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Friday, November 10, 2017

Book Review - The Christmas Holiday by Maxine Morrey

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Review by Suze

Mia has one big dream, becoming a travel writer. She works as a journalist and is good at what she does, but she hasn't got much travel experience yet. When her boss asks her to accompany his daughter Olivia and her husband-to-be Sandeep on their pre-wedding trip it's the chance of a lifetime. However, there's a catch. A photographer will be joining them, Hunter, and Mia knows him. Hunter and Mia have a history and she hoped she'd never see the man again. Will she be able to remain professional and make the most of the trip and the opportunity she's been given?

Being under the spell of stunning locations, the magic of Christmas and the beauty of true love thaws Mia's heart and she and Hunter slowly manage to find a way to work together. Their journey brings back a lot of memories of the past. Will Mia be able to deal with them and does her more mature self still think she made the right choices back then?

The Christmas Holiday is a fun romantic story. I loved the idea of a pre-wedding holiday, making time to fall in love even more and be completely relaxed once it's time to get married. While Olivia and Sandeep are having the time of their lives Mia and Hunter are struggling with unresolved issues. There's plenty of tension between them and spending weeks together after not seeing each other for many years is difficult, but there's also so much potential and I couldn't wait to see where that would lead. Maxine Morrey explores their feelings with the exact right amount of depth and also gives her story a huge feelgood factor that put a big smile on my face.

The Christmas Holiday is a story filled with true love, gorgeous locations, once in a lifetime experiences, sparks and challenges. It's cheerful as well as festive and the writing flows easily. I love how Maxine Morrey combines Christmas with many different kinds of dreams. There are dream destinations, dream relationships, dream friendships and a dream career. It's a subject that suits a Christmas story very well. I really liked The Christmas Holiday, it's charming, sweet, original and incredibly entertaining.


If you love romantic Christmas stories The Christmas Holiday would be an excellent choice.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful holiday read.

  2. I love Christmas and a pre-wedding holiday sounds amazing and I love romantic holiday stories!!

  3. Sounds downright magical!


  4. I think being a travel writer would be so fascinating.

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  6. I wish all Christmases could be as magical as this!

  7. It sounds like an emotional story.

  8. I love Christmas stories, it sounds like a lovely read!