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Friday, March 2, 2018

Lessons of Redemption by Kevin Shird - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

In Lessons of Redemption Kevin Shird tells his life story. His family was poor and Kevin didn't have much supervision when he was younger. He was always stressed about where his next meal would come from and didn't know if there would be money for shoes and other necessities. To have what others were having Kevin started to deal drugs when he was a teenager. In Lessons of Redemption he explains how he began as a small seller on the streets of Baltimore and became one of the biggest drug distributers in the city. When he was arrested Kevin spent several years in prison and after his second arrest he turned his life around. Now he's a writer, a public speaker and he's actively trying to help others in similar situations to make different choices.

Lessons of Redemption is an impressive book. Kevin Shird's honest and raw writing captivated me straight away. He describes life on the streets in a detailed and vivid way and that makes his book gripping and realistic. Kevin Shird openly talks about the choices he made and the consequences of his decisions. His time on the streets wasn't without danger, there were shootings, conflicts, raids and feuds. Some of the situations were quite shocking and I admire his courage to tell his story in such a matter of fact way. He carefully explains the subject matter, so his book is informative. He shows how easy it is to do something that doesn't feel right when it brings in a lot of money when you're young and vulnerable. Hustling might seem to be fun and adventurous at first, but the reality is a lot harsher than that. Kevin Shird takes responsibility for everything he's seen and done, which makes him a convincing narrator. His story feels genuine and real.

Kevin Shird has written a unique book. He shows his readers what it's like to spend a lot of time on the streets, to deal with people suffering from addiction on a daily basis and the constant pressure of staying ahead of the police. His story is a warning against making the same decisions. It's an inspiration for young people who are in similar situations. The enabling of a large problem, the early deaths, the scary fights and the long prison sentences are making it a path nobody should go down. Kevin Shird's turnaround and redemption are amazing and I find it incredibly courageous that he's written this book. It's a life story that shouldn't be missed.


Lessons of Redemption is raw and realistic, it's a book about drugs, gun fights and addiction, keep in mind that some parts can be shocking when you start reading it.

About Kevin Shird

Kevin Shird, co-founder, and president of the Do Right Foundation is making a remarkable impact on the fight against drugs in America. Recognized as a national youth advocate, author, public speaker, and humanitarian, Kevin has dedicated his life and work to helping youth understand the perils of street culture ---which makes no apologies for destroying so many lives and families.

After serving a total of 12 years in California state prison and federal prison for drug trafficking, he now advocates for young people and policy changes and he often uses the term “Redemption.”

The Do Right Foundation, established with R&B singer/actor Mario, provides a lifeline to youth who desperately need substance abuse prevention education and intervention. Through his leadership, the Foundation has implemented programs and initiatives to help teenagers and children survive and avoid the pitfalls of communities submerged by crime, violence, and substance abusing parents.

Through a strategic partnership with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), Kevin has spoken to students at colleges and universities around the country. He lectures on the issue of substance abuse prevention, re-entry, public health policy and mental health as it relates to incarceration. He also tells his personal story of redemption and how one can literally walk through fire and emerge on the other side--helping to ensure better lives for others.

Recently, the Maryland Department of Juvenile Services added Lessons of Redemption to their education curriculum. And Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake appointed Kevin to the Baltimore City Heroin Treatment and Prevention Task Force.


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  1. The Lessons of Redemption sounds like a spellbinding portrayal of the author's life involving the selling of illegal drugs and crime told honestly and poignantly.

  2. I can't wait to read this book.It sounds like a really tough and honest story.

  3. Would be interesting to discover Kevin n book.

  4. I'm going to be honest i Don't read i find reading hard due to learning difficult's so as i was looking at the books down the list i spotted this book and thought i would enjoy this book looks interesting and to top it off Kevin has it in audiobook my 2 daughters enjoy reading and they keep telling me to get audiobooks thanks for the chance Guys :)

  5. I love reading real life stories of hardship, it always grips me knowing it actually happened!

  6. sounds like an interesting read xx