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Sunday, January 28, 2018

With Love for Horror Books: Zombie Diaries Homecoming Junior Year by R.W.K. Clark - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Anniek

Mavis is a young girl, just starting her teenage life at high school. Her best and only friend is Kim. They share everything with each other. Mavis has a secret crush on Jeff and she's stunned when he asks her out on a date. Mavis slowly starts to change. She has an insatiable appetite and craves raw meat. Her mother is worried about her and takes her to a doctor. He does blood tests and they show that Mavis has a severe case of anemia. Mavis eats everything she can get her hands on and has a secret stash of raw meat in her bedroom. What's the real reason Mavis is changing? And why does everybody smell like meat?

Mavis is shy and always stays out of trouble, but now that she's changing she's getting braver by the day. She's even taking on bullies and is feeling great about it afterwards. She tries to ignore that her skin is getting paler and paler. Mavis can't wear anything too revealing anymore, because she has to hide her almost black veins which are now visible everywhere. As the days go by Mavis starts to realize that her hospital diagnosis can't be right, but she still doesn't understand what's happening to her. Besides the fact that she has visions of eating people...

Zombie Diaries Homecoming Junior Year is a story about a girl who slowly changes into a zombie. Mavis is a sweet girl and I loved how she has such a strong bond with her parents and her best friend. She's anything but a classic zombie and that made this story incredibly interesting and even fun to read. I loved how R.W.K. Clark writes about a teenage girl zombie who's still living her everyday life. I'm a big fan of stories about zombies and this book is definitely a good one. Even though it doesn't have the action you'd expect from a zombie story it did grab me from the very beginning. I can't wait to read more about Mavis and how she's handling being her new self in the second book of The Mavis Saga, Zombie Diaries Winter Formal Junior Year.


Zombie Diaries Homecoming Junior Year is a fun zombie story without gore and horrific deaths. It's a perfect choice if you like to read original stories.

About R.W.K. Clark

RWK Clark lives a fast paced, intriguing life. His roles include that of an author, fine art photographer, and IT Director. Clark resides in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He grew up not far, in his hometown of Albuquerque. Born on August 31, he is in his early forties. He is single yet, his heart will always belong to his son, Jon, and his daughter, Kim. They are the number one priorities in his life, his children come before work and play. He likes to keep his life jam packed full of excitement but, is an overly organized individual. He loves the outdoors and camping. Although, his real weakness is any type of water activity. Believe it or not, he is a Master Scuba Diver.

RWK Clark said, “I believe that honest, open communication is the key to lasting friendships and relationships”. That must be why he has been known to wear his heart on his sleeve. For he believes you should treat someone as you would want to be treated. He is an extremely genuine person and will help anyone. However, he chooses to keep his circle of close friends small. The old saying must be true, that a person can count the number of true friends on one hand. R.W.K. Clark is a legitimately positive and caring person, he cares greatly about the environment and is highly against animal cruelty.

Clark is an exceedingly hard worker, having many skills. He has the position of making sure his family remains financially stable. Due to his work, he can speak Spanish and Castilian, on top of his native language of English. To keep his high standing title of IT Director, he has continued his education earning his Doctor of Science in Information Technology.

RWK Clark received his first camera in his early teenage years and has not been able to put it down since. He has continued pursuing his passion for art, critics have found his photography controversial at times. For Clark’s passion is to display the feminine form in different ways. At times, he uses different props and scenarios to magnify the greatness of the female body. Clark declares, “My passion was always to create”.

R.W.K. Clark has been most admired for his work as a published author. To date, he has several publications available on Kindle or in paperback. His creative mind never stops spinning, so his enthusiasts can look forward to more novels coming soon. His novels tend to fall into the same major classifications of fiction, paranormal thrillers, horror, and science fiction. Although, each book is packed with different tales of romance and action. They also fall into their own sub-categories such as vampires, the occult, witches, mythological creatures, aliens, and Satan himself. His novels are so thrilling and heart-wrenching that it keeps his fans yearning for more, just waiting for the next novel to come out. A reader relates with the characters in many different ways, even if they are pure evil, the reader feels for them. It is simply amazing how he can make one connect so well with the story being told.

As you can surely tell, RWK Clark is an adventurous and spiritual soul. He will be keeping us entertained for years to come. He is a diverse artist. Whether we are admiring the photos in his art gallery or reading the latest installment of the vampire, witch, thriller series, supporters will always remain entertained. To say the least, there is nothing dull about this man. No matter which art form you prefer.


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Writer’s Commentary
Guest post by R.W.K. Clark

‘Zombie Diaries’ Homecoming Junior Year is the first of a series I have written about Mavis Harvey, Girl Zombie. In the beginning of this first installment, the main character inadvertently drinks tainted tap water, and as the book progresses, she begins to experience some fairly crazy changes. As the introductory novel to the series, readers will get to know Mavis a bit, and they will get a strong sense of the personality of this girl who is slowly turning into a flesh-eating monster.

This is not a horror novel in the traditional sense, and I never intended it to be. What I wanted to do with Mavis and her life was have fun by asking, ‘What would it be like if a normal, everyday girl were to experience this type of change alone, out of the blue? What if she retained her intelligence and logic, realizing something was happening, but not sure what? How would she deal with it? I wanted the book to be light, with a tad of humor, and I wanted it to contain a story that was acceptable for reading for an audience of most any age.

In the beginning stages of Mavis’ journey, she feels a little off, but soon finds that her appetite has grown out of control overnight. She is a slight girl, so this gets the attention of her mother, who believes she is ill and takes Mavis to the doctor. Insisting that she feels great, and with no other real symptoms other than insatiable hunger, her physician diagnoses her with anemia, directs her to take iron supplements, and tells her mother to let her eat when she wants for the time being.

Unbeknownst to those in her life, Mavis soon begins to crave more than just an overabundance of food; she wants raw meat, and the bloodier the better. I used raw liver (of any kind) as her ‘snack’, so to speak, for a couple of different reasons. One: There really isn’t a bloodier meat with a grosser texture; it seems to fit as a zombie snack perfectly, and two: Because most everyone hates liver, and the thought of it raw is unbearable. The temptation to gross out my readers was as irresistible to me as raw liver is to Mavis.

As her ‘illness’ slowly progresses, also beginning to come out a bit in gray flaky spots on her skin and prominent dark veins which are beginning to show through her flesh. She is getting pale, and her mother worries about that fact. Mavis also gains no weight, which is strange, because she is constantly eating one thing or another. Jane Harvey only mentions her concerns in passing, but when she catches her daughter eating a raw pork chop bone she feels justified in her concerns. Mavis is a loving daughter, and has always been trustworthy; because she feels fine she is able to tell her mother to not be worried, it’s just the anemia; Jane believes her.

I also felt that it was important to make Mavis very likeable; I wanted her to have strong morals and goals. She is very friendly and kindhearted, but she doesn’t hang around with a lot of friends. Indeed, she only has one, Kim Coleman, and they have been best friends since the first grade.

She likes boys, but has never been on a date simply because school has been more important, but also because she has never been asked. While she is pretty and slender, she also seemed a bit bookish and nerdy to the opposite sex; she knows it, and it never bothered her before. Kim is a plumper girl, very pretty, and just a tad self-absorbed; she has never dated either, possibly because of her friendship with Mavis.

After Mavis is ‘infected’, she is asked on her first date ever. A star football player for her high school tells her he has liked her for a long time, and works up the courage to ask her to the homecoming dance.

At this point readers may begin to see Mavis as the teenager she is; as she begins to get to know love interest Jeff Deason, her feminine side begins to really show through her words and actions.

Mavis likes him very much, and she is excited about going to the dance with someone other than her best friend. The problem begins, however, when the pair start to date before the big event. She realizes that she can smell him, and he smells delicious, but so do a lot of other people.

With no real worries, she continues to get to know the young man and live her life, but when she dreams of eating a delivery man one day, she vows to never do such a horrible act. She is shocked and dismayed at her own dreams, but not because she killed a man; she is ashamed because she ate him, and that is the only reason. Convinced it is best to keep the dream to herself, Mavis continues with her plans for homecoming night with Jeff.

But will she be able to live up to her own expectations? What would Kim or her parents say if they knew she had dreamed of eating someone? How would Jeff react to such horror? She keeps it all inside in this book, telling no one; all she can do is hope that the anemia gets better over time, before she hurts someone else. For now, she is focusing on her new boyfriend and all of the possibilities the future holds.

I didn’t intend for ZD1 to be bloody, sexual, or scary. What my vision for Mavis consisted of was something laid-back and fun to read, something that takes an already insane idea (zombies) and turns it into a story that takes away the sting of the same old idea. With that in mind, readers of any age will enjoy the story of Mavis, and they will want to stick this crazy experience out with her until the bitter end.

If I could relate to any one character, it would be Mavis’ mom, Jane Harvey. I understood her concern. I also loved the way she handled herself, and I admire the relationship she had with her daughter. When it came down to it, Mavis was a lot like her, and they had a relationship that went beyond mother daughter, not to mention the fact that the pair were pretty comical at times. I look forward to enjoying those characters in the next book.

In conclusion, I hope my readers are happy with this breaking through my typical horror and science fiction mindset. I have lighten up a bit, so to speak, and I contribute this piece that is appropriate for most age groups.


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