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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Book Review - Helium by Rudy Francisco

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Review by Suze

Good Morning

Get out of bed
The day has been
asking about you

It dragged the sun into your
room this morning,

pulled an entire disco of light
through your curtains,

hoping that all of this gleam
would be enough to get your attention

Helium is a mix of personal, political, love and cultural poetry. Rudy Francisco shares his thoughts and feelings in a stunning open, honest and sometimes raw manner. He has a breathtaking way with words that kept blowing me away. I was impressed by his analogies, for me they were the most striking aspect of his poems. He has an impressive ability to compare, voice his opinions and show his emotions with clarity while adding an abundance of beauty in the process. His poems give his readers a fascinating glance into his world and I'm grateful I had the chance to experience this.

Rudy Francisco skillfully plays with rhythm. Every time he gets it exactly right, which gives his poems plenty of strength. He makes sure the reader understands the message and is being spellbound by the way he delivers it at the same time. Helium is a gorgeous collection of poems, it contains small masterpieces that can and should be read again and again. I highly recommend this fantastic work of art.


If you love poetry you shouldn't miss Helium.


  1. Very rarely read poetry,but the poem in this review is really wonderful, will read this poetry book :)
    Thank you for the lovely review Suze :)

  2. I need to look for this one!


  3. I'm not generally into poetry but lately I found a couple of really phenomenal poetry books, gonna check this one out too. Looks promising.

  4. I really love a good poetry! Thank you for the review

  5. I love reading Poetry. Gonna check this one!

  6. Love the poem. Would take a look. Sounds interesting.

  7. I like the style of the poem you excerpted. My niece would be attracted to the frank and gently humorous tone I think.

  8. I've always been impressed by those who can write poetry.

  9. I often read poetry & that cover is certainly eye-catching! Thanks Suze!

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