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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Book Review - Bewitched by Christmas by S.R. Mitchell

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Review by Anniek

Brock took over his father's company and worked incredibly hard to rebuild it from the ashes. Before Brock's father died he split the company between Brock and his brother Jess. Brock's uncle Jess has been waiting for a chance for revenge ever since. If Brock wouldn't be in the picture the whole company would go to uncle Jess. After an assignment goes bad Brock goes for a ride to blow off some steam. Due to an unexpected snowstorm he crashes his car. When Brock is rescued by Allie it seems he has finally met his match. Will the magic of Christmas bring true love for them both?

Allie is a witch and never thought that love was on the cards for her. Her father left her mother when he found out about her magic and Allie has been afraid to be herself ever since. Allie doesn't know that her aunt has been helping fate a little. Allie is such a sweetheart, caring for others and being there for her community. Brock has had his share of women but he never felt this comfortable around one. From the very first moment it's obvious that Brock and Allie are meant to be together and their chemistry is amazing. Will Brock be able to keep himself and Allie safe?

Bewitched by Christmas is a beautiful love story filled with magic. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I love to read stories about this wonderful holiday. Allie loves Christmas lights and decorations and this brought me back to the time I still lived at home, as the story has that exact same atmosphere. My mom always decorated the whole house and I've been in love with Christmas ever since, so reading a book that matches that feeling put a big smile on my face. Bewitched by Christmas is a lighthearted and sweet story with enough action to keep me glued to the pages. S.R. Mitchell knows how to write spellbinding romance and definitely managed to enchant me.


If you love to read about the magical Christmas season and true love Bewitched by Christmas would be a perfect choice.


Bewitched by Christmas is on sale, you can purchase it for $0.99 or £0.89 from December 20th until December 31st.


  1. Fantastic cover, looks fun!


  2. Sounds like fun and I love the striped socks! :-)

  3. I liked the review. The book sounds good.

  4. Love the cover! I love books about witches too.

  5. Family dynamic! Add a sprinkle of money, enter the holidays and instant dynamite!

  6. This sound like a sweet story.

  7. It's not really the kind of book I usually read but this got me interested

  8. This reminded me od Dorothy from Kansas, I don't know why, lol. Thanks for the sale hint.

  9. I enjoy romance stories with a paranormal element. This one is perfect for me.

  10. Love magic! Reminds me of a movie. Great review

  11. This would make a lovely Christmas film!

  12. Christmas Stories is always great to read :)