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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Truth About Thea by Amy Impellizzeri - Book Review & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Will got a second chance, something he's grateful for every day. He was a heroine addict with a large debt he couldn't pay off and his life was in danger. His wife, a pathologist, gave him the opportunity to disappear. Will turned his life around and is now a counsellor, helping addicts on their way to recovery. Will only shares his secret in his support meetings with other addicts and the last thing he expects is being confronted with his past, but that's exactly what happens.

Will's new patient Thea has a difficult history. She ends up in rehab because of a social media addiction. Thea's company, Alibis, gave clients false internet identities for all sorts of reasons. Thea is a master manipulator and she obviously has something to hide, but what is it? How can Will uncover more, and especially accurate, information about his new patient and what will he do when he finds out everything he should know? What is the truth about the mysterious Thea?

The Truth About Thea is a fantastic gripping story. I was curious about Thea from the start. I love stories about secrets and it's clear she has a lot to hide. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out what it was. Thea's business landed her in a big mess, but being sent to rehab instead of prison might save her from a terrible fate. Thea is fierce, evasive, enigmatic and aloof. That makes her incredibly fascinating. Will doesn't know what he's dealing with exactly. He's a good therapist, but there's something about Thea that makes him eager to learn more, but also anxious because of what he might find out. I liked that contrast and enjoyed anticipating what he'd uncover.

Amy Impellizzeri has written a clever plot filled with suspense and smoke screens. I was impressed by the way her story has been put together. It's well written, there are plenty of unexpected twists and turns and there are many puzzles to solve. I loved being surprised. The Truth About Thea keeps changing direction and that makes it intriguing and thrilling. Amy Impellizzeri kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. I really loved The Truth About Thea, it's a terrific spellbinding and intelligent story.


If you love a good suspenseful mystery The Truth About Thea would be an excellent choice.

About Amy Impellizzeri

My name is Amy and I am a writer, a lawyer, and a mother of three.

Which tells you everything.

And nothing at all.

After spending thirteen years as a corporate litigator in New York City, I left to write and advocate for working women, and eventually women entrepreneurs, as VP, Community & Designer Relations for ShopFunder LLC.

My first novel, "Lemongrass Hope," debuted in October 2014, as an Amazon best-seller (Romance/Fantasy and Romance/Time Travel) and now I'm a full-time writer, even though it looks like I'm eavesdropping on people at the local coffee shop. Just kidding, I am eavesdropping. My sophomore novel, "Secrets of Worry Dolls," released on December 1, 2016 and was just named a Bronze Winner in the INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards (Multi-cultural Category) (YAY!) My third novel, "The Truth About Thea," was released on October 17, 2017 and is a Francis Ford Coppola Books & Bottles inaugural pick.

I also have a non-fiction book published by the American Bar Association called "Lawyer Interrupted" - a how-to guide for leaving the practice of law - something about half of all lawyers want to do. Who knew?

I am the Past President of the Women's Fiction Writers Association, and a proud member of the TALL POPPY WRITERS - a community whose tagline says it all: "Bright Authors, Smart Readers, Good Books." Come hang out with Tall Poppy Writers and Readers in our amazing online book community called BLOOM.

I am a frequent speaker across the country, and a creative writing workshop instructor in my home base of Reading, Pennsylvania. (pronounced RED-DING, but still, perfect, no?)

I am eternally grateful for my family, my friends, and the recent research confirming that large amounts of coffee are indeed good for you (& me!)


Website // Facebook // Twitter // Goodreads


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