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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Fangs & Fins by Amy McNulty - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Ember's life changes drastically when her mother remarries. She always was an only child, but now has to share her home with her two stepsisters. Adjusting to her new life with her popular stepsister Ivy might take some time, but both girls are willing to make it work. In town strange things are happening and there are two boys who suddenly show a lot of interest in Ember and Ivy. Are these boys genuinely interested or are they hiding something?

The merfolk and the vampires have lived in relative peace the past few decades. The Princes were waiting for their Champions and it seems that they have found them at last. With their Champions by their side the Princes have to end the war that has been building up between them. Ivy has just gained an extra sister and Ember has started to come out of her shell a bit. Ember never had a boyfriend and now that she's been chosen as Dean's Champion, hard decisions must be made. Will she stand by her Prince and fight to the death if she has to?

Nobody notices Ember as she is a shy, quirky girl who keeps to herself. She can't believe it when Dean, one of the hottest guys at school, seems to be interested in her. Ember is really sweet in her own funny way and I absolutely adored her. Being such a introverted girl was a big contrast with being the Champion of the vampire Prince. I loved that in her character. Ember and Ivy are very different and I really liked reading about how they were bonding as new sisters.

Fangs & Fins is a thrilling story about a battle between merfolk and vampires. I loved to read about magical beings, family bonds and ancient wars. Faeries are trying to keep everything fair, but that is not an easy job. I love stories about vampires and with merfolk and faeries present as well, I knew I was going to be hooked. Amy McNulty has created a terrific interesting world. Fangs & Fins is fast-paced and easy to follow. Amy McNulty knows how to write a magical story and definitely managed to enchant me. I can't wait till the next book in the Blood, Bloom, Water series comes out and am eager to find out how Ember and Ivy's story will continue.


I you love to read about magical beings, family bonds and ancient wars, Fangs & Fins is a story you shouldn't miss. Please note that this book has an open ending and that the story will continue in the next book of the Blood, Bloom, Water series.

About Amy McNulty

Amy McNulty is an editor and author of books that run the gamut from YA speculative fiction to contemporary romance. A lifelong fiction fanatic, she fangirls over books, anime, manga, comics, movies, games, and TV shows from her home state of Wisconsin. When not reviewing anime professionally or editing her clients’ novels, she’s busy fulfilling her dream by crafting fantastical worlds of her own.


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1) Can you tell a bit about yourself?

I’m a writer and editor who works primarily with novels these days. I’m a fangirl for so many things: books, movies, anime, manga, and games. I also review anime and manga for Anime News Network.

2) Your stories all have a touch of magic. If you could be a magical creature yourself what would you be and why?

I’ve always thought fairies were the prettiest magical creatures, though I wouldn’t like being so small. Still, I like the wings and the nature-inspired outfits most fairies seem to wear.

3) Can you describe the main characters of Fangs & Fins in seven words each?

Ember: smart, naïve, shy, romantic, kindhearted, dreamer, awkward

Ivy: sassy, sardonic, sisterly, pragmatic, witty, resolute, easygoing

Dean: enigmatic, gentleman, protective, old-fashioned, melancholic, sharp, suave

Calder: anxious, determined, funny, friendly, kind, jock, wet

4) In your The Never Veil series the women hold all the power and are treated like goddesses. Where did your idea for this story come from?

I was going for a fantasy-setting dystopian. I originally just had the idea for a veiled lord in a castle keeping a strong-willed young woman his prisoner of sorts (like Beauty & the Beast), and I wanted to know why he wanted her there, even when he was antagonistic toward her. Then I thought about him being magically compelled to love her, and her rejecting that idea. Next I thought rather than find a specific reason why this couple is that way to just make everyone in their world that way. Every woman gets a man who’s magically compelled to love her. I wanted to contrast the “normal” couple in that world to the veiled lord and Noll, so most women get treated very well because the men are madly in love.

5) How did your love for fantasy start?

I’m not sure if I can pinpoint one specific thing, but I’ve always loved fantastical worlds and medieval/Renaissance-type settings. Probably the first fantasy I read on my own was The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander.

6) Do you have a favorite quote?

I’m kind of fond of George R.R. Martin’s “Some writers enjoy writing, I am told. Not me. I enjoy having written.” That’s mostly me. I can have fun writing, but it’s hard, too. It’s more fun celebrating the writing afterward.

7) Where did your fascination for mermaids come from?

I loved Disney’s The Little Mermaid as a kid, and I just love the idea of people loving under the water. If you think about it practically, a lot of it doesn’t make sense (how do they breathe?), but they’re a lot of fun to write in fiction.

8) Do you have a specific writing routine?

I don’t write every single day (I’d burn out), but when I get started on a new draft, I try to write every day. (Then I can take a month+ break afterward while I revise it.) I try to write for an hour or so first thing in the morning on my Alphasmart, away from the Internet and the glare of a computer screen. I get a lot more done that way! Then I spend the rest of the day working on client projects.

9) You often write about love, what does real love mean to you?

Having fun together and being there to offer a hug when feeling stressed and overwhelmed. I value independence, too, so love to me is when two independent people who can come together to enjoy each other’s company some of the time and don’t feel lonely or clingy when you spend some time apart.

10) What are your plans for the future?

Blood, Bloom, & Water is a five-book series, so I hope to get the rest of those books out as soon as I can. Right now, Book Two (Salt & Venom) is planned for a September 24th release. I also write under other pen names that have their own series going, so I have to balance all of those and somehow write all these books. But that’s what I love to do. I’m really trying to work toward making writing books more of my full-time focus. Right now, it’s just part-time.

Thanks for having me on the blog!


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