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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Book Review - The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Part One A Place to Hide by Sheila Norton

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Review by Suze

Because of her famous boyfriend Emma was used to constant publicity, but now that he is her ex she'd rather hide. She's broke and alone and has to start over. To stay under the radar she rents a room in Crickleford, a quiet town where people hopefully don't know who she is. Small town life might be peaceful, but the inhabitants of Crickleford are also curious about Emma and she can't give them the truth. That's why she makes things up, but is it such a good idea to tell people lies? 

One of the things Emma wasn't truthful about is the kind of work she does and this lie is getting out of hand quickly. Before she knows it her pet-sitting services are being requested by many people. This isn't the kind of job Emma is looking for, but she's great with pets and she likes spending time with them more than she thought she would. Will staying at Primrose Cottage bring Emma her much needed peace and quiet or will she mess things up for herself?

The Pets at Primrose Cottage: Part One A Place to Hide is a promising beginning of a series. I immediately loved Emma. She doesn't know how to stay out of trouble, she makes things difficult for herself and she makes the most fabulous impulsive decisions she usually later regrets. She's fierce, kindhearted and soft at the same time and this combination makes her incredibly interesting. Sheila Norton writes about her with warmth and humor and that combination works really well.

The Pets at Primrose Cottage is a story about a fascinating small town. Crickleford has several fabulous inhabitants I'm curious to read about again. I'd also love to find out more about Emma's secrets. It's clear from the start that she's hiding something and I like it when a main character's circumstances are mysterious. Sheila Norton has written a fun first part of a series, a story that often made me laugh, and I can't wait to read the rest of Emma's adventures.


If you love reading about small towns, animals and secrets The Pets at Primrose Cottage would be an excellent choice. Keep in mind that this is the first story in a series, so there's an open ending.


  1. Sounds fun, but I'll wait till I can resolve the cliffhanger!


  2. I love the idea for this one. the cover is so cozy and who doesn't love a sweet romance with some furry friends to make mischief:)

  3. I think we all want to hide from time to time, and pet sitting sounds fun.

  4. I enjoy reading stories with animals!

  5. Already I want to be friends with Emma. Never mind that pet sitting might be my dream job. I too am happiest with animals.

  6. This sounds like it's going to be a lovely series. I would love to read this.

  7. It sounds really different and I love books with pets in them. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. I so want to read this during the holidays!

  9. Mmm! I wonder what Emma's hiding from?

  10. Emma is lucky her lie turns into a new career & beginning for her.

  11. Winter is coming and cozy,Christmas Romance Books,yay!