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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Book Review - Tell Me Again by Michelle Major

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Review by Suze

Sam used to work as a model. She and her identical twin sister Bryce started doing this when they were teenagers. While Sam used her career to escape her alcoholic mother and the hometown where nothing good would ever happen to her Bryce stayed behind. Bryce was reckless and things didn't end well for her. Sam still feels guilty about abandoning her sister. She also abandoned Trevor, the boy she loved. She wanted him to come with her and he wanted her to stay. By leaving she broke Trevor's heart and he ended up in Bryce's arms.

Sam didn't think she'd ever see Trevor again, but when a girl in her early teen shows up on her doorstep she knows she can't let him walk out of her life again. Bryce and Trevor had a daughter and Sam didn't know, they never told her. Trevor doesn't want to have anything to do with Sam, because of their past and all of the hurt that was involved with it. However, he can't seem to stay away and his daughter wants to get to know her aunt. Maybe it's time to talk about what happened and work things out between them. Will Trevor and Sam have a second chance or is it better for them to stay out of each other's lives?

Tell Me Again is an emotional love story. Sam wanted to leave the awful life she had behind and her modeling career gave her a chance. She's a woman with a big heart and wanted to take her loved ones with her, but they refused and she went anyway. I felt sad for her because of everything that happened afterwards. She only knew part of Bryce's history and I couldn't believe how badly her sister betrayed her. Sam has a kind, forgiving nature and I admired the way she handles things. She's kind to Grace and will do anything for the niece she's only just met. At first Trevor doesn't want to give this special woman a chance, but when he spends more time with her he eventually sees the good in her as well. I kept hoping he'd open up more and be a little less guarded, so he'd treat her in a nicer way and couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to see where their story would lead.

Michelle Major has an easy flowing writing style. She writes about both love and friendship in a great vivid way. I liked the way she portrays her characters by giving them all sorts of interesting personality traits. They aren't perfect and that's exactly what makes them fascinating. Tell Me Again is a story about difficult decisions, family bonds and true love. It's a book about complex relationships, forgiveness and giving someone you love another chance. I really enjoyed reading this terrific romantic story.


If you love reading romantic stories about second chances Tell Me Again would be a great choice.


  1. This seems like a really great read! I've always wondered about relationships where twins are involved and one person ends up dating both twins at one point or another...

  2. This sounds like it could get complicated and I enjoy character driven stories.

  3. It's sounds like a realistic story.

  4. Sounds a bit heart-wrenching, but with a satisfying ending!


  5. Sounds like Sam & Trevor have a complicated past & have a lot to overcome in order to rekindle their relationship.