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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Some Kind of Christmas by Jody Holford

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Review by Suze

Ellie doesn't have anyone to spend Christmas with. She usually celebrates the holiday with family, but this year she's on her own. When an accident brings Cooper to her home Ellie's plans change drastically. Cooper is there because of his job, responding to a fire call. He and Ellie used to know each other well when they were younger and now that he's seen the woman she's turned into Cooper wants to spend more time with her. Will Ellie's Christmas be special after all?

Some Kind of Christmas is a wonderful story. Jody Holford has put plenty of joy and sweetness into this short holiday romance. Reading about Ellie and Cooper put a big smile on my face. I loved the way they talk, the easy friendship they still have after many years of not seeing each other and the abundance of sparks between them. They're both kind and caring people and they are a great match. All of these things are the perfect ingredients for a great lighthearted and endearing Christmas story.

Jody Holford doesn't need many words to make Ellie and Cooper come to life. I immediately liked them and enjoyed reading about this special couple. I love stories filled with heartwarming Christmas magic and Some Kind of Christmas definitely falls into that category. It's a beautiful story, an absolute holiday must-read. I loved this gorgeous, charming festive feelgood story and highly recommend it.


If you're looking for a great holiday read and like short stories then Some Kind of Christmas is exactly what you need.


  1. The holiday romance is such a wonderful type of book to read!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun!


  3. I love Christmas Romance Books,and this sounds great! :)

  4. when a fire fighter is involved, I'm all in! Christmas is one of those days you must not spend alone, so I'm already happy for Ellie that Cooper shows up...another novel in the TBR list!

  5. What better time of year to read about a happy ever after:)

  6. Nice review! I think it is time to start reading Holiday stories! <3

  7. I love those romances where the couple use to know each other & find each other again.

  8. See, this is exactly why I like the short story or novella format so much: they pack a whole load of emotion into few words!

  9. It's the perfect time to read this story.

  10. I love Christmas stories all year round.