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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review - Surviving the Fall by Brittney Sahin

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Previously titled: Deadly Consequences  

Review by Anniek

Alexa never lets her guard down. She’s an MI6 agent and therefore needs to keep a lot of secrets. On New Year’s Eve Alexa goes to an event where she meets Jake. After being terribly burned by her former boyfriend Jake is the one who makes her believe in love again. They spend a wonderful week together, but Alexa knows that she can never reveal who she truly is. Walking away from Jake breaks her heart and she doesn't expect to see him again. When Alexa and her team are closing in on the cyber terrorist group they’ve been chasing, it turns out that Jake plays a key role in their operation. Now that all secrets are out in the open, will Jake forgive Alexa for leaving?

After being a victim of an explosion Jake wakes up in the hospital. He can’t remember anything and he has also lost every memory of the past 12 years. He has no recollection of anything he did and has no idea how he became the man everybody says he is. Jake used to know vital information to stop the next terrorist attack, so they’re all pushing him to get his memories back. Being around Alexa helps him to get flashbacks and he slowly begins to remember things that happened throughout the years. Will Jake recover in time to help the government stop the attack?

Alexa and Jake each have been through a lot. Alexa is a spy and struggles with both physical and mental scars that her ex-boyfriend left on her. Jake was once a kind man, but has turned into a cold military agent. He can't remember why he changed, however, he does remember his best friends and brothers in crime. He knows that these men have always been there for him and always will be whenever he calls on them, so he is capable of forming close bonds. Alexa and Jake have a deep connection and they need each other to heal. Love will always find a way and I was hoping for Alexa and Jake to be willing to take a leap of faith just one more time.

Surviving the Fall is a heart-wrenching gripping rollercoaster. Everything about this story feels real. The things that Brittney Sahin writes about could happen one day. This made Surviving the Fall even more addictive for me. Alexa and Jake are diehard agents, who would do anything to save their country from a terrorist attack. They've put their own lives on the line so many times and I loved to read about their personal journey which leads them to each other. Brittney Sahin is a new author for me and I can't wait to read more of her stories. Surviving the Fall is an absolute must-read, it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end.


If you love to read romantic stories filled with suspense and action Surviving the Fall is a book I highly recommend.


  1. Ooh, lost memories and conspiracies. This sounds thrilling!

  2. Sounds like a perfect book to read during weekend! Will check this book out and buy it soon, can't wait to unfold Alexa and Jake's story. Lovely review as always!

  3. Sound like a must read. Thank you, Anniek.

  4. I think I have this somewhere on my shelves. Great review.

  5. I like thrilling romantic stories.

  6. Sounds just spellbinding!


  7. Can you imagine what it must be like to lose your memory like that?

  8. My kinds of books. I got gripped only by reading the review.

  9. I'm checking all the reviews thee days and I have to say that I usually don't fall for covers, but this one... Lord have mercy!