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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Book Review - All Those Things We Never Said by Marc Levy

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Review by Suze

A few days before Julia's wedding she receives bad news, her father died and his funeral will be on the day she's supposed to get married. Julia can only postpone her big moment and after her father's funeral she goes back to work. When she comes home in the evening there's a crate waiting for her. Inside is her father, who's found a way to come back after his death trying to make amends. Julia and her father didn't have a close connection, but they have a week to change this.

Julia's father wants to go on a trip and Julia reluctantly agrees to accompany him. She was supposed to go on her honeymoon and they start their journey by using the tickets to Montreal that were meant for her and her husband-to-be instead of her father. When they are in Canada Julia discovers something about the past, a secret that has been kept from her for years. This shocking news changes the course of their journey completely. They travel from Canada to Europe, where they will start their search. Will these last days with her father make a huge difference in Julia's life?

All Those Things We Never Said is an interesting story about complex family relationships. Julia doesn't like her father. She finds his interference annoying and doesn't even fully know how far her father was actually willing to go. My heart ached for everything she lost, but it's not too late for her father to make up for his mistakes. I loved that Marc Levy has chosen that subject for his story. A lot of parents think they know what's best for their children, but they aren't always right and in this case the father tries to reconnect with his daughter before it's too late and they will never see each other again. The result is a fascinating story.

Marc Levy writes about secrets, lies and reconciliation in a great compelling way. I love his easy flowing writing style. In his stories anything is possible, which is something I like a lot. His main characters are multilayered and he writes with a warm sense of humor. Some of the topics he addresses are serious, but due to his lighthearted approach his stories don't become too heavy. I enjoyed the exact right balance between crazy twists and turns, deep feelings and clever dialogue. All Those Things We Never Said is a fantastic multi-faceted story with a fabulous fitting ending.


If you love a good father-daughter story filled with unexpected twists and turns you should definitely read All Those Things We Never Said.


  1. intriguing and i must admit that i do wonder about what the husband to be think about postponing teh wedding ( that is understandable) but leaving without makes me curious for sure

  2. It draws you in, for sure!


  3. I'm curious about this book and would like to read it. Sounds like a nice father/daughter story.

  4. Thank you for the review. The book sounds good.

  5. Sounds interesting and I'm loving the cover.

  6. My Dad died suddenly in his sleep, here at home, just two and a half years ago. Everyday I find myself talking to him or wondering what he'd think about such & such etc. We didn't always get on (I think because we were too alike!) but I'd sell my soul to spend a few more hours with him.

  7. I'm curious about that secret past & want to know more.