isn't prepared for the feelings she stirs in him. He truly sees Imogen, she isn't an ugly spinster, she's actually a beautiful and clever woman with an abusive mother. Imogen could use a friend and Caleb wants to be that friend. He decides to spend more time with the woman he finds incredibly intriguing. He soon discovers Imogen is a woman he could have a relationship with, however Imogen doesn't want to tie herself to a man who can't give her love. Will they have a future together?

With Love in Sight is a beautiful romantic story. Imogen is a fantastic strong woman. Her mother's snide remarks might have made her uncertain about her looks, but she's stunning inside and out. She's also witty and clever and she knows what she wants. I loved Imogen's amazing spirit. Caleb has to fight for her, she doesn't just give him what he wants. I admired her determination, her values and her resilience. Caleb is struggling with the pain of his past and Imogen's kind heart has a healing effect on him. They are wonderful together and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out if they'd find their happily ever after.

Christina Britton has written a gorgeous descriptive story. I fell in love with With Love in Sight from the first sentence. It's such a sweet and charming book. I liked that Caleb and Imogen have multilayered personalities. They help each other flourish, which is incredible to witness. I'm a big fan of stories about true love and With Love in Sight is definitely a good one. I was enchanted by this delightful story and highly recommend it.


If you love regency romance with strong main characters you don't want to miss With Love in Sight.

About Christina Britton

Christina Britton developed a passion for writing romance novels shortly after buying her first at the tender age of thirteen. Though for several years she turned to art and put brush instead of pen to paper, she has returned to her first love and is now writing full time. She spends her days dreaming of corsets and cravats and noblemen with tortured souls.

She lives with her husband and two children in the San Francisco Bay Area. A member of Romance Writers of America, she also belongs to her local chapter, Silicon Valley RWA, and is a 2017 RWA® Golden Heart® winner. Her debut novel, With Love in Sight, is set to be released by Diversion Books in early 2018.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband of nearly 22 years (goodness!), our two children, and a pup named Miss Emma. I’ve dreamt of becoming a published writer since I was fourteen, and it took me twenty years to finish my first manuscript. I’m also an artist, and for some time my dream of writing was put aside as I focused on painting. As a matter of fact, I very nearly chose to pursue a career in children’s book illustration. But I happened to find a letter my late grandfather wrote me when I was a teenager. In it he told me he knew one day I would become a published author. It changed my course entirely, and from that moment on I put all of my energy into my writing.

2) Can you describe the main characters of With Love in Sight in eight words each?

Imogen: Bespectacled spinster, shy, strong, loves her best friend.

Caleb: London rake, kind, tortured, sees Imogen’s inner beauty

3) Imogen’s beauty and intelligence are hidden from most people in her surroundings, except for Caleb, how did you get this idea?

There is nothing more attractive to me than a man who sees a woman’s inner beauty rather than her appearance. My husband, for instance, will tell me how beautiful he thinks I am even when I’m gross and disgusting with the flu. Imogen has never been the pretty one, is always overlooked. But Caleb sees Imogen for who she is, and falls in love with it. That, to me, was more important than any chiseled features or broad shoulders ever could be.

4) What does real love mean to you?

Goodness, this is a deep one! Real love to me means being there for someone through thick and thin, to support them no matter what, to give as much comfort and happiness to their soul as possible.

5) You paint and write, how did your creativity start?

From the cradle? Truthfully I can’t remember a time I wasn’t creating something. My grandfather and my parents were all artistic, so I think it’s just in my blood. I get very antsy if I’m not creating. But, funny enough, I can only focus on one endeavor at a time. For instance, in order to put my all into writing, I had to put aside my painting completely. Now I only pull out my paints on occasion.

6) Where does your love for romance come from?

Even as a child I used to watch cartoons and swoon over the love stories in them. I would even make up stories for characters that I felt should be together (I totally ‘shipped’ Justin the rat and Mrs. Brisby from The Secret of Nimh way before I even knew what the word meant). Then, when I was thirteen, I picked up my first romance novel and there was no going back!

7) What’s the most attractive about the time you’re writing about?

There is this beauty and grace about the Regency era that calls to me. Funny enough, I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. I live in jeans and t-shirts. But those flowing dresses leave me swooning each and every time. And I love the idea of living at a slower pace. Today’s world is hectic and overwhelming, and when I watch a movie based on an Austen novel I can forget all of that for a moment. I’d like my books to do the same.

8) If you could travel to that time for a few days, what would you do and how would you dress?

Being an introvert, I wouldn’t choose to attend any grand balls or sightseeing in any busy cities. I would love to relax in a manor house, to wear some gorgeous high-waisted gown, to drink tea and read all the day long. *happy sigh!*

9) What are the key ingredients of a good happy ending?

The hero and heroine have to overcome their great obstacles, to learn something new about themselves, and to embrace it. Only then can they be free to love the person they were meant to be with. That character arc is so important, just as much as the love story itself.

10) What are your plans for the future?

To keep writing. Truthfully, this is my passion. I hope to have a long career doing this thing I love so much.


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  1. Great interview and review. The cover is so romantic.

  2. With Love in Sight sounds like a delightful Regency romance with engaging characters and a well-developed story.

  3. Can you imagine being told that at the age of 26 your life is essentially over? The Regency period may have it's fine qualities but I have visions of all these desperate singletons trying to catch the eye of any man. Oh, hang on, that's why we love them so much!