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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Book Review - Between the Lies by Cathy Macphail

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Review by Suze

Abbie isn't popular. She doesn't fit in at school and nobody really notices her. This changes when Judith goes missing. Everybody knows Judith, but it's Abbie who receives a message from her. In this text Judith tells Abbie she wants to come home. Where is Judith and what can Abbie do to uncover the truth behind her disappearance? All of a sudden Abbie is the center of attention. How will she handle this and what is going on exactly? Why would the well loved Judith contact an invisible girl like Abbie, what is she hiding?

Between the Lies is a gripping story about secrets, lies, peer pressure, manipulation and bullying. Cathy MacPhail doesn't spare her main character. Abbie has quite a few problems. She's lonely, she lives with her dad who doesn't understand her very well and she desperately needs a friend. This makes her vulnerable. When Abbie's having everyone's attention all of a sudden it feels good to her, but her newfound confidence eventually leaves her and she's in over her head. My heart ached for her, especially because she's so easy to influence. Cathy MacPhail has written her story in a strong and realistic way that's both moving and intriguing at the same time.

Between the Lies is a fast-paced story. I loved how text messages, articles and social media chats are part of it, they're making the story dynamic and I liked the multifocal vibe they create. Judith's disappearance is strange and I was fascinated by the story behind it. I loved how Cathy MacPhail makes her story both thrilling and emotional. It has plenty of different layers and the ending is unexpected and filled with suspense. I really enjoyed reading this captivating book.


If you love gripping emotional YA stories with a social media theme Between the Lies would be a great choice. 


  1. This could be a very interesting approach to a YA book. Strong stuff sounds like.

  2. It sounds like a really good book.Thanks for sharing it.

  3. The book seems interesting and realistic!

  4. Sounds intense but well-crafted!


  5. YA is my favourite genre and this went on my Wish List. Tahnk you.

  6. This sounds like a really good book I am going to have to read it

  7. I think this will be a very relatable story to read.

  8. This looks like interesting book to read.

  9. Stories that involve texts or chats are fun to read.

  10. What a terrific title; says it all, really, doesn't it?