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Friday, January 12, 2018

Isabella and the Slipper by Victorine E. Lieske - Book Review, Interview & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Isabella lives with her stepmother and stepsisters in the house that used to be hers. Her father was a famous artist who had plenty of money. He passed away and now Isabella doesn't have anything. Her stepmother and stepsisters are letting her live with them, but they're treating her appallingly and she has to work every second of her spare time. Her stepsisters have also made sure Isabella isn't popular and is invisible at school. Fortunately Isabella has her art, which gives her a connection to her father and brings her a lot of comfort.

When Isabella and Chase accidentally switch phones she's finally found a way to communicate with him. Chase is the hottest guy in school, but he's off limits for Isabella, because her stepsister is staking a claim on him. However, by remaining anonymous nobody has to know it's Isabella who's chatting to him. Things become complicated when Isabella and Chase have to pair up for a physics project. Will the truth come out and what would happen to Isabella in that case?

Isabella and the Slipper is a wonderful romantic story. Isabella is talented, smart and sweet. She's a beautiful person inside and out. Unfortunately her stepmother and stepsisters are making her life incredibly difficult and painful. Chase is a kindhearted guy with a lot of hidden layers in his personality. They're perfect for each other and I kept hoping they'd have a chance together. They're an adorable couple, but circumstances aren't ideal and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out if they'd get their happily ever after.

I love a good fairytale retelling and Victorine E. Lieske has written a fabulous Cinderella story. I really liked that she's combined a passion for art with a gorgeous tale about true love. Her writing flows easily and her descriptive style made it possible to visualize every aspect of the story. I read Isabella and the Slipper in one sitting, it's a great mysterious and endearing book. I absolutely loved this enchanting modern fairytale and really enjoyed reading it.


If you love fairytale retellings you should definitely read Isabella and the Slipper.

About Victorine E. Lieske

Victorine enjoys commercial success through her writing, thanks in part to her ability to analyze and adapt to the constantly changing trends in today's publishing environment. She self-published her first book, Not What She Seems, in April of 2010. In March of 2011, Not What She Seems began its 6 week run on The New York Times best selling eBook list. By May 2011 she had sold over 100,000 copies. Victorine's first romantic comedy novel hit the USA Today Best selling books list in January 2015.

Victorine has also helped countless other authors through her involvement and outreach as immediate past president of the Nebraska Writers Guild. She is active in many writing groups and forums and has given dozens of interviews for TV, radio and print media and has been a panel member and keynote speaker at several major events, including The Business of Writing International Summit. Her candor as a blogger and guest has made her a favorite with audiences worldwide. Victorine also served as a judge for the 2015 Whitney Awards. Because of her selfless service to fellow authors through assistance with critiquing, beta reading and graphic design, she was chosen as the inaugural recipient of the CIR Strong Award, named for late Clean Indie Reads forum member Jessica Strong.

Victorine and her husband have raised their four children in Nebraska. Victorine also does graphic design work in the publishing industry.

Victorine's book, How to Find Success Selling eBooks, details how she found success, and gives advice to other writers wanting to sell eBooks in the genre fiction market.


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1) Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Hi! I'm so happy to be interviewed on your blog today. My name is Victorine and I adore romantic stories. I live in Nebraska with my husband and three of my children. My fourth child is serving on a mission for our church for two years. I love to read and write, and I'm kind of a craft-a-holic. We used to own a rubber stamp company until my books took off and demanded more attention. Now I mostly write and enjoy the people in my head.

2) What do you like the most about fairytales?

I love a good fairytale. The romance and the magic of the story just captivates me. I love the villains and the tension, and of course the happily ever afters. I've written two modern-day fairytales, Falling for the Beast and Isabella and the Slipper, and both were a blast to write.

3) Isabella and the Slipper is a Cinderella retelling, how did you get the idea for the story?

The idea actually came to me as I was writing Falling for the Beast. I adore the Cinderella story, and ideas just started flooding me as I was finishing up my Beauty and the Beast retelling. The one thing I dislike about the original Cinderella story is the lack of interaction between the Prince and Cinderella. I knew I had to change that in my retelling. And so I threw them together in a class project, and as well as on their cell phones, because the thing I love most about a romance is watching the characters fall in love with each other.

4) Can you describe the main characters of Isabella and the Slipper in six words each?

Ooh, this is a good question. Isabella: Loyal, Kind, Passionate, Talented, Artistic and Strong. Chase: Faithful, Trustworthy, Handsome, Popular, Athletic and Charismatic. Elenore: Greedy, Underhanded, Criminal, Impatient, Self-conscious, and Abhorrent.

5) How did your love for writing start?

I've always loved reading. I adore being whisked away into another world. When I was young I decided someday I would write a novel and let everyone I know read it. Then life happened and I didn't seriously try to write a novel until I was in my thirties. After finishing my first novel I was hooked and couldn't stop writing.

6) You’ve helped a lot of other authors, how do you do this?

I love giving advice and helping new authors learn how to write and craft a good story, and how to be successful in this business. Honestly, I was given so much help and guidance as I started out, the reason I help others is to give back, or pay it forward. I'm a firm believer in sewing seeds of love and kindness, and that giving to others will always help you reap rewards, and I can testify that this is true. It has happened so much in my life, I can't give enough to repay everyone else's kindness to me.

7) You’ve self published and traditionally published your work, what do you like best about each?

I love the freedom to publish what I want, when I want to. I love the reach that a traditional publisher has. Traditional publishers can do things I can't do by myself as an indie author. But I can do things by myself as an indie author that I can't do tied to a traditional publisher. There are definite pros and cons to both. My favorite thing about being indie is the control I have over my prices and the way I market. I can also produce books faster, and release them in a way that will give me more exposure.

8) You write romantic stories, what does true love mean to you?

I adore romance. I always have. True love, to me, means looking past a person's weaknesses to the hidden gems inside. It means cleaning up after them when they're sick. It means taking the good times with the bad. And it means loving them, using love as a verb rather than an emotion. Love is an action word. The more you serve someone, the more you grow to love them.

9) You also do graphic design work for the publishing industry, could you tell a bit more about that?

Yes, I'm kind of a graphic design nerd. I love fonts and photoshop and all those geeky things. So I design book covers for authors on the side, to feed my design habits. My graphic design website is

10) What are your plans for the future?

Right now I'm writing the third billionaire romance in my billionaire romance series. I have a fourth planned but not started yet. I also have an alien romance story in the back of my head that someday will come busting out because I love the story idea and really want to explore it more.


Three very Lucky readers of With Love for Books will receive a digital copy of Isabella and the Slipper by Victorine E. Lieske.

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