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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Interview - Get To Know Anniek and Suze & Giveaway

Suze and Anniek both love to do author interviews. It's wonderful to read the information they've made available on their website and then think of the amazing things we can ask them. We also like to come up with more detailed questions that are related to their stories. As we love to get to know the authors we feature better, we thought it would also be nice for our readers to get to know us a little better, so this time Anniek and Suze will be answering your questions. Please feel free to ask new questions and we'll answer those in our next interview post. We'll answer them all, so if your question is not among the following ten, it will turn up in of our next interview posts.

The questions we've chosen are all questions that have been asked by you in our previous post.

1. What's your favorite food?

Anniek: Pizza and Sushi! I could have either of them or both every single day. With two young children I'm glad to get some actual sleep, but for Pizza or Sushi you may wake me up.

Suze: Scallops and lobster in any way. I love fresh seafood. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth and really like ice cream. You can always wake me up for a well prepared meal. I love fancy dinners and save for them to have something special every now and then.

2. Do you prefer actual books or digital ones?

Anniek: Nothing can ever replace the feel of a physical copy of a book, so if I should have to choose it would be a physical book every single time. In reality I mostly read on my Kindle because it's way more convenient and easier to take with me wherever I go. I never leave the house without at least one device on which I can read.

Suze: I love having actual books, there's nothing that can beat the scent and feeling. However, I prefer reading digital copies. It's convenient if I can make the print as small as possible and have some influence when it comes to line distance. This way I can read comfortably and that is something I like a lot. I also never leave the house without a device. They're much lighter than a book and can easily be carried anywhere, so that's another advantage of digital reading.

3. If you could actually live inside a particular book genre which one would you choose?

Anniek: I love this question! Since horror is my favorite genre I have to choose this one. I don't know how long I'll be able to survive in a zombie apocalypse, but I'd give it my best shot. I'd probably stay inside the house for a while, until everything settles down a bit and I'd board up the windows so nothing or no one could get in. After a while I'll use my roof to get to the other houses around ours to see if there are other survivors, or if the houses are empty to find out if there would be anything I could use.

Suze: I'm a bit less adventurous than Anniek, I'd choose magical realism. I like a little bit of magic in our daily existence and would be curious to find out what it would do. Of course I wouldn't say no to having a special gift myself. It would be fascinating to see what this would accomplish. I'd love to live in a Sarah Addison Allen kind of world.

4. How long did you write to each other before meeting for the first time?

Anniek: Oh my I must say that I have no idea. I don't think it was more than a couple of months. I do know that Suze and I clicked right from the start even when we were still writing I knew I found my best friend in the whole wide world. If there's anyone who can brighten up a crappy day then it's Suze. She always knows how to make me smile.

Suze: I also can't remember exactly, but it indeed wasn't long before we decided to meet and when we started talking we just couldn't stop. Nobody could get a word in and people always had to laugh when they saw us together in those first years. We have calmed down a little these days, but not much. I knew straight away that it would be a forever friendship and still feel very lucky that I asked Anniek to be penpals.

5. Did you ever meet your favourite authors?

Anniek: Oh I wish! I have so many favorite authors and I do hope that one day I get a chance to meet some of them. I've been a fan of Stephen King ever since I was a teenager and it's on my bucket list to hopefully meet him one day.

Suze: Not many, but I hope I will meet as many author friends as possible in the future. It always involves travel and is not easily planned, but sometimes chance meetings are happening and those are absolutely fabulous.

6. Do you have any ideas about what you'd do to encourage young people to read, do you think it should be done in schools or at home?

Anniek: I love to read with my children. In the beginning it's not even the reading that they like, but just being with you and hearing your voice. It's part of our bedtime ritual and my son (who's the oldest) gets to choose the book he'd like to read. It won't be long until he has to share this privilege with his younger sister. Lately we've been reading about Peppa Pig a lot, but he also loves The Hungry Caterpillar.

Suze: My father always read to me and my brother in the evening when we were children and my mother did the same during the day. I grew up in a house filled with books and was also lucky to have some book crazy teachers. I think it doesn't matter how children are being inspired to read, as long as they are. What I do find important though is that they get the message they can read whatever they like. There is no right or wrong genre, the fun of reading is something that should be taught to them, so they know what joy it can bring. If reading becomes a chore it's easy to resent books instead of loving them. Fortunately books are much more easily accessible these days, so a certain genre can be within reach while it might not have been a few years ago. I hope anyone who loves books will inspire someone else to read more.

7. If you could transplant a character from a book onto another book, who'd it be? (example: Sending Katniss to meet Harry Potter and co.)

Anniek: This is a tough one. I'll keep it into the books that have been made into a movie. I'd send Matilda (Roald Dahl) to meet Harry Potter, since I think that she would be the cute little sister he never had.

Suze: I'd send Alanna from the Song of the Lioness series to Narnia. I think she'd thrive there and she's a good wing woman to have in combat.

8. If you could travel back (or forward!) in a time machine, what era would you like to visit?

Anniek: I would love to go back in time to when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. I have watched all of the Jurassic Park movies multiple times and I'd like to find out how the world looked like then.

Suze: I don't think I'd survive in the past very long, so I'd love to travel to the future. It is a risky choice, because you never know what life will be like. If I'd randomly choose the year 2075 to travel to I might end up in a warzone, but even though there are risks I'd still be curious enough to check it out and see what kind of advantages have been made.

9. How many books do you bring with you when you travel?

Anniek: I bring my Kindle, my Ipad and my phone which has the Kindle app. I don't take physical books with me because I'm a bit anxious that they might damage in my suitcase or when we'd be at the swimming pool. So my physical books actually never leave the house.

Suze: I bring two ereaders and a box filled with paperbacks. Being without books is too much of a risk, so I'd like to be prepared.

10. What is your favorite book from your childhood?

Anniek: In English class we had to pick a book which we had to read and present to your classmates after you finished reading. I chose The Secret Garden and I have always loved that book. I have a copy on my bookshelf and I can't wait to read this book to my children.

Suze: The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt because it meant a lot to someone very dear to me and it's a beautiful story.


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  1. What is your favourite quote?

  2. Loved reading these!! It's wonderful getting more of a glimpse of your lives. :D
    If you have a chance to answer it, I'll repeat my question on the previous post: Favourite Harry Potter character? (If you can choose, haha ;))
    Here's another one, if you have a chance in a future post: Best advice to an aspiring author? :D
    Lots of love and hugs from Northern Ireland!!! xx

  3. If you could be friends with any character in a favorite book, who would you pick?

  4. If you were stranded on a desert island with only 1 book which would you choose (and no, your eReader is NOT allowed!) and what 1 luxury item would you pick?

  5. Do you have a phobia and what is it?

  6. What is your all time favorite book?

  7. Oh I really love your answers to my previous question about the genres you'd want to live in and kudos to Anniek for really choosing horror. I'm currently reading "Desperation" and as much as I love a good horror story I sure wouldn't want to get stuck in that town, haha!

    My question for next time: Do you ever dog-ear pages or take notes inside the books you read or would you never do that?

  8. Which country would you most like to visit?

  9. I'd love to know your favourite genre - you give away so many different ones, from romance to horror! I love to mix it up, though fantasy are my fave, so would love to hear yours and the whys involved! Related to that, do you change your favourite through time? I go through stages of reading one genre then moving to another, and wonder if I'm alone in that xx

  10. Yes for physical books! But when traveling, e-readers are much easier. And I love reading to my kids at home. We all cuddle on the couch together, it's the best!

    What is your favorite book to read out loud?

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  12. My question is simple but maybe you'll find it hard to answer: what is your favourite movie?

  13. Which genre do you both like the most and why?

  14. So nice to get to know you better.
    My question is, where do you like to go on vacation?

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  20. Un questions réponses très chouettes qui nous permettent de mieux vous connaître !

  21. I liked getting to know you two better

  22. Have you had any plan to write your own books?

  23. If you had a free day with no responsibilities & your only mission was to enjoy yourself, what would you do?

  24. Your friendship is so lovely. I didn't know it started as penpals though. Nice to hear more about you both.
    Amanda xx

  25. how do you keep up such a fab friendship with the pressures of working together? xxxx

  26. Such a hard question, many I wanted to ask were already asked, lol.

    Well, my question would be, you guys read a LOT I'm guessing, so would you venture to writing your own book (s)? And if so, what would it be about?