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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Sometimes Sisters by Carolyn Brown - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Dana, Harper and Tawny are sisters, but mostly connected during the summer, when they all spent a month at their grandmother's lakeside resort. Annie loved her granddaughters dearly and was always glad they were coming. However, suddenly it stopped. The sometimes sisters, who were already not seeing much of each other, weren't feeling very sisterly at all anymore. Annie's last wish is to bring them back together and when she dies she leaves her resort to her granddaughters. She asks the person who's always been there for her, their Uncle Zed, to get them through it. Will this be a good idea?

For Dana, Harper and Tawny owning a resort couldn't come at a better time. They might dislike one another, but they are each in a situation that doesn't leave them much choice. They've all kept secrets from each other, one of the main reasons they aren't close any longer. Will they dare to share what's inside their hearts and maybe find a way to heal and become proper sisters again?

Dana is a single mother who could use the stability of finally being home. Her daughter is a real sweetheart and she melts everyone's hearts, which makes it a lot easier for the sisters to start talking again. Harper had to make a difficult decision in the past and she can't get past it. Her life has been standing still ever since and being at the resort gives her a chance to finally start processing her feelings. Tawny managed to land herself in a difficult situation that changed her entire future. Being back at the place she loved so much when she was a child gives her a chance to start over. Will the sisters be able to reconcile?

The Sometimes Sisters is a beautiful heartwarming story. Dana, Harper and Tawny don't get along. They have grown apart and resent one another. Running the resort together might seem a challenge at first, but slowly, under Zed's guidance, they're starting to feel at ease with each other again. Zed is a loving man and he has plenty of good Annie stories to share, which made me tear up many times. They're absolutely wonderful and I was spellbound by their gorgeous connection. I love stories about families and The Sometimes Sisters is an amazing one. The bond between the sisters is a lot stronger than they think. To move on they have to start peeling off all of their emotional layers, which is an interesting and moving process to witness. I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to discover more about their secrets and really enjoyed being so anxious to find out if they'd be happy again.

Carolyn Brown's wonderful warm writing is making The Sometimes Sisters an absolute joy to read. It's a special book filled with many precious moments, unexpected twists and turns and complex secrets and relationships. I loved the story from beginning to end and couldn't put it down. The Sometimes Sisters is a brilliant touching story about unconditional love, family, friendship and forgiveness. I highly recommend this delightful story.


If you love stories about sisters The Sometimes Sisters is an absolute must-read.

About Carolyn Brown

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown was born in Texas and raised in southern Oklahoma. These days she and her husband make their home in Davis, Oklahoma, a small town of less than three thousand people where everyone knows everyone, knows what they are doing and with whom, and read the weekly newspaper to see who got caught.

A plaque hangs on her office wall that says I know the voices are not real but they have such great ideas. That is her motto and muse as she goes through the days with quirky characters in her head, telling their stories, one by one, and loving her job.

She has been married almost half a century to a retired English teacher that she calls Mr. B and he does not read her books before they are published because she cannot afford a divorce. They have three grown children.—and enough grandchildren to keep them busy and young.

When Carolyn is not writing she likes to sit in the back yard and watch the two tom cats protect the yard from all kinds of wicked varmints like crickets, other cats, spiders and blue jays.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, aunt, neighbor and friend. That’s personally. Professionally, I’m the author of 89 books and will have 92 on the market at the end of this year. I’m a NY Times, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestselling author and a RITA finalist. I’ve been married 51 years to the same man and he deserves a trophy for all the support he’s given me. Oh, and he’s a retired English teacher—and his real name is Charlie Brown!

2) The Sometimes Sisters is a story about sisters who initially don’t get along, what inspired you to write about this?

Family is described as a group of people who are closely related by birth, marriage, or adoption. That does not mean that they always get along but it usually does mean that if someone says or does something wrong to one sister, that the others won’t step up to defend her. Blood is after all thicker than water. I had two sisters. One I never knew. The other and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye but no one got between us—not ever!

3) Could you describe the sisters in seven words each?

Dana: mother, oldest, loving, divorced, cowgirl, secretive, pretty, blonde

Harper: guilt-ridden, prickly, independent, secretive, dark-blonde, tall, brown-eyed,

Tawny: brassy, mouthy, honey-blonde, secretive, short, green-eyed, youngest

4) What did you enjoy the most about writing a story about sisters?

I really enjoyed the characters develop from being barely able to stay in the same room together to depending on each other in times or crisis.

5) What does family mean to you?

In one word—everything. But sometimes family doesn’t mean that a person shares DNA with another. With Zed, in The Sometimes Sisters, there was a deep bond, but no actual shared blood.

6) What do you like the most about stories set in small towns?

Small towns have a heart beat and pulse of their own. Everyone knows everyone and they know the when, what and where. And they read the local paper to see who got caught. That folks are all up in everyone’s business could be annoying but the upside is that when you need a friend to lean on in hard times, when you need some help after you break arm, or when your sister passes away, there’s support beyond what mere words can begin to describe.

7) How did your writing journey start and what makes writing stories so special?

I began my writing journey when I learned to read. I think I was five years old. I wanted to tell stories like those people did in those books that my teacher read to us. I tried to get a toe in the publishing world for twenty years before I finally sold my first two books to Kensington in 1997. That was twenty-one years ago this summer and now I’ve got the job I always wanted. What makes it special? Touching reader’s lives.

8) How do you combine a large family, pets included, with your writing and do they also inspire your stories?

My family understands that I’m a full time author and they respect that. My cat—not so much. When he wants to be petted, he could care less if I’m in the zone writing the most important scene of the whole book! My husband is also an author—mysteries—and we spent hours talking characters and plots. Yes, my family inspires characters. In a recent series, my great grandson, Silas, was the inspiration for a little blonde haired boy. And in an upcoming book, my great granddaughter, Zaylie, was the inspiration. I have twelve granddaughters that span a lot of years—that means there’s always whining or giggling going on. Throw in three grandsons and I never lack for inspiration.

9) You write romantic stories about deep connections, what does true love mean to you?

Like family—everything. There are layers to every family. Each character comes with back story and by the time I finish a story, I know their grannies, their favorite candy bar and whether they like mashed potatoes or French fries better. It’s those connections that bring out the emotions that make them real. And true love—isn’t that what we’re all looking for? No matter what the relationship might be, sisters, parents, lovers—we like to see an HEA.

10) What are your plans for the future?

To write more books! The lineup for this year is: Cowboy Bold (May) will kick off the Longhorn Canyon series; Small Town Rumors (July), a women’s fiction with romantic elements; Cowboy Honor (Sept), the second book in the Longhorn Canyon Series. Coming up in 2019 is Cowboy Brave (TBD) and The Magnolia Inn, plus two or three more books.


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a signed paperback copy or Kindle copy of The Sometimes Sisters by Carolyn Brown (winner’s choice).

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  1. The Sometimes Sisters sounds like a cleverly paced, small-town family story that is packed with quirky characters, irreverent homespun wisdom and amusing observations.

    1. Thank you Solange! Sometimes an idea gets into my head, and it's there until I write the story. That's what happened with The Sometimes Sisters.

  2. I love that you've been married half a century and have great-grandchildren too! My husband would very much approve of a small town called Davis. ;) He traces his Davis roots back to Wales! :D I like the idea of the three sisters learning to love and support each other. I am the oldest of 6 with 3 sisters and we've grown closer over the years to be strong supports for each other. Love them so much!! Have a wonderful 2018! :)) xx

    1. Thank you, Mary! Of course, Davis was named for your husband. LOL! When our family gets together at Easter and Thanksgiving, we usually have between 35 and 50 people. And we have so much fun!

    2. HAHAHA! Of COURSE!! ;) He's from Northern Ireland (UK) which is where we live (I grew up in Tennessee). :D It's so funny, when we see movies my husband always looks at the credits and counts the number of "Davis" names there are. ;) Usually quite a lot - well, it IS a common name! haha He gets such a kick out of it! He'd probably love to visit your town sometime. :D WOW, that sounds incredible! I love huge family get-togethers. :D It's so cool to meet you!! :)) xx

  3. It sounds like a very touching and emotional book, thanks for sharing it!

    1. Thank you, Judy. I judge a book I'm writing by whether it makes me laugh or brings tears. The Sometimes Sisters did both! Hope you like it when/if you read it!

  4. I am anxious to read this new book. The Cowboy Books are in my library. I can't part with any of them. We were married 49 years before my husband passed away. That leaves a big hole in my heart, reading your books helps.

    1. Your note made me misty eyed. Mr. B and I will be married 52 years in August. I was only 17 when we married and the bet was it wouldn't last six weeks. Guess we proved them wrong! Thank you for reading my books and I'm so glad that they have helped you get through tough times!

  5. I always enjoy your books Carolyn! Last check was 20 something :)

    1. Thank you so much for your support and for the reviews that you've given me!

  6. It sounds like an amazing book, and I love the pretty cover.

    1. Thank you. I squealed when I saw the cover. It was exactly what I pictured!

  7. A very interesting title for your novel, that alone makes the book intriguing and a must read. Unfortunately my twin sister is no longer with us and we lived in two different countries so your title brought back memories, thank you.

  8. Love the sound of the book. I can't wait to read it.

  9. I love that cover. Takes me back because we had chairs like that in our backyard when growing up. And being one of four girls, I love reading about sisters:)

  10. I totally get that sister relationship! I can be awful to my sister but woe betide anyone else who is!

  11. Love the cover! I'd very much love to read it.

  12. My kind of book - Thanks for the chance

  13. I agree that there are different definitions of family. This sounds like a good read.

  14. Great review can't wait to read this book.

  15. I love when you share interviews as I enjoy reading about authors. Brilliant review.

  16. 89 books?! Good for you Carolyn Brown.

  17. Thanks for the great prize and competition. Good luck everyone!

  18. The story sounds really good. I have a sister too and we don't always have the best connection so I feel this book would resonate with me. I really love your GoodRead profile as well! Made me giggle and I know what you mean about those pesky scales!

  19. I have a sister and we've never seen eye-to-eye but now she's moved to the States it feels very weird. Love the sound of the book, a heart-warming story but with a few twists and turns along the way.