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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Under a Storm-Swept Sky by Beth Anne Miller - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Amelia is heartbroken and guilt-ridden. Her best friend Carrie is in a coma because of an accident she caused. She wasn't paying attention well enough and their car crashed. Carrie was looking forward to an eighty-mile hike on the Isle of Skye and to do something meaningful for her friend, Amelia is going in her place. She will take plenty of photos and makes sure she talks to Carrie on videos and through phone calls, so her friend can experience a little of what the trails are like when she wakes up. Amelia isn't a skilled hiker, which means she has quite a challenge ahead of her.

Amelia pushes all of Rory's buttons. He's angry because she's constantly using her phone and her level of experience scares him. They frequently clash, but while hiking together Rory discovers that first impressions can be wrong, Amelia isn't a superficial woman at all and she actually has a story to tell. Rory is fighting his own demons and Amelia understands him better than anyone he's ever met before. Can they overcome their differences and give each other a chance?

Under a Storm-Swept Sky is a beautiful romantic story. Rory and Amelia are both broken. They have been through a lot and that makes it difficult for them to communicate at first. There's plenty of tension between them and they repeatedly argue. When the journey progresses they find something with each other that they both desperately need though, comfort. They are soul mates and it's clear from the start that they belong together. They are from different continents, so I was curious to find out if they'd find a way to be with each other. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough and loved every single chapter of their story.

Beth Anne Miller has written a gorgeous deep love story. I admired her thorough descriptions of the emotions of her main characters. She clearly understands what they're feeling and that makes it possible to get very close to Rory and Amelia. I love it when the surroundings intensify a connection, Beth Anne Miller combines their complex relationship with many stunning settings. She makes the Isle of Skye come to life in an amazing way, I could easily picture every single path and each fantastic view, which is something I absolutely loved. Under a Storm-Swept Sky is a mesmerizing moving story, a precious adventure combined with heartwarming true love.


If you love moving romantic stories with gorgeous settings you don't want to miss Under a Storm-Swept Sky.

About Beth Anne Miller

My first book, written in elementary school, was bound in pink fabric and was about—what else?—a girl and her horse. I soon began cheating on horses with the sea, becoming an open water scuba diver at age 14. That love of the sea led me to a college semester aboard a schooner. I returned with fond memories of the exhilaration of being on a ship under full sail, less fond memories of hurling over the leeward rail on a daily basis, and a sailing bug I couldn’t quite shake.

In addition to horses and the sea, I have a fascination for all things Scottish (including, but not limited to, men in kilts), which I explored with my first novel, INTO THE SCOTTISH MIST (The Wild Rose Press, 2011), and carried into my new novel, A STAR TO STEER HER BY (Entangled Embrace, 2017). A native New Yorker, I work in the publishing industry and am always looking ahead to my next voyage, whether a short one on a dive boat or whale watch, or, with luck, a longer one on a tall ship.


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1) Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

I’m a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn (obviously :) ) and raised on Long Island, where I still live. I have a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s in literature and work in the publishing industry.

2) You love Scotland, how did that love start?

You know, I don’t even know. I think it probably started when I read Lynn Kurland’s time travel A Dance Through Time and her later books in that series, and of course, Outlander. Then in 2004, I made my first visit there, as part of a bus tour through the UK and Ireland, and I just can’t seem to stop returning there.

3) Under a Storm-Swept Sky is set on the Isle of Skye, what does this magical place mean to you?

I spent two days on Skye in 2005 and it just stuck with me. Coming from Long Island, which is so flat, I am always in awe of mountains. And I love the sea. Everywhere you look on Skye, it seems like you have a stunning view of mountains or a stunning view of the sea—and more often than not, you have both at the same time. It’s just breathtaking, everywhere.

4) Amelia isn’t a skilled hiker, but she goes on a difficult hike with a mission, how did you get this idea?

The idea came about after I hiked Scotland’s ninety-six-mile West Highland Way in 2016. Even though I did a lot of walking to train, I was completely unprepared for the hills. Nearly every day was a struggle—with the descents worse than the ascents. After I recovered (LOL), I thought a long-distance hike would make a great setting for a romance, with a heroine who is an inexperienced hiker and a guide who doesn’t think she belongs there. From there, the characters and their backstories developed.

5) You love hiking yourself, how was it to translate this passion into words?

It’s funny, actually—I was never into hiking. I did a semester at sea in college, and there were three hikes we had to do on various islands in the Caribbean. I hated all three; again, not coming from a place where there is a lot of terrain, I had never been hiking before, and was totally unprepared. So I really don’t know why I suddenly got it in my head to do the West Highland Way. I think just from repeated visits to Scotland and being in awe of the scenery.

Even though my first hike was really difficult, there were times when I just stopped and stared, unable to believe that I was walking through such a majestic place. So when I wrote Amelia’s character, I tried to infuse as much of that feeling into her as I could—that she was finding it hard, but at the same time, just in awe of her surroundings.

6) You love traveling and use your experiences for your stories, what kind of trip is high on your wish list to experience and write about?

I’m actually thrilled to say that I’ll be doing an expeditionary residency program in June called The Arctic Circle, where I’ll spend two weeks on a tall ship exploring the coastline of Svalbard, which is north of Norway. I’m really excited to experience that environment and look forward to writing about it.

I would also love to get back to New Zealand.

7) How do you combine living in New York with loving to be outdoors?

I live on Long Island, about forty miles outside the city, and fortunately only about fifteen minutes from the beach. So I try to go there as often as I can. Last year, I’d get off the train, run home and heat up dinner, then bring it with me to the beach, arriving just as the hordes were heading home. I hope to do that again this summer.

We also have a number of hiking trails here, even though there’s not much in the way of hills, so I try to get out and hike when I can, though it hasn’t happened yet this spring (because we haven’t really had spring yet). And when I travel, whether it’s to friends in New Hampshire or Colorado, or to family in Florida, or on a lengthier trip overseas, I just try and be outside as much as I can.

8) You like a good adventure, what’s the most wonderful thing about going on challenging trips and what’s the best thing your experiences have taught you?

It’s been wonderful to just get to have these experiences: sailing on a schooner for over two months (seasick for virtually the entire time), hiking nearly one hundred miles in a week (and then over eighty-five miles a year later), scuba diving with my dad on various Caribbean islands from the time I was a tween, road-tripping in Scotland and other places. Those trips are exhausting, and leave me longing to just lie on a beach for a week afterward, but it’s also exhilarating to get to experience nature and wildlife in faraway places.

These experiences have taught me that I’m tougher than I think I am, and they’ve given me the confidence to try new things, even if they’re outside my comfort zone, even if none of my friends can join me. In fact, that’s also been a wonderful thing, to travel by myself and get to know the people I meet in a way that might not have happened if I was with friends. When I did the WHW, I went alone and was in a group with eleven strangers. Some of us became such good friends on that trip that we signed on to do another hike the following year. And we’re eyeing another one.

Lastly, it’s also been pretty great to look back at my photos and say “holy crap, I did that!” :)

  9) You don’t make it easy for your main characters, which makes their stories extra interesting, how do you come up with the challenges they have to face?

For Amelia, I knew she needed a profound reason to hike a trail for which she was totally unprepared, so the idea that she was doing it for her best friend came about. And Rory’s backstory (which I won’t reveal here!) literally fell from my fingers onto the page one afternoon. I made myself cry, and thought, okay, let’s go with this.

With my previous book, A Star to Steer Her By, there’s a certain scene in the latter part of the book that came into my head so vividly. When the book was in its earliest stages, I had the beginning of the book and that scene. As the story came together, I needed to give the heroine a backstory that would make that scene that much more dramatic. Sorry for being vague; I just don’t want to spoil anything for folks who haven’t read it yet!

10) If you could travel to the Isle of Skye on short notice, all expenses paid, what would your trip look like?

First of all, I would spend maybe a week there. My visits so far have only been for two or three days, and it hasn’t been enough time. I would plan to just do some day hikes and explore as much as possible. I would like to see Staffin, where the dinosaur footprints are, and go fossil hunting on the beaches. I want to pay a lengthier visit to Talisker distillery :). I also want to go at a time of year when the marine mammals are around and get out on a boat. Explore the ruins.

11) What are your plans for the future?

My next trip, the Arctic one, is in June. I have some other stories in various stages of development that I’m hoping to get back to work on. Then looking ahead to next year, hopefully another long-distance hike, this time in Wales.


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    1. Beth Anne MillerMay 9, 2018 at 2:38 AM

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

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  9. Skye is the most beautiful island and so steeped in history but yes, those hills are tough!