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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Ice Cold Alice by C.P. Wilson - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Alice is killing abusive spouses and is also giving their victims a new life. She's a serial killer who is precise, trained and accurate. She knows exactly what she's doing, makes her own weapons, leaves no traces and gives the men she slaughters the punishment she thinks they deserve. Then she blogs about it to let the world know she's freed it from another bastard who abused his power and destroyed the people he was supposed to care about.

Kathy is a DI and she has to find this serial killer. She's always worked hard for her career and now she's at the end of it, ready for another challenge. Kathy has to find a killer who's placed herself above the law. Some people see her as a hero and others as a villain. Will Kathy be able to find enough evidence to catch the person behind the calculated murders? Why is this person killing those men and what can be done to stop her?

Ice Cold Alice is a fantastic gripping story. I was captivated by C.P. Wilson's writing from the start. I absolutely loved the fact that nothing is black and white in this book. Writing about a serial killer who kills horrible abusive men is a brilliant idea. I like it when an author explores the boundaries of good and evil. What is right and what is wrong? Is it possible to sympathise with a cold blooded murderer because of a cause? It's a great thought-provoking subject that I admired a lot.

Ice Cold Alice is a fast-paced page-turner. The story is original and it's filled with surprising twists and turns. I read this book in one sitting, I couldn't put it down and had to know more about the murders, the reason behind them and the killer's plans. C.P. Wilson kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end combining complex emotions with cruelty and gruesome scenes. The story is perfectly balanced and the suspense is skillfully distributed. I absolutely loved this terrific book and highly recommend it.


If you love gripping and original thrillers you should definitely read Ice Cold Alice.

About C.P. Wilson

C.P. Wilson is the pseudonym for Amazon best-selling Mark Wilson. C.P. Wilson writes psychological thrillers.

Mark Wilson is the Amazon-bestselling author of ten works of fiction and one non-fiction memoir. He also writes Crime Thrillers under the pseudonym, C.P. Wilson

Mark's short story 'Glass Ceiling' won first prize in May, 2015 on Spinetingler's Short story competition and will be included in Ryan Bracha's Twelve Nights at Table Six. dEaDINBURGH reached the quarter finals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award in 2014 and is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, 2015.

Mark's acclaimed Lanarkshire Strays series are standalone novels and feature Mark's home county. Lanarkshire Strays is also available as an omnibus edition.

His novels have been well received and feature Scottish characters and locations.

Mark currently teaches Biology in a Fife secondary school and is founder of Paddy's Daddy Publishing, a company he set up to assist Scottish authors. He writes in his spare time, in lieu of sleep.


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Guest post

Constructing a Killer to Love
By C.P. Wilson

The lead character in Ice Cold Alice began as a vengeful, brutally-efficient serial killer who utilised a unique weapon. Alice was meticulous in her preparation for her kills. Infallible in their execution. Surgical in her methods, and forensically perfect in leaving the crime scene behind.

Alice began her fledgling life as a clinical, utterly precise killer of abusive men. A vengeful ghost of a woman who stalked, killed and fled with no trace. A ‘Mary-Sue’ psychotic.

She didn’t remain that way for long.

Alice is, without doubt, the most complex character I’ve had the pleasure to write, to date.

A true feminist, she targets the worst type of men in society; those who belittle, emotionally imprison, mentally torture and physically beat their spouses. Those who demand utter perfection from their partners and press their expectations and will upon those they profess to love. Those who leech the self-esteem and spirit from their partners or children.

Alice punishes these men for their sins and frees their spouses that they might rebuild their lives.

She is not, however, the feminist caricature that the mainstream media loves us to accept as the standard for feminism. Alice’s entire support network is male. She loves men, she depends on them, and they on her. Alice and her confidante, Seb, enjoy a closeness transcended by gender or sexuality or friendship. She could not function without his guidance and support. He would have no life without her mission. True equals, a team.

Alice has a point to prove, a mission and a goal in mind. Man-hating is not that goal. Saving abused people, and making society care about them is. Alice is a true feminist, one who strives to amplify womens’ voices and worth. To make all people truly equal.

A person who chooses to do this, who gives the entirety of their existence to this cause, cannot be a simple killer, no matter how skilled or dedicated. They must be single-minded and skilful, without question, but they must also suffer from the most severe empathy for their peers.

Alice cannot endure in the knowledge that the weak are preyed on by the strong. She detests that society at large chooses to ignore or enable this abuse. She will do whatever it takes to put this abuse into the public consciousness and force governments to act.

Alice is a woman who was utterly destroyed by a single event in her early twenties and who has systematically rebuilt her will, her emotional resilience and her body, gaining the necessary strength to commit these acts whilst in possession of an absolute certainty that what she is dong must be done, and is the right thing to do.

This Alice, a woman who is capable of being a murderer, a saviour and of feeling so intensely the pain of the abused, could never be a simple, tawdry killer. She had to be

formidable, vulnerable, grotesque at times, merciless, and consumed by compassion for the victimised. She had to be someone the reader will love and hate, sympathise with and abhor.

Along the way, breaking this person down and building her back up again, I fell in love with Alice. I hope you love her also.

Wilson is the author of eleven works of fiction. You can find Wilson and his books at Amazon.

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