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Friday, February 2, 2018

The French Adventure by Lucy Coleman - Book Review, Guest Post, Excerpt & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Karl regularly tells Anna he loves her, but Anna doesn't really feel it. He's all for keeping their relationship a secret from their bosses for the sake of their careers. When Anna's had enough she loses her boyfriend and her job in one single moment. Anna needs time to heal and that is why she rents out her house and temporarily moves to France, where her parents have just started a B&B. There's enough work to keep her occupied and Anna's task is to assist their builder, Sam, to have the holiday cottages ready for guests as soon as possible.

Anna wants to stay in France for six months before going back home. Anna enjoys her new surroundings. It's warm and sunny, she's happy to be with her parents and the initially tentative friendship she has with Sam is becoming more solid every day. Anna is glad she broke up with Karl, but he has other plans. Karl would love it if Anna would come back to him. However, Anna has some self-exploration to do before she can even think about getting involved with someone again. Will being in France do her good and will she eventually find herself again while staying with her parents?

The French Adventure is a wonderful story about plans, living and love. I immediately loved Anna. She's smart, creative and resilient. She keeps challenging herself and never says she can't do something without trying it first. I liked that attitude. She's an achiever and this is also her biggest pitfall, because this personality trait makes it hard for her to live without a plan. Sam is the exact opposite, he doesn't have goals and he's stuck in a situation he can't easily get out of on his own. They're good for each other and bring out the best in one another, which is something I loved about their bond. Sam is kindhearted and gentle, but he's also heartbroken. Sam and Anna have something precious and real and I couldn't wait to find out if they'd be able to overcome their obstacles, so they'd be ready to give love a chance.

Lucy Coleman has a lovely warm writing style that has an easy flow. I was immediately captivated by her story and read it in one sitting. I love how she makes the French countryside come to life. I love France and reading The French Adventure felt like going on a nice sweet holiday to my favorite place in the world. Lucy Coleman combines this with an interesting story about starting a business, fascinating emotional journeys and beautiful true love. The French Adventure is a fantastic romantic story that captivated me from beginning to end.


If you love romantic stories set in France you should definitely read The French Adventure.

About Lucy Coleman

Lucy Coleman always knew that one day she would write, but first life took her on a wonderful journey of self-discovery for which she is very grateful.

Family life and two very diverse careers later she now spends most days glued to a keyboard, which she refers to as her personal quality time.

‘It’s only when you know who you are that you truly understand what makes you happy – and writing about love, life and relationships makes me leap out of bed every morning!’

If she isn’t online she’s either playing with the kids, whose imaginations seem to know no bounds, or painting something. As a serial house mover together with her lovely husband, there is always a new challenge to keep her occupied!

Lucy Coleman is a pen-name of Linn B. Halton


Website/blog // Twitter Linn B. Halton // Twitter Lucy Coleman // Amazon // Facebook

The French Adventure - a heroine who is a problem solver!
Guest post by Lucy Coleman

Life is an adventure and 'The French Adventure' is Anna Lacey's personal journey of self-discovery. Solving her own problems is one thing - and this is a lady who is unable to say the 'L word' because the first time she said it she ended up losing her pride and her confidence in finding Mr Right. But as she puts yet another failed relationship behind her she encounters other problems along the way. Although they aren't hers to solve ... well, she just can't help herself because it's in her nature to want to put things right.

It's funny how as an author the things that are happening around you regularly find their way into your stories. It also emphasizes the traits you admire most in the people with whom you come into contact. Problem solvers are usually the 'can do' people, the ones who are always busy and tend to lead frenetic lives. My own life is much the same and whilst on occasion I would like to experience the 'quiet' life, I wouldn't change a thing! But on the reverse side of the coin there are people whose gut reaction seems to be 'there's a problem ... it can't be done'. And they give up. Anna would say that there is usually more than one way of solving a problem and you simply need to keep trying until you find a solution.

Anna thinks outside the box and she isn't afraid of facing her fears. That doesn't make them any the less daunting, of course, but her innate can-do attitude will always find a way around a problem, even if it can't be tackled head on. Is it courage or is it hopeless optimism? In this story her desire to return something to its original owner ends up taking her own life along a path she never expected to travel ... sometimes life really is all about the journey because you never know what is going to happen along the way!

The question to ask yourself is 'Am I a problem solver, or a problem maker?' See each hiccough as a challenge to get around, or get over, or get under. Just focus on getting beyond it and wonderful things can happen - just watch Anna, as she seeks to help troubled Sam Callaghan come to terms with his past.


Sam parks up on the verge alongside a field of sunflowers. The small heads have all closed and are bowed after a day spent gazing at the sun. In a few weeks’ time, this crop will be towering way above us, but today the sturdy stems barely reach my hip. We follow the narrow track around the outskirts until we reach an old wooden stile. Sam extends his hand to help me over it and we skirt around the edge of yet another field; this time it’s corn and there’s a rustling sound as the plants wave gently back and forth in the breeze. It’s not the easiest of walks as it’s slightly uphill, but we round a large copse and suddenly the land falls away in front of us. We are standing on the brow of a hill and the view is amazing. Less than half a mile away are three enormous wind turbines, standing like sentinels over the landscape. One is stationary, but the other two emit a low hum and a loud whispering sound as the blades turn and glint in the light of the glowing sunset.

With the sun low on the horizon behind them and the silvery blue sky streaked with a deep crimson pink, it looks more like a painting than a real-life scene.

‘Impressive, isn’t it?’ For one moment, I’d forgotten Sam was standing next to me.

The sun shifts slightly and now there’s a huge ball of light being funneled between two trees way in the distance. It sends a shaft of light across the field in front of us.

‘That’s quite a scene.’

‘Here, hop up onto this wall and we’ll watch the final rays before the sun slips below the horizon.’

We sit in silence for quite a while, watching as the ball of light becomes smaller and smaller. Time seems to stand still and suddenly my head is empty of all thoughts. I turn to glance at Sam, a look of pure concentration is on his face. He’s a very attractive guy and there are moments when he makes my pulse race. Like now, for instance.

‘Some people think wind turbines are a blot on the landscape, but I guessed you wouldn’t be one of them. You’re a thinker and you take pleasure in the aesthetics of life. A part of that is caring about the environment.’ He turns to look at me and I nod gratefully.

‘It’s taking me a while to unwind and let go of a few things. But I’m getting there.’

As I turn to look at him what I see on his face is empathy and maybe a tinge of regret, reflected in those mysterious green eyes flecked with a hint of grey.

‘Sometimes life’s hurdles aren’t easy to jump. It’s a case of learning how to survive the fall really.’

There’s sadness and pain in his voice.

‘Was it that bad?’

‘Bad enough. Anyway, it’s time to head back or we’ll find ourselves walking in the pitch black.’

We hardly speak on the journey home and I can see that he’s deep in thought. I give a final wave goodbye as Sam pulls the van off the drive, wondering why such a sensitive guy has chosen to turn his back on life. Yes, I know I’ve more, or less, done the same thing, but it’s only for six months. After that I’ll pick my old life back up again, just in a new way. I wonder why Sam can’t do that, too.


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