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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Book Review - Saints and Misfits by S.K. Ali

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Review by Suze

Janna divides people in three categories, saints, misfits and monsters. Janna is having a tough time and there's nobody she dares to talk to. This is mostly because of the monster, someone at her local mosque who presents himself as a saint, but in reality scares her badly. For Janna religion is important, she's a Muslim and lives with her single mother. Her father isn't religious, but Janna wants to follow the traditions she's been brought up with. Being at the mosque used to feel safe, but lately that's no longer the case because the monster is harrassing her.

Janna has a crush on someone at school, only that proves to be a bit of a problem. She can't approach him in the same way most other girls of her school would, because that would be too forward. She doesn't know if Jeremy is interested, but has admired him from afar for a long time. However, Jeremy isn't a Muslim and that makes it difficult for her to spend time with him or to even consider dating him. Janna is confused about boys, life, friends, family and people's personalities. Will she be able to figure out who she is and learn to stand up for herself, so she won't be so afraid anymore?

Saints and Misfits is a fantastic story about a sweet and intelligent Muslim teen. I love how S.K. Ali paints a clear picture of what it’s like to live by the rules of the religion, while also being a teenager with dreams, hopes and fears. She combines this with an impressive story about sexual harassment that's emotionally very well narrated. I was impressed by Janna's story. She has so much to deal with and has to find the courage within to be able to get through the most terrifying moments all by herself. Being a misfit means she makes mistakes, but by learning from them she grows as a person. Finding out if she'd dare to share her story kept me on the edge of my seat and I loved the way S.K. Ali eventually makes her do this, it's fitting, bold and fabulous.

S.K. Ali has a beautiful moving writing style. The overall tone of voice of Saints and Misfits is a little sad, because Janna is struggling. I loved how S.K. Ali shows emotions through both the scenes she writes and the way she writes them, that makes her story incredibly impressive. Saints and Mistits is a mesmerizing story filled with personal growth, thought-provoking questions and surprising twists and turns. I highly recommend this amazing book.


If you love emotional thought-provoking YA you should definitely read Saints and Misfits.


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