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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Book Review - Snowy Nights at Castle Court by Holly Hepburn

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Review by Suze

Sadie and Cat are best friends. Cat used to be a famous chef in Paris, but grew tired of the stressful life there and left. Sadie is a single mother looking for a new challenge. That's why they're opening a business together, a cookie shop at Castle Court. There are several other businesses at Castle Court and most of the owners are good friends. Sadie and Cat get a warm welcome from the majority of them, but unfortunately there's also some resistance. Will Sadie and Cat's new adventure have a good start?

Snowy Nights at Castle Court is a delicious story about two wonderful women. Sadie is trying to make life as nice as possible for her little girl. She's doing everything she can to be a good mother. It isn't always easy to work and raise a child, but she's determined to make it work. I loved her spirit and hoped she'd find some very welcome happiness. Cat left Paris and didn't tell anyone exactly why. It was interesting to find out more about her character. She's strong and independent, but could definitely use some warmth in her life. I enjoyed reading about the friendship between Cat and Sadie very much, it's a great basis for a story.

Snowy Nights at Castle Court is a strong beginning of the Castle Court series. Castle Court is a fabulous setting filled with the most amazing businesses. Holly Hepburn's descriptions of their food made my mouth water over and over again. I immediately loved the unique inhabitants and can't wait to find out more about them. I really enjoyed this first Castle Court story and look forward to reading the next one very much. 


If you love stories about fresh starts, love and delicious food you should definitely read Snowy Nights at Castle Court. Keep in mind that this is the first story in a series.


  1. I like the premise!


  2. Love the names and that they run a cookies shop. It sounds so fun.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Well, if I had to judge the book from the cover I'd say it's a great start. I love to read stories about resourcefull women who do their best to get what they want! If cookies are involved as well...I'm all in!

  5. It sounds like a great holiday read for me. I love books like this :)

  6. This would be a wonderful holiday story. You find some lovely books.

  7. Sounds really warm and cozy. And I love the cover.

  8. I could be happy in a cookie shop, forever!

  9. Here's to happy endings - everyone should have one!

  10. I'm ready to visit the cookie shop & the other shops at Castle Court.