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Monday, January 1, 2018

Book Reviews - Holiday in the Hamptons & Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

Reviews by Suze

Fliss and Harriet are twins and they run a dog-walking business in New York together. They are successful at what they do and enjoy working together. Fliss and Harriet are quite different from each other. Fliss is fierce, closed off and strong, while Harriet is softer, kinder and more evasive. The twins are close, they had a difficult childhood and Fliss was always looking out for Harriet. She thinks Harriet is the nice twin and Fliss is the hard, much less lovable one. However, is that really true?

Fliss used to be married to Seth. Their marriage ended in a devastating way and Fliss hasn't seen Seth since. Now Seth is in New York, working for a local vet. This means Fliss has to get out of there. She needs to protect her heart, which is why she is more than happy to agree to take care of her grandmother in the Hamptons. What Fliss doesn't know is that Seth is living in the Hamptons and that he'll be back home soon. How will she handle seeing him again? What will happen when Seth is still interested in Fliss, can she give him another chance or has the past been too painful for her to ever let him in again?

Holiday in the Hamptons is a wonderful romantic story. Fliss is a force to be reckoned with, but underneath the tough exterior she's actually pretty insecure. She's been through a lot and this has made her wary. She doesn't let people in, she tries to fix every problem on her own and she will never admit she needs any kind of help. She's difficult to approach, but Seth knows her really well. He failed her once, but he's determined not to let her go a second time. I was curious to find out if he could break down her walls and couldn't turn the pages of Holiday in the Hamptons quickly enough because of this. I loved both Fliss and Seth and hoped they'd get their happily ever after.

Sarah Morgan has a wonderful warm writing style that makes her stories a joy to read. I can never put them down and usually end up reading them in one sitting. I love the way she shows her reader every aspect of what her characters are going through, each feeling is being carefully explored and explained, which makes her stories fascinating and multifaceted. She also knows how to write good romance and her books are always making my heart melt. Holiday in the Hamptons is no exception, it's a terrific charming, entertaining and sweet story and I highly recommend it.

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Harriet is shy. She used to stammer and she always lets her twin sister Fliss do the talking. She avoids difficult situations and doesn't like conflicts. The dog-walking business she's running together with Fliss is thriving. However, Fliss is ready to expand and has left New York, so Harriet has a lot more responsibility. This scares her, but it also made her realize she should handle more of her own problems. This makes her decide to do something she's scared of every day for the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Will she be able to pull it off?

Ethan has a problem. He promised his sister to take care of Madi, the family dog. However, Madi is a social dog and isn't used to the long solitude staying with a doctor brings. That's why Ethan needs help. Harriet could stay at his apartment to take care of Madi. This solution isn't as easy as it sounds though. Harriet has never stayed at a client's apartment before and spending time with Ethan means she has to constantly be out of her comfort zone. Harriet is a great cook and she's wonderful company. The cynical Ethan doesn't think he has a heart, but having Harriet there might defrost him. What will happen after Madi returns home, will Harriet and Ethan have an actual chance at love or were they just conveniently thrown together for the duration of the holidays?

Moonlight Over Manhattan is an amazing sparkling love story. I immediately liked Harriet. She's a gentle person with a beautiful big heart. Both people and animals love her, but she's too insecure to see how great she really is. Her challenges are helping her to become a stronger person and I admired her for the determination to learn how to stand up for herself. I loved seeing her grow and enjoyed every single step of the process. When she meets Ethan she's ready to discover how strong she can be and his gruff nature constantly puts her to the test. I couldn't wait to find out where that would lead and loved the complexity of their situation.

Sarah Morgan's writing is fast-paced, easy to read and heartwarming. Moonlight Over Manhattan is a fantastic feelgood story. It's obvious Sarah Morgan cares about her characters and she lets her readers come really close to them. I like this aspect of her stories a lot. Another thing I enjoyed about Moonlight Over Manhattan is the animals. Madi has a fabulous personality and I often had to smile when I was reading about her adventures. Sarah Morgan combines the best aspects of homeliness with a gorgeous love story and a lovely happy ending. Moonlight Over Manhattan is enchanting, endearing and incredibly romantic.


Holiday in the Hamptons and Moonlight Over Manhattan are both part of the From Manhattan With Love series. The books in this series can all be read as standalones, but I'd advise you to read these two books together because Fliss and Harriet are twins. If you love romantic stories any book by Sarah Morgan would be a perfect choice.


  1. Sounds like a great series!


  2. I really like both of these. They would be perfect books for snuggling up on the couch with a hot cuppa tea.

  3. Love the New York setting. I like the idea of the romance/story being between people once married. Adds a more familiar aspect.
    The twins both sound like very nuanced characters although I’m probably more like Harriet. Also I like how in her story they have to live with each other, that always makes it really interesting.

  4. It looks so cute, I'm not always for second chnce romances but this one sounds interesting.

  5. I love Sarah's books and can't wait to read these, too.

  6. The characters have very interesting names.

  7. I lived in New York for many years and Manhattan and the Hamptons were the backdrop for my in and out of love 20s. I should read these books and reminisce!

  8. I love a good romance read in the holidays :) It sounds perfect for me.

  9. This sounds like a sweet story, especially since it includes dogs.

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