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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Book Review - Save The Date by Aven Ellis

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Review by Anniek

Collins is an event planner. Her mother taught her to avoid unpleasantness at all times and to always have a smile on her face. Collins has been in a steady relationship with Gabe, but when she thinks about the next step, she knows that he is not the one for her. Collins has her own horse, Mayor, and her dream is to work with horses every single day. Will Collins be able to find a way to make her dreams come true?

Luca knew from an early age that playing hockey is what he was born to do. He put everything aside and is now the starting goalie of the Buffalo Bulls. Hockey is all he lives for and he doesn't really have a life outside the ranks. Luca saw a picture of Collins when she was modelling for her friend's jewelry line. He never forgot about her and when he sees her at a party she planned Luca can't wait to officially meet her. He wants to be Collins's Prince Charming, but will he be able to balance his passion for hockey and his love for her?

Collins is unique and stands out in a crowd. She has freckles all over, but instead of covering them up she learns to embrace her exceptional beauty. She's very good at her job and is a loving friend. Being an animal lover myself I liked how she talks about her horse Mayor. Everyone deserves to do something they enjoy and I was wishing for her to find her way to happiness. I couldn't wait to see if Luca would be the man to help with that. Luca has never been in a relationship before, but he's a fast learner. He's incredibly passionate about hockey and I love that kind of determination in people. Luca is a kind man and always takes the time for his fans after a game. He's a beautiful man inside and out and I was rooting for him and Collins to make their relationship work.

Save the Date is another feelgood love story by Aven Ellis. When I'm looking for a relaxing read I know I can't go wrong with one of her books. I love her sense of humor and she always makes me laugh out loud. Her characters each have something quirky and this makes them unique. I'm a little weird myself and I really like to read about the little things that are making people tick. I am a big fan of the Chicago on Ice series and hope Aven Ellis will write a lot more stories about the great characters in these books.


If you love reading about beautiful athletes and unique women I highly recommend Save the Date. Every story in the Chicago on Ice series follows up on characters from the other books, but they can be read as standalones too.