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Monday, November 20, 2017

Book Review - Disturbed by Jennifer Jaynes

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Review by Suze

Five years ago Chelsea was a student, living together with two roommates. On Halloween they had a party that ended in disaster. Chelsea's roommates were both stabbed to death and Chelsea was gravely injured and barely made it. These horrible events lead to partial memory loss and Chelsea hardly remembers anything from the life she had before the attack. To escape the reminders of that terrible night Chelsea moved to Boston to be close to her best friend Elizabeth and she leads a secluded life there.

When Chelsea meets someone from her past in one of the places she regularly visits in Boston, she's surprised and also happy as Boyd is a guy she used to like. Unfortunately bad things are happening again as well. She always kept having the feeling the nightmare wasn't over, but now that she's back in touch with Boyd messages are appearing and Chelsea knows she's being watched. Slowly memories of that awful Halloween night come to the surface. Will Chelsea finally find out who was behind the brutal attacks and will she be safe or is she still in danger?

Disturbed is a terrific gripping story. Chelsea is a broken woman. She finds strength in her friendship with Elizabeth. Elizabeth is always there for her and whenever Chelsea is lost her best friend knows exactly what to do. Chelsea's leading a pretty lonely life, but she's doing okay given the circumstances. She has Elizabeth and that's enough for her. When Boyd reappears in her life this feeling changes and Chelsea slowly begins to want more. However, that's when strange and creepy things are starting to happen to her and I couldn't stop reading before I found out who was behind them.

Jennifer Jaynes has written a great thrilling story. She knows how to work with tension and her writing becomes more and more suspenseful as the story goes on. Disturbed is a fast-paced read and I flew through the pages. The mystery of the horrible Halloween night is a good one, the story is filled with surprises and the ending is amazing. Disturbed is definitely a well-chosen title, I loved this fabulous chilling book.


If you love creepy thrillers Disturbed would be an excellent choice.


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  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  3. It sounds really scary...and amazing, I can't wait to read it!

  4. I do love creepy thrillers. This sounds like a good one. Got to add it to my list now!

  5. I've just read another review of Disturbed so it's great to get someone else's perspective. It's sounding more & more like something I'd enjoy!

  6. Oh, wow, I have to read this one, thank you.

  7. Looks intense and memorable!


  8. This sounds like one I won't be able to put down.