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Monday, January 15, 2018

Isadora Moon Goes to School, Isadora Moon Goes on a School Trip & Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet by Harriet Muncaster - Book Reviews, Guest Post & Giveaway

Review by Anniek

Isadora Moon is half vampire and half fairy. This makes her different from everybody else. Isadora's father is a vampire and they love to fly together at night. Her mother is a fairy and Isadora also loves to be outside during the day to enjoy the sunshine. Isadora's hair is not slick and easy to handle like her father's but it's also not completely wild like her mother's. Now that the time has come to go to school Isadora has to choose if she wants to go to the school for vampires or to the fairy school. Which school will suit Isadora best?

Isadora loves the colors pink and black. She has an adorable younger sister and a stuffed animal named Pink Rabbit. She loved Pink Rabbit so much that her mother made him come to life. Pink Rabbit goes everywhere with Isadora and he's a big comfort for her. Every morning Isadora sees human children walk to school. They are all different and that's exactly what this story is about. Isadora is half vampire and half fairy in everything she does. She's so cute in her mix and match outfits combined with her fangs. Every child will have that first school day where they have to find their place in a new group. It's even more difficult when you are different than the rest. I loved the fact that Harriet Muncaster has written a story about a topic that children can relate to so easily.

Isadora Moon Goes to School is a book filled with stunning drawings. I like the contrast between the sweet color pink and the dark black. This book is unique and I loved Isadora from the very first page. Her family is weird in their own refreshing way and I laughed so many times while I was reading about their daily life. Harriet Muncaster gives her readers the perfect combination of an amazing story with brilliant artwork. I can't wait to read this story with my daughter when she's older and I'm sure that she'll fall in love with Isadora just as much as I did.

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Review by Anniek

Isadora Moon goes on a school trip. Her vampire father loves to help out and he immediately volunteers to come with them. They will go to a castle and Isadora's father hopes that the castle will be haunted. Isadora and her father are not afraid of ghosts and they're both very excited to find out if they will meet one today. Her classmates and teacher don't like to idea of a possible haunted castle and hope that the trip will be without any scares. Who will be right? Will there be a ghost behind the castle walls?

Isadora loves to go to school and she's been looking forward to go on this trip. She's up for anything and I love that pure and open-mindedness that a lot of children have. She's half vampire and half fairy. Because of this Isadora didn't feel comfortable at the vampire or fairy school and chose to go to a human school. Every child is different and she has found an amazing group of friends that accepts anyone just the way they are. When Isadora finds a ghost at the castle she treats him like a friend. The ghost has been lonely for a long time and he loves to spend time with Isadora. Isadora's father is the perfect person to have with her on the trip because he shares this love for ghosts. I admired Isadora's smart ideas and the heartwarming bond she has with her father.

I fell in love with Isadora and the beautiful drawings that are part of every chapter from the moment I started reading Isadora Moon Goes to School. Harriet Muncaster makes each story unique and her books are stunning. The topics of the stories are so recognizable, which will make it easy for children to connect with Isadora and her friends. Harriet Muncaster writes about a warm family, amazing adventures and kindness. I'm over the moon that I learned about this series and I can't wait to read another enchanting story about Isadora.

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Review by Suze

Isadora Moon loves being half vampire and half fairy. Her fairy mother changed her beloved Pink Rabbit into a living creature and he never leaves her side. Isadora's father is a friendly vampire. They are a unique family and therefore Isadora goes to a school where the children are also unique, a school for humans. The school has planned a wonderful outing, Isadora and Pink Rabbit love ballet. When they are going on a school trip to a show with Isadora's idol as the lead she's over the moon. However, when she's there she loses Pink Rabbit and might miss the performance. Will she be able to save the day?

Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet is another wonderful story about the adorable Isadora Moon. Isadora is sweet with quite a bit of spunk and she has the most brilliant ideas. I absolutely love reading about her adventures. They're sweet and surprising and they always make me smile. I love how Harriet Muncaster writes about a main character that will melt every reader's heart. Isadora Moon is completely herself and she's such a happy go lucky character that every word is a joy to read.

Harriet Muncaster combines fabulous stories with beautiful drawings. The Isadora Moon stories are so much fun to look at and they are perfect to read over and over again. Most children will fall in love with her endearing personality and her funky parents. I love the world building together with the kindness and positivity behind the stories, it's a perfect combination. The cute pink and black colors are the ideal finishing touch. The Isadora Moon books are absolute must-reads for anyone who loves a creative story.


The Isadora Moon books are very special, they're perfect for young readers who have just started going to school. The age range is 5 to 9, but adults will enjoy the books just as much as children. Readers should start with Isadora Moon Goes to School and all the other Isadora Moon books can be read in random order afterwards.

About Harriet Muncaster

Harriet Muncaster holds two degrees in illustration, including an MA from Cambridge School of Art in England. Her work was Highly Commended for the Macmillan Prize 2011. She works with paper, fabric, and lots of sparkle to create unique miniature worlds and tiny characters, which she photographs to create inspiring scenes for the final book. She lives with her husband in England.

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Guest post

Ten Things You May Not Know About Isadora Moon
By Harriet Muncaster

Ahead of the release of the seventh book in the Isadora Moon series, I thought I would share ten lesser known facts about the books and Isadora herself.

1. The Isadora Moon books are available in over twenty languages.

2. Isadora Moon has lots of different names in different languages, including Isabella Maan (Dutch), Annalisa Swyn (Welsh), Maria Lua (Portugese), Isadora Maneblomst (Norwegian) and Izadora Lunová (Slovakian)

3. ‘Isadora’ is a vampire name, and was chosen by Isadora’s dad. Isadora’s middle name is Cherryblossom, which was chosen by her mum. Her mum also chose the fairy name Honeyblossom for Isadora’s baby sister.

4. Isadora’s favourite subject at school is English - especially when she gets to write stories

5.When she grows up, Isadora’s ambition is to become a famous ballerina like her idol, Tatiana Tutu.

6. Isadora’s favourite ice cream flavour is peanut butter chocolate chip. She loves anything that tastes of peanut butter!

7. Isadora’s two cousins, Mirabelle and Wilbur, are brother and sister. Their dad is Isadora’s mum’s brother, so he’s a fairy. That makes Mirabelle a witch-fairy and Wilbur a wizard-fairy.

8. Isadora’s parents bought Pink Rabbit for her when she was born. Pink Rabbit was magicked alive when Isadora was a bit older.

9. Some of Isadora’s favourite things she owns are: her star diamond tiara, her sparkly black tutu, her magic wand, her dolls’ house, her magic mermaid necklace, and her friendship bracelet from Zoe.

10. Isadora’s mum is a summer fairy, meaning she specialises in magic involving flowers and making plants grow. A fairy’s type depends on the season they are born in, and each type specialises in different magic. For example, winter fairies specialise in magic using snow and ice.


One very lucky reader of With Love for Books will receive a signed paperback copy of Isadora Moon Goes to School, an Isadora Moon poster and two bookmarks. One very Lucky winner will receive a signed paperback copy of Isadora Moon Goes to the Ballet, an Isadora Moon poster and two bookmarks. The third lucky winner will receive two bookmarks.

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