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Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter by Cherry Radford - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Imogen needs some alone time and therefore she moves into her aunt's converted lighthouse. Her plan is to write a novel. While she's at the lighthouse Imogen receives parts of her father's diary. He died at sea when Imogen was a young girl. Through the diary old memories resurface, but it also becomes clear that her father kept a lot of secrets. His death was surrounded by mystery, will Imogen finally find out the truth after many years?

Imogen makes a new friend on twitter, Santi is a Spanish musician and actor and Imogen has fallen in love with his soulful music. Santi has to learn English for a part he's auditioning for and Imogen helps him with this task. There's an instant connection, but they can't easily meet because they live in different countries. Will Imogen eventually have the chance to meet the man who's quickly become one of her closest friends?

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter is a fascinating story about complex relationships. Immogen is a strong woman. She has some problems with her hearing, but this doesn't stop her from doing what she likes. She's ready for a new start, but secrets of the past are influencing the present. Reading her father's diary proves that there was much she didn't know about him. She finally gets some answers and finding out more about him was incredibly interesting. Imogen shares most of what she's going through with the talented, but troubled Shanti. He's far away, but he's also close. They could both use comfort and support and have a special bond, but they each have their own lives that aren't easy to merge. I was really curious to see where this would lead.

Cherry Radford has written an original story. I was intrigued by her main characters and liked that she tells the story from Imogen and Santi's point of view and mixes this with parts of a diary written by Imogen's father. I equally enjoyed reading about each person and flew through the pages of The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter. The story is filled with unexpected twists and turns. I loved that Imogen and Shanti get to know each other through twitter messages, which was one of my favorite aspects of the book. Everything comes together in a great surprising way and I absolutely loved the ending. Cherry Radford has written a fabulous riveting story.


If you love stories about complex relationships, family secrets and friendships formed via social media The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter would be an excellent choice.

About Cherry Radford

I was a keyboard player in a band, a piano teacher at the Royal Ballet School and a post-doc researcher at Moorfields Eye Hospital before suddenly starting to write my first novel in the middle of a scientific conference in 2009. Men Dancing (2011) and Flamenco Baby (2013) were published by a tiny and now defunct independent, but are still available from Amazon.

I'm now thrilled to have signed with the wonderful Urbane Publications, who will publish The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter in Spring 2018.

Do join me on BLA BLA LAND, where I blog about my (pot-holed) road to publication, writing, lighthouses, flamenco, and whatever else inspires me to get out my notebook. See you there!


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