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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? by Christy McKellen - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Solitaire has a problem, her rent has gone up. She loves running her late father's café, but financially she's struggling. Solitaire has an ill mother to take care of and she wants to pay her super smart sister's college tuition. She has to talk to her landlord to see if she can make a deal with him. Xavier is a clever businessman and rents are normally non negotiable, but there's something he desperately needs and Solitaire can help him with that. To inherit his great-aunt's home he needs a wife. Will they be able to come up with a solution for both of their problems?

Solitaire is willing to marry Xavier if that means her mother and sister will benefit. She moves into his home to be his pretend bride. Xavier works all the time and it isn't easy to defrost the reserved man, but Solitaire's charms are difficult to resist and soon the marriage starts to feel very real. However, the arrangement is supposed to be only temporary. What will happen when it ends?

A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? is a wonderful romantic story. Solitaire is cheerful, positive and sweet. I loved her open character and her fabulous generous nature. Xavier is reserved and has been hurt too many times to trust others, but Solitaire's disarming personality helps to break down the walls he's built around himself. I loved how she slowly manages to turn him into a different version of himself, she makes him shine and his softer side comes to the surface. I really liked their chemistry and beautiful deep connection and couldn't wait to find out if their arrangement would end with shattered hearts or happiness.

Christy McKellen has written a fantastic heartwarming story. I immediately fell in love with A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? It's charming, entertaining and dynamic. I was fascinated by this lovely feelgood story and loved that it put a big smile on my face. I greatly appreciate it when a book brings so much joy and the positivity radiates off the pages. I highly recommend A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? because of its optimism, sunniness and sparkle.


If you love charming and sweet romantic stories you don't want to miss A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? by Christy McKellen.

About Christy McKellen

Formerly a Video and Radio Producer, Christy now spends her time writing fun, impassioned and emotive romance with an undercurrent of sexual tension. When she’s not writing, she can be found enjoying life with her husband and three children, walking for pleasure and researching other people’s deepest secrets and desires.

You can read my call story (how I came to be published) by clicking here.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hi everyone, it’s a pleasure to be here today.

I guess the main things you need to know about me are that I drink a lot of tea, I love sunshine, rugged landscapes, art deco buildings and that I’m an optimistic, hard working, empathic introvert and a total romantic at heart.

2) How did you get the idea to write about an unusual wedding proposition?

The marriage of convenience trope is one I haven’t written before and I was keen to see if I could pull it off. My heroine, Soli’s conundrum was actually inspired by a visit to a local board game café, where I spent a very happy afternoon. It made me wonder what would go into running such a place and what sort of obstacles you might face to do it and the idea for A Contract, A Wedding, A Wife? sprung fully formed into my head.

3) Can you describe Xavier and Solitaire in eight words each?

Xavier I would describe as: ambitious, steadfast, grumpy, charming, resilient, generous, accomplished and kind.

For Solitaire I’d say: determined, creative, naïve, funny, forgiving, loving, bubbly and loyal.

4) Your biggest dream was becoming a Mills & Boon author, how did it feel when you finally achieved it?

I was completely blown away! I’d enjoyed reading Mills & Boon books for years before I started writing them, so it was a dream come true to finally be one of their authors. I seriously had to pinch myself when I got “The Call”. Luckily I was on holiday with my husband at the time so we went straight out for a meal to celebrate. That was a great day.

5) You clearly love romance, which key ingredients should a good romantic story have?

Playfulness, unexpected joyful moments, likable characters and lots of sucker-punch emotion. For me, those things are a winning combination.

6) You write about true love that’s being found in unexpected circumstances, what’s so beautiful about that?

I think a character finding love where they least expect it can make a story really emotionally compelling, especially if they’re having a really tough time and we get to see the best of them through their struggles. I like to put my characters in challenging situations so that we’re rooting for them, which makes it so much more satisfying when they get what they deserve. There’s nothing more enthralling for me than seeing someone fighting for what they want, even when we know how much it’s going to cost them. I do love a good angst!

7) What does real love mean to you?

Recognising someone’s faults and loving them anyway (and maybe even loving them more because of them.)

8) How did your love for romance start?

I’ve always been a romantic at heart and love hearing about people falling in love—what can be more life affirming, after all? I guess my love for romantic fiction began when I was in my early teens. My mum read a lot of romance when I was young and I would pick up her books (when she wasn’t looking) and sneak off to my room to read them. Happy days!

9) You often write about fabulous rich, mysterious men, what’s the inspiration behind their characters?

A vivid imagination! But seriously, I take inspiration from all over the place: real people I’ve met (though I heavily disguise them), stories I’ve read, news or fictional dramas I’ve watched. Life is full of gorgeous, mysterious men.

10) What are your plans for the future?

At present I’m working on a three-book series call Sexy Little Secrets for the new Harlequin Dare line. The stories revolve around three very different sisters from a British high society family. Each book follows one of the sisters on their journey to love (via some seriously sexy situations!)


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