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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Sorry Affair by Kirsten Nairn - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Jen and Mack are close. They have it all, they are a beautiful couple about to get married and they have everything they could have wished for in life. However, when Mack meets Abbi he's intrigued and starts spending time with her. Their affair comes out when Abbi shows up on his doorstep one day. Mack loses the two women he loves, but how did he end up in that situation in the first place? Mack is being kicked out of his home and needs to move back in with his parents. Jen and Abbi both disappear from his life, not allowing him to make amends. Will he ever be able to make things right with the woman he loves the most?

A Sorry Affair is a beautiful story about a man who has everything he could have ever wished for. Mack thinks he can have more than he already has, so he starts a relationship with another woman and doesn't think about the consequences of his actions. He doesn't want to hurt Jen and the same goes for Abbi, but by not being honest and continuing the situation he ends up hurting both of them. Jen and Abbi are both special in their own way and Mack is drawn to their personalities and beauty. He doesn't consciously make the choice that harms them all, but he makes it nonetheless and this results in heartbreak, anger and hurt. Kirsten Nairn describes the feelings of the three main characters in such an amazing poignant and honest way. I was greatly impressed by the way she writes about emotions. She makes it possible to understand each of the main characters, which is something I loved about her story. Mack has made a big mistake and has to pay the price, but the two women he lied to are paying as well. It's a realistic subject, something that happens to a lot of people, and is therefore extra moving, thought-provoking and interesting to read about.

Kirsten Nairn's writing is vivid and detailed. She makes sure her readers have the chance to get to know her main characters through and through. She alternates between Jen, Abbi and Mack and this makes the story multifaceted and interesting. A Sorry Affair is a gorgeous story about a man and a woman who have it all, but somehow that still isn't enough and everything falls apart. Kirsten Nairn's story is filled with romance, sadness and hope. I absolutely loved this fabulous novella.


If you love beautiful emotional stories you should definitely read A Sorry Affair.

About Kirsten Nairn

Kirsten Nairn lives in Scotland and has one husband, two children and too many pets and although she is a published author, she has a secret. No one actually knows she’s a ‘writer’ or has had a book published. Not even her family.


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My Personal Journey
Guest post by Kirsten Nairn

I work full time in the public sector and split my time between work, running around after my kids (and husband, although he would deny this!) and writing covertly under the cover of darkness. I published my first novel, A Sorry Affair in July of last year and I still haven’t owned up to being a writer. I carry it around with me like a guilty secret, well, more like a guilty pleasure actually. I love writing and my only regret is that I didn’t start it sooner.

I’m not entirely sure why I am still keeping it a secret. It makes marketing and publicity very difficult and a bit of a nightmare for my publishers, Austin Macauley, but there’s a part of me which is still not ready to do the big reveal. I know how The Stig feels. Great idea but there’s never a right time to unveil the man behind the helmet.

The biggest problem for me isn’t writer’s block, but physically and mentally finding the time to write. Much of my fist novel was written whilst waiting to pick my children up from school or one of their many activities. I learned pretty early on to make sure I always have a gadget of some sort -i-pad, phone, laptop, notebook, available and charged at all times. Failing that of course, there’s always the old fashioned paper and pen!

It was never my ambition to write novels, let alone publish or even sell them. It sounds very cliché but I often have to pinch myself as a reminder that this is really happening.

I am a scientist by profession. Not that the two things are mutually exclusive but having studied science at Edinburgh University a long time ago (when perms, dungarees and Dexy’s Midnight Runners were in fashion), I never imaged that one day I would be a writer of romantic novels.

So far I have written four books and the majority of those have been written on various gadgets- phones, laptops and tablets, whilst waiting to pick up the kids from school or after school activities, between meetings at work, on trains (more of that later), buses, and occasionally whilst waiting in heavy traffic (not legal I know).

The idea for A Sorry Affair came to me on train journey to Edinburgh when I overheard a prosecco-fuelled, animated conversation between a group of women heading for a hen weekend in The Capital. They were discussing a close friend who had just discovered, in the cruellest of ways, that her fiancé was cheating on her. They had no sympathy for the adulteress which begged the question, what does it feel like to be the other woman in an affair?

As the story unfolded in my mind I began to consider it from all points of view, but in particular from the other woman’s position. What if you are the ‘other woman’ and are completely unaware that you’re having an affair? I also wondered about person committing the affair though. What if he really didn’t mean to have an affair?

I immediately began tapping out the story on my mobile phone and wished I was on a much longer train journey.

A Sorry affair is set in Edinburgh and has been described as A beautiful story of pain and sadness as the ‘perfect’ engagement unravels: a tale of the unwitting downward spiral and destruction of a perfect relationship: emotional and full of suspense.

My hope is that the reader will connect with all the characters and in doing so, be faced with the dilemma as to where their own sympathies lie and ask what they would do in a similar situation. The story is really based on the premise that that for most people love is rarely black and white but varying shades of grey.

I was asked recently what my goal is for this novel. It’s not as you might imagine to sell as many books as possible but to get a number of really good reviews. Ten good reviews are worth a hundred sales. I won’t be able to retire to Tuscany on them but they would make me immensely happy.


Two very lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive a signed paperback copy of A Sorry Affair and bookmarks by Kirsten Nairn.

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  1. Great review and guest post .Thanks for sharing.

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  10. I love the fact that even if you have everything you could wish for, one action, whatever it might be, could take it away and you can never be complacent with your actions and have to think "what would happen if".

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  13. A great guest post. People are sure to be shocked when it eventually comes out (as it must one day) that you are in fact a published writer. How interesting to discover where the idea for a book comes from, this is definitely a complicated storyline (in real life too) that you developed from the talk that you overheard. Your secret is safe with me :-)