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Monday, November 27, 2017

Cave of Secrets by K.H. Mezek - Book Review, Guest Post & Giveaway

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Review by Suze

Sera thinks her dad isn't dead like she's been told, she's convinced he is still alive and she's looking for him. Something sinister is going on in her city and her archenemy Fabian Gore is involved in it somehow. However circumstances force her to work together with the man she despises. Sera is worried about her mother, who's under Fabian Gore's spell. Why do people like him so much and what is he actually doing?

Sera used to be able to rely on Night Angel Peter, but their relationship is complicated. She's part of a powerful group now, but they can't help her with her quest. She needs to find her dad by herself. With a little assistance from her human friend Jimmy she finds a way into one of Fabian Gore's suspicious properties. Will she find the clues she needs there? Is there a chance Sera and her dad will be reunited?

Cave of Secrets is another fabulous story about Sera and the mysteries she needs to uncover. Sera is a strong girl with a good heart. She's fierce, resilient, smart and impulsive. I like her fiery nature and her brave character. She doesn't stay away from dangerous situations if it means she can rescue someone she loves or gather more information about the mission her father has given her. The Third Night Angels story intrigued me just as much as the first two and I read the story in one sitting.

K.H. Mezek's writing has an easy flow. She combines gripping fantasy with important life lessons about self control, drugs and depending on the right people. I love the subtile way she does that. Sera has an important mission that fascinated me from the beginning. It was interesting to see how she finds more and more pieces of the puzzle she needs to solve. She is a fantastic heroine and I really enjoyed reading another part of her story.


If you love fantasy and like a good mystery the Night Angels Chronicles would be a great choice. I'd start with Key of Mystery and read the books in their correct order.

About K.H. Mezek

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek is, more than anything else, an adventurer. For the past two years she has been traveling the world, from the minarets of Istanbul, to the Sahara Desert, to the jungles of Costa Rica, writing her YA Urban Fantasy series, NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES.

Karen is the co-founder of InsideOUT Writers, a creative writing program for incarcerated youth, and the founder of the MY WORLD PROJECT, connecting youth in remote areas through art and writing.

She is a 2nd degree black belt in Tang Soo Do, a first degree brown belt in Eskrima, and a boxing and kick-boxing trainer. Her love of travel and adventure started as a child when her family escaped out of Egypt right before the 6 Day War, lived in a 17th century castle in Switzerland and smuggled Bibles into communist countries, along with many other exploits.

It’s hard to say where her adventures will lead her next, but her bag is packed, her passport is up to date and she is ready to go.



Guest post

Seven Things You Should Know About

By K.H. Mezek


It is absolutely true (and verifiable in a January 29, 1934 Los Angeles Times article) that there is a Native American legend about a Lizard City built beneath Los Angeles 5,000 years ago by an advanced civilization to escape a rain of fire. More than 280 tunnels exist beneath the city and somewhere below that maze lies a chamber holding a tablet upon which are written the Secrets to the Origins of Life. Anyone possessing the tablet—who can read and understand it—will have the power of God: the power to create and destroy worlds. In 1933 mining expert Warren G. Schufelt presented enough evidence to the LA City Council that they funded his excavation to find the ancient city and its buried treasure. Schufelt had claimed to have almost tunneled down to his destination when he mysteriously disappeared. But the search for the tablet did not end there, it was only the beginning of deeper mysteries….


Fast forward to the present day and the wealthy and perfectly pristine Los Angeles suburb of Oak Haven, lying at the northern end of the San Fernando Valley. This town becomes the center of the conflict, where the perfect façade is peeled back and the evil lying beneath is revealed. If you have heard of Calabasas, made infamous by the Kardashians reality show, then you will have an idea of what Oak Haven represents. It’s the place where every parent wants to raise their kids and where every kid dreams of living, but where the worst of things can happen that no one wants to admit are real because they are too invested in believing the lie that everything is “just wonderful.”


Our reluctant hero, has just turned eighteen when her father dies in a mysterious accident beneath the city of Los Angeles. Her father, Theo, was a geophysicist, hired by Solid Ice Corporation (SIC) to work on the new underground transportation system—something the city of Los Angeles has been trying to build forever. Sera, her brother Salem, and her mother, Celia, live in one of the most exclusive private communities in Oak Haven. When Theo dies, all he leaves behind is an ancient key in a black box…and a pile of debts. Horrible things are said about him, that he had a gambling problem, that he spent his money on women and drugs. Salem becomes angry and turns against their father, believing what’s been said. Sera refuses to turn against her dad. She puts the key on a chain around her neck and vows to discover the truth of what happened to him.


This is the mobile home park on the edge of Oak Haven, beneath the shadow of the Santa Monica Mountains. Calling it “estates” is a joke. It’s a rundown place that the rest of Oak Have is ashamed of. It is where the outcasts and rejects of Oak Haven live. And horror of all horrors, it is where Sera, Salem and their mom end up moving when they find out they are destitute. It is here that Sera unexpectedly finds out about true friendship. Here, she meets Jimmy and Inez who stand by her, when her wealthy former

friends unceremoniously abandon her. Only one, super smart and hyper-active Scooter, stays friends with Sera. This is where Sera finds a real home at last. Inside her mobile home, where she lives with her pill-popping mom and angry brother, a spiritual battle ensues, when a mask appears on the wall. Later, Sera begins to realize that someone is behind the mask, and Sera suspects it is the Queen, the most ancient of vampires, the first to be created by Lucifer. The Queen is imprisoned in the Life Box in the Sinai Desert, but someone is funneling power to her to help her to escape. As the evil grows in Oak Haven, Cliffside becomes a haven for those who want to fight against it.


Fabian Gore is the president of SIC and he becomes the new mayor of Los Angeles. He is also the most ancient denizen, once a Pharaoh and husband to the Queen. Their story is a terrible and tragic one that Sera discovers once she becomes a denizen herself. Gore is after the key that Sera wears around her neck. He believes that he is the savior of the world. He will do anything to secure his power. He can transform into a hideous monster and he begins to infiltrate Sera’s nightmares and her family. Sera suspects that he has either killed her father or is keeping him a prisoner. Gore promises to solve all problems, both for humans and denizens. Sera hates him with all her being, as he gains control over both her brother and her mother. Her mother turns from her drug and alcohol addiction to an addiction to Gore. In Book of Angels, Sera finds out more about Gore’s research institute where he experiments on humans and he is creating undead who do his bidding. He also controls the entire pharmaceutical industry and offers human a wonder pill and a solution to the homeless problem that people are willing to accept without question.


The Night Angels are a group of five denizens who have been sent to Oak Haven, first to find Sera’s father, and when they realize they are too late to do that, to protect Sera. Denizens are evolved vampires and the Night Angels are the most powerful of all denizens. There is a whole history to the denizen and vampire race, which I will go into in a later post. Sera falls in love with Peter Hergovich, one of the Night Angels. In the beginning, she knows very little about him except that he is unlike anyone she has ever met and her attraction is something she doesn’t understand. He is arrogant, princely and she feels instinctually that he is dangerous. When the Night Angels show up in town, they are all treated as exotic and interesting outsiders by Oak Haveners. The Night Angels keep to themselves and soon interest in them wanes in the town. But when Sera begins having horrible nightmares about being attacked by a monster, it is Peter and another of the Night Angels, Professor Strejan who save her. Peter opens up to her a little bit, explaining about his princely past and how 500 years ago he was sold by his father to Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empires, and that Strejan, his tutor, was sold with him. Sera catches a glimpse of the torment inside of Peter. She can’t imagine what it must be like to have done all the terrible things he claims to have done in the past and then to have to learn how to deny his vampire nature and find a better way to live. This is all a bit much to believe, but so many strange things begin happening, Sera isn’t sure anymore what is true and what isn’t.


Key of Mystery ends with something terrible happening to Sera and Salem, which you will have to read for yourself. Sera is saved by the Night Angels and Salem is saved by Fabian Gore. This means that sister and brother are now forever committed to opposite sides of a battle that rages worse with each book in the series. The Turning represents what can happen to any of us, the choices we must make and how maybe they aren’t choices at all, but we all have our own fates. Sera’s turning happens in Strejan’s castle in Slovenia. I can’t tell you about that turning, once again, you must read it for yourself. With it, Sera enters a world hidden to humans, one with demons and angels, ancient vampires captured with stakes through their hearts, and battles fought on both spiritual and physical levels.

Sera begins her journey to understand her destiny. She has been chosen to be the 7th Angel, the one who can read the Book of Angels and ultimately, the Secrets to the Origins of Life. She doesn’t know how she can trust that this is true or not true, or that she can trust those who tell her it is true. Even Peter. Because who wouldn’t do anything, behave in any way, try to deceive her so that they could get what she has? Who wouldn’t want to have the power of life and death, to know its secrets? But as the only one on earth who knows what it feels like to truly have that as a possibility, with the key around her neck and slowly sinking deeper and deeper into her skin, Sera isn’t sure she wants that power.

Ultimately, in the last book, Door of Destiny, she will have to face that final chapter. Until then, she must battle her enemies, hang on to her friends, and fight to remember what it means to be human. But then, again, are humans any better than the vampires and the denizens? Are they worth saving? Or should it all be destroyed and a new world made? When Sera discovers terrible secrets that the denizens have kept from her, she becomes disillusioned, with her human friends and with denizens alike. In Land of Talismans, she goes on a journey with rebel denizen Dante to face the truth of what she has become as a denizen. From there, she realizes she has no choice but to face the International Order of Denizens. To fight all of them if necessary, even Peter, and discover who has been channeling power to the Queen and why. When the Queen does, in fact, escape, this leads to the ultimate battle and the moment when Sera must open that final door. 

Submitted by KH Mezek, Transcriber of the IOD Council


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  1. I love fantasy and a good mystery so the Night Angels Chronicles sounds like a must-read.

  2. I would enjoy this one. It's a genre I like and sounds thrilling. Awesome cover art too.

  3. wow. love the cover, it draws me in and makes me want to open the book!!

  4. I love stories about strong women that are not afraid to follow what they believe!!!

  5. Thanks everyone for participating. I hope you all enjoy NIGHT ANGELS CHRONICLES. It's been quite a journey to write it and the journey isn't over yet! Love and blessings for a wonderful holiday season!