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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Wild Card Undercover & Running Target by Kari Lemor - Book Reviews & Giveaway

Reviews by Suze

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Meg is working as a waitress for Salazar Moreno, a sly criminal. She doesn't do this by choice, her ex-boyfriend landed her in the situation and she has no means to get out. She has to pay off a debt that isn't hers and Moreno isn't willing to let her go. When an undercover FBI agent, Chris, is trying to find a way to put Moreno behind bars Meg is more than happy to help. Will she be able to find freedom again?

Chris moves Meg into his hotelroom pretending to be lovers to have a cover. This way he can keep her safe and they have an excuse to spend time together. However, is he just faking his feelings or does he like Meg more than he should? He can't risk his operation and has to keep his distance, but this is proving to be incredibly difficult. Will the operation be a success or is Moreno smart enough to figure out the truth?

Wild Card Undercover is a gripping romantic story. Meg is in a lot of trouble. She's basically a prisoner and has to work for practically nothing. There's no way she can escape on her own, so when she meets Chris she knows he's her only way out. She's brave and resilient and when she decides to work together with Chris it's clear from the start that she'll help him in any way she can. Chris is capable and smart, but Moreno is a dangerous man and I couldn't turn the pages quickly enough to find out if the good guys would win. Their mission kept me on the edge of my seat.

Kari Lemor has a fantastic thrilling writing style. I love the compelling way she combines passion with crime. Wild Card Undercover is filled with unexpected twists and turns, dangerous situations that made me hold my breath and true love. I liked that combination very much. Chris and Meg constantly have to make plans and I enjoyed reading about them a lot. The risks they're taking together with the sparks that constantly fly between them are making Wild Card Undercover wonderfully fascinating. I really loved this first Love on the Line story.


If you like the combination of romance and crime Wild Card Undercover would be a perfect choice. 

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FBI agent Jack fell for his informant on an undercover job. Callie was a diversion for Angelo, the son of a mob boss. He used her to mislead his father and was never actually interested in her. She and Jack, who infiltrated the organization by working as a chauffeur, couldn't stay away from each other and this resulted in a pregnancy. Angelo found out and wanted to harm Callie, which led to a fight that Angelo didn't survive and which almost killed Jack. Ever since Jack has been on the run, a reward is on his head and there are very few people he can trust.

Callie had a son, Jonathan, and Angelo's father Victor thinks Jonathan is his grandson. Victor is a vicious man. He won't stop looking for Jack, the man who cost him his son. Jack hardly ever sees Jonathan because he constantly has to hide. Callie has a hard time pretending Victor is her child's grandfather, but she must in order to keep them safe. Jack is trying to put the man behind bars, but Victor has a lot of influential friends in high places. Is there a chance he can stop running and live with his family and does the woman of his dreams still want him back after everything that's happened?

Running Target is an amazing intriguing story that captivated me straight away. Jack is a good guy. He's a sweet and devoted father and he's a true gentleman. He loves with all his heart, but knows that staying away from the woman of his dreams and his beloved son is what's best for them. It's getting more and more difficult and I could feel his frustration and pain. Kari Lemor writes about it in a fabulous raw and honest way. Callie has to raise Jonathan on her own, while she could have had a perfect family. She's strong and fierce, which is the only reason she can handle being around Victor. I loved her protective personality. Callie and Jack deserve a second chance together and I flew through the pages, anxious to find out if they would get it.

Kari Lemor has written another incredibly gripping story. I loved the combination of crime and true love. It's clear from the beginning that Callie and Jack are the one for each other. They deserve much more than they get and I instantly disliked the cruel Victor. I love it when I feel so much when I read a story. Kari Lemor makes her main characters come to life incredibly well, mainly because of her great strong dialogue. I especially liked reading Jonathan's words, he's adorable. Running Target is a charming, engrossing and mesmerizing story, it's a real page-turner.


Running Target is the second Love on the Line book. The story can easily be read as a standalone. If you love reading about second chances in love and crime you should definitely read this book.

About Kari Lemor

Kari Lemor grew up as one of those kids who read all night under the covers. Once she had her first glimpse of a romance novel at age 12, it was all over. Romance was in her blood.

It would be many years before the stories that ran rampant in her head finally drove her to put words to paper, though. She wrote self-indulgently for the first few years and only recently began penning stories to share with others.

She still writes stories that are self-indulgent but hopes others might get some enjoyment from them too. Now that her children are all grown and have moved out, she uses her spare time to create stories of love and happily ever after romances where heroes ride to the rescue of damsels who have already saved themselves.

She lives with her husband in a small town in New England dreaming of warmer weather. But only if it's near the ocean.




Amazon USA Amazon UK Goodreads

One very lucky winner of With Love for Books will receive a digital copy of all three books in the Love on the Line series. Three runners ups will receive a digital copy of one book in this series (winner's choice).

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