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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Book Review - Ours is the Winter by Laurie Ellingham

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Review by Suze

Erica's life seems perfect. She has a loving husband, an adorable baby girl and she's spending her days doing what she enjoys the most. However, she hasn't told the complete truth to anyone in quite some time. She's almost forty years old and is threatening to lose everything she holds dear. There's something she thinks she can fix though, her relationship with her sister Molly. That's why she convinces Molly to go on a challenge with her. It involves Siberian huskies and camping in extremely cold weather in the Arctic. Is this really the way to make things right with her sister?

Molly is angry, it's all she can think about. The anger consumes her. She's lost her brother and she's mad at Erica and has shut her out. Erica wants nothing more than to repair their relationship, but Molly is so brokenhearted that it's hard to see past her feelings of hate. When she meets Noah something shifts, but Noah is traveling with his girlfriend. He's battling the same kind of darkness Molly has inside of her and they're kindred spirits. However, a lot is standing in their way. Will their journey heal both of their souls or will it make their lives even more complicated?

Ours is the Winter is a compelling story about family, relationships, grief and secrets. I was immediately intrigued by the three main characters. Erica, Molly and Noah all have something to work through and during the trip everything they're dealing with comes to the surface. They're all broken in a way and even though the traumas of the past can never be undone, the way they live with them and feel about themselves can be changed. It's a great subject for a moving story and Laurie Ellingham skillfully explores the many layers of their emotions. Her main characters aren't without flaws, which makes them human and real and I was fascinated from the very beginning.

Laurie Ellingham has a warm and open writing style that immediately drew me into her story. I couldn't put it down. I liked the way she combines an adventurous journey with plenty of depth and a strong story. I loved the setting, the cold and the challenge to survive are perfect for the poignant drama that unfolds. Ours is the Winter is filled with unexpected circumstances, personal trials, pain, hope and beautiful captivating scenes. I absolutely loved this amazing story.


If you love a good emotional story combined with a fantastic white landscape you should definitely read Ours is the Winter.


  1. Thanks Suze for your review it sounds a good page turner and as it is a new author for me I would love to read it so must look out for it . The cover is stunning , just begging me to open the book A lovely story for this time of the year

  2. Wow.That's extreme measures to try to fix things. Sounds terrific.

  3. Wow sounds intense. I don't think I would go to those measures but I hope they solve their differences and problems.

  4. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Looks intense, with an evocative setting!


  6. Personally, I think the freezing cold would not help resolve any issues.

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  8. Thanks for the advice. I am loving this post.

  9. They're really going to have to pool their resources, work together and, most importantly, trust each other if they're going to get through this endeavour.

  10. It sounds like a lovely story. I hate falling out with my siblings.

  11. I'm intrigued by all the secrets.