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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes by Fliss Chester - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Jenna and her friends are going skiing in the French Alps. They're university buddies who stayed in touch. Jenna's always had a crush on Max, but so far he hasn't shown any romantic interest in her. Will she be able to change this on the trip? Bertie is the rich girl of the group and she's also after Max, will she be able to catch her man and keep him this time? Max's best friend Angus is the one who usually dries the tears when Max breaks another heart, who is he going to comfort this time? Sally and Hugo are happily engaged, will they have a good time in France with their single friends?

The six friends are in the Alps to ski, eat, drink and have a good time. Tension between them, parties that are getting out of hand and differences in skill level on the piste are making things interesting for them. Will they all come out of the holiday unscathed, are their friendships going to survive and will love blossom or will everything snowball out of control and end up in one big ice cold disaster?

Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes is a great entertaining story. I was immediately intrigued by Jenna and her friends. Jenna is a kindhearted girl. She doesn't earn much money, but she wants to do something she loves. She's a happy drunk and knows how to party. Max is a player. He's incredibly selfish, doesn't pay any attention to the people around him and follows his own needs alone. Bertie is manipulative, haughty and unkind. She's willing to go far to get what she wants and disapproval is her main attitude. Sally and Hugo are a merry couple. They are very much in love and they are pretty sweet together. Angus doesn't easily show his feelings. He's gentle and has a conscience, but he doesn't always say the right things to people. He was my favorite of the six friends because of his versatile personality. Not all of the main characters of Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes are likable and I absolutely loved that aspect of the story, it's fun and it made fascinating reading.

Fliss Chester has a fabulous sense of humor. I immediately enjoyed reading Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes because of the atmosphere of the story. I felt like I was watching a sensational reality show and I liked that a lot. There's a lot of alcohol, sex and scheming going on in this book. It's action-packed, surprising and original and Fliss Chester made me laugh multiple times. Her characters are creating plenty of chaos, they land themselves in the most terrible situations and they go from one embarrassing moment to the next. Fliss Chester combines this with a stunning setting that's perfect for any kind of adventure. Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes is a fantastic dynamic and amusing story.


If you love funny books and like entertaining stories that have a reality show vibe you should definitely read Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes.

About Fliss Chester

Anything but dull, darling,’ were the words of wisdom Fliss Chester’s mother gave her as a teenager, and she’s tried to live up to them. Her varied career has included years as a sub editor and writer for Ideal Home, an interior designer, a freelance journalist, a short foray into the world of finance, and most recently a wine buff and Head of Gin (honestly, that's a real job) at the independent wine shop she runs with her husband. Oh, and of course a novelist! Having spent many years in London, Fliss now lives in the Surrey Hills with her husband and their cat – both of whom are extremely supportive of her writing. Although it's arguable that the cat has ulterior motives for wanting Fliss – or perhaps just her lap – at home more often...

Snowballs is Fliss’s first novel and is a romp around the mountains – think Made in Chelsea meets Ski Sunday with an added dash of romance. It’s set in those hedonistic twenty-something years when the world’s your oyster, except you’re not sure if you’re allergic to seafood or not… The first in a planned series, it will be published in early 2018 by Orion.


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Guest post
By Fliss Chester

To paraphrase the late, great Terry Pratchett, I was first drawn to writing because as a career it involves sitting down most of the time and no heavy lifting...

As a fan of Pratchett you'd think my novels might be fantasy based, but, as I suppose is true of a lot of readers, even though you admire one novelist's style, that doesn't limit you and I've read and loved a broad spectrum of works from classic Jane Austen to quirky Douglas Adams, via thrilling Philippa Gregory, romping Jilly Cooper and thought-provoking Iris Murdoch. A real mix. And so, when I decided to write a cathartic love story - loosely based on something that happened to me - I had no idea what my style would come out like.... And hilariously enough, it comes out as comedy!

Try as I might, I couldn't make it serious - but then, does the world need any more worthy, serious fiction? In fact one of the reasons I managed to get myself an agent was that when she read the manuscript she thought my writing was the perfect tonic to the madness (and at times deep sadness) in the world today - a few hours of pure escapism where the bad guys aren't so bad really and everyone gets their just desserts, with quite a few laughs and some saucy scenes helping to heat up the chilly, snowy setting.

Luckily, my publisher agreed with her, and admitted that although she wasn't looking to publish anything of the sort, it had made her laugh and actually, who doesn't want to read a book now and again that has you chuckling on the bus on the way into work or sneaking a read from your desk drawer when no one is looking?

Please excuse the cliche, but becoming a published author has been a dream come true - but it comes with a lot of hard work too. My publisher wanted to 'build a buzz' around the books and suggested a three-book deal (again, stuff of dreams!) but with a deadline for book two that was in a few months' time. Of course, I said yes, no problem... then went home and panicked! It had taken me 10 years on and off to write, edit and proof the first manuscript - and they wanted it all over again in a matter of months!?! But you know what, as my (very supportive) husband says 'always say yes and panic later', and I have just finished my second book (within deadline - yay!) and it will be published this summer.... watch out for Corkscrew! Summer Fun In The Vineyard then!

If I could offer anyone any tips on becoming an author then this would be my top one; seek out an evening class or sign up for some local adult education creative writing courses. With no disrespect to the education we receive in the UK, there just isn't any creative writing taught past the age of about 11 or 12 - not for my generation at least. So seek out a class and go and have fun and explore the wonderful world of words. You never know, that scene that gets laughed at by your class mates might just make it into print one day...


One very Lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a signed paperback copy of Snowballs: Winter Fun on the Slopes by Fliss Chester.

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