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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hearts of Resistance by Soraya M. Lane - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Sophia tries to give people a place to hide in her Nazi infested home country. When her father, an active member of the party, suspects what she's doing she flees Germany and joins the French Resistance. Rose has lost everything she holds dear and doesn't mind taking a risk. She's a French woman working for the Resistance, where she meets Sophia. Hazel spent a lot of time in France with her friend Rose and therefore she speaks French without an accent. This is just one of her skills and when she joins the war effort they're more than happy to train her. Her mission is in France, with the Resistance, where she coincidentally runs into her old friend Rose. Together Sophia, Rose and Hazel are trying to do what they can to beat the Germans, will they be able to remain safe?

Sophia, Rose and Hazel risk their lives for others every single day. They don't hesitate when it comes to fighting in the war. They do what they have to do to undermine the Germans, to keep their allies safe and to make sure information is being passed on to the right people. They are intelligent women with a strong bond, but will this be enough for them to survive the war? Can they stay out of the hands of their enemy or will their worst nightmare, getting caught by the German army, become reality?

Hearts of Resistance is a fantastic gripping story about three incredible women. Sophia, Rose and Hazel are brave, capable and smart. I equally admired them all because of their skills and determination. They never hesitate when it comes to helping others and doing their duty. Hazel is a kindhearted woman with an adventurous spirit. She's engaged, but doesn't feel like she should chase a boring and bland life. She has more to offer than that. Rose fights against the people who have taken everything from her, she doesn't feel like she has much left to lose and her country has everything to gain when it comes to this brilliant woman. The honorable and outspoken Sophia despises her own father and everything he stands for and fights for what is right. I loved their strong spirits and the friendship between these three remarkable women is beautiful. In the harsh world they're part of it's an amazing soft element that captivated me from beginning to end.

Soraya M. Lane kept me on the edge of my seat with her terrific suspenseful writing. She makes her main characters and the time she's writing about come to life in a fabulous way. I couldn't stop reading Hearts of Resistance, it's filled with surprising twists and turns, adrenaline rushes and fascinating emotional layers. Soraya M. Lane has written a mesmerizing compelling story that I highly recommend.


If you love gripping historical fiction you don't want to miss Hearts of Resistance.

About Soraya M. Lane

As a child, Soraya dreamed of becoming an author, recreating the types of stories she devoured day and night. Fast forward more than a few years, and Soraya is now living her dream. Working as a full-time author, she writes every day around her other job of being a mom to two little boys. Soraya describes being an author as “the best career in the world”, and she hopes to be writing romance for many years to come.

Soraya loves spending her days thinking up characters for romance stories, and her home is a constant source of inspiration. She lives with her own real life hero and two sons on a small farm in New Zealand, surrounded by animals and with an office overlooking a field where their horses graze.

As a historical women's fiction & contemporary romance author, Soraya now writes under two different names... from 2017, all women's fiction novels will be released as Soraya M. Lane.


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1. Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m a women’s fiction and romance author based in New Zealand, and published by Amazon Publishing’s Lake Union imprint, as well as by St. Martins Press. Being an author is my dream career, and I’m so grateful to have a job that I love!

2. How did you get the idea to write about three women from different countries all involved in the WWII resistance?

I had been thinking about this story for a long time, and I really enjoying writing historical novels with three main female characters. I was fascinated with the resistance, and I stumbled across some amazing true stories about the brave women who fought with the resistance, both in France and in the UK, and the story just grew organically form there. Sophia was a surprise to me, in that she is German but with a French-born mother, and I particularly enjoyed writing her story, although I was in tears sometimes writing the first part of the novel when it came to her scenes!

3. Can you describe Sophia, Hazel and Rose in eight words each?

Sophia is courageous, strong, fearless, passionate, capable, driven, powerful and loving. Rose is compassionate, strong, loving, driven, courageous, ambitious, empathetic and emotional. Hazel is quietly-confident, strong, courageous, companionable, capable, powerful and incredible. You’ll notice that I use the word “courageous” for all of them, and I think that all women involved in the resistance were incredibly courageous.

4. How did you handle the research for Hearts of the Resistance?

I did all the research myself for this project, although I have used a research assistant in the past. I spent at least a month researching the novel, and then every day I was always looking something up as I wrote the story.

5. How did you prepare to write a story about one of the most difficult times in history and how did you handle the sad scenes in your book?

The sad scenes were rough, I’m not going to lie. One day I was writing a particularly tough scene for Sophia, and I’m not going to say what happens as I think it’s a powerful turning point early in the story for her so it’s an important surprise, and I went to pick my boys up from school and I was trying not to cry in the car. The scene haunted me and really hit me hard emotionally, but I had to write it and I actually like the fact that I really feel for each of my characters! They’re very real to me when I’m writing them, and I hope that comes across in the novel.

6. Hearts of the Resistance is a story about friendship, what does true friendship mean to you?

My historical women’s fiction novels are always essentially about friendship, and usually they’re women who meet at some point, despite being from different backgrounds. I really believe that women should empower one another, and I like writing about women who are sometimes not the most likely of friends, yet they develop strong, unbreakable bonds. True friendship is very important to me.

7. How do you combine your writing with your busy home life?

This is a hard question - there is no easy answer! Writing is a full time job for me, but then so is raising my kids. I have two boys (7 and 4) and I love being a parent, and I’m very grateful to be able to pick them up from school and be at home whenever they need me. BUT, it’s a very real juggle to balance parenting and a big career, and there are many late nights writing to make up for the days I spend with the kids! My husband is very supportive though, and we are very much equal partners when it comes to our kids, our animals and our lives. In addition to our children, we also have two dogs, two cats (who adopted us and moved in a couple of years ago after being born as strays!) four horses and two pet sheep!

8. How did your love for books start?

I don’t ever remember a time that I didn’t love books. My parents read a lot to me when I was growing up, and reading was one of those things I found easy to learn and loved. I always had my nose in a book as a kid, and I’ve always been a big reader. We recently went on vacation for a week, and all I did was play with the kids and read! I find it hard to find time to read around parenting and writing though, so I generally have a huge to-be-read pile that I dive into after I finish a project or when I’m on vacation.

9. You write both historical fiction and romance, how is it to combine these two genres?

I love writing in more than one genre - for me it keeps my writing fresh. My focus is predominantly on historical women’s fiction now, but I will still continue to write contemporary fiction when my schedule allows it. I really enjoy the different types of writing, and it’s nice switching between historical and contemporary.

10. What are your plans for the future?

I’m currently busy working on edits for my next historical novel, Spitfire Girls, which will be released in January. After that, I’m jumping straight into my next historical, which is also contracted by Lake Union Publishing. That is a story set in Pearl Harbor and I can’t wait to get started!


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a paperback copy or Kindle copy of Hearts of Resistance by Soraya M. Lane (winner’s choice).

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